Welcome to…

Put me in Coach…

I’m back to work as The Dowsing Deva, and you know what?

I am bold. I am true. And I am, that I am– authentic– the one and only me.

I am here to help you

  • become bold and be true to your calling
  • to help you find your true self
  • to help you navigate these times of rapid change from a place of strength, versus fear.

The antidote to the darkness?

Be Bold!  No need to bully.

Be True!  To yourself and to others. No need to lie.

Be You! Dare to let the light of You shine! No need to hide.

Dowsing cuts through the bull and reveals the truth:

You are infinitely more powerful in your Light than you know.


The most frequent question I’ve been asking for a number of years now is,

Would you like me to dowse on that for you?

If your answer is yes, please go here and

Welcome to…a straight and true path to freedom.

Joanna Pinney Buell, The Dowsing Deva