Instead of a Health Care Revolution, A Self Care Evolution!


When Mother Theresa was asked if she would attend an antiwar rally, she responded, “No, but if you hold a peace rally, I will come.”

Here’s The REALLY BIG SECRET that hasn’t made it into general consciousness yet, and it’s used to manipulate the public at large. Whenever we engage in a position that is “anti”, we give energy to that which we oppose. Where thought goes, energy follows. The way to manifest the change you desire, is to energize the goal with sustained positive thought, creative visualization and right action. (I will write much more about this in a later column.)

When we learn how to be proactive on our own behalf, we develop the skills and the wisdom to be the best authority also on behalf of our children and for our elderly relations, if they are incapable of acting for themselves.

In short, the mission of this blog is a Self Care Evolution. Make no mistake, when I say “self care”… I am not referring to taking a bubble bath or getting a pedicure! Each Monday I’ll share with you information and resources that will assist you to unplug from negative programming and to develop positive habits for self-empowerment. You will find these methods simple to implement and requiring usually no more than that your mind be open to the possibility for change.

This week I want to tell you a little about the Silva Method originated by Jose`Silva and now being carried forward by one of his daughter’s, Laura Silva. My husband, David and I have been using some of the techniques for about a month now. We found that the simple techniques we learned in listening to the ten CD’s in Laura Silva’s program, called The Sylva Life System, have enhanced our ability to relax quickly, problem solve, stop pain and more. David was able to reclaim the typing skills of his college days by using the Silva method. My eyesight has improved. I’m now wearing an old pair of glasses that is three prescriptions back.

I love a company whose mission is to help you to help yourself so that we can help one another! Here’s the link Laura Silva sent to share with friends ==>

It’s for a free eight-lesson set introducing some of the basics of Silva Mind Method. If you want to go on from there, David and I highly recommend the Sliva Life Method.

To make room for the new, you’ve got to empty out the old. Here’s this week’s suggestion for creating room for more positivity in your life.

You may not be ready to pull the plug on your television watching. Are you willing, for one week’s time to mute the commercials as they come on? Do observe them without sound and see if you can figure out what they’re selling and how they’re selling it. Awareness is power! I hope that after you’ve become aware of how companies seek to brainwash you through television commercials, you’ll make a habit of pushing the mute button on them.

I look forward to your comments. It’s easy to post them right here on the blog. If you want to comment anonymously, feel free to make up a nickname. Thank you for forwarding this column to your email list, as you deem appropriate. Readers will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe via the advance notice I send out with the blog link.

Shine your Light!


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10 thoughts on “Instead of a Health Care Revolution, A Self Care Evolution!

  1. Just knowing that people like you and Dave are out there “doing the work” and spreading the word makes me hopeful that things are changing for the better.

  2. Namaste`Michael! Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing your talk on the future of money. I’ve posted the event on FaceBook. Becoming financially mature and sound is part of the Self Care Evolution too. We’re each doing our part and I can feel it’s all coming together. Love and blessings!

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