Fatal Drugs Allowed: Sweet Poison

If someone who loved you gave you the gift of the best Mercedez Benz available, I bet you’d fill the tank with premium gasoline, keep the maintenance schedule and keep your Benz spotless. Our physical bodies are the vehicle for our soul and spirit. And as my Reiki friend from North Carolina, Joanne once told me, “God, don’t make no junk.”  We have been gifted the very best vehicle God ever made.

So why do some of us continue to put a substance in our vehicle that has 92 known health hazards associated with it including headaches, anxiety attacks, seizures, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Lupus? Why would we feed this substance to our children? How could our government, which is fully aware of these hazards, feed it to our troops?

The answer to the first two questions is marketing, in this instance, brainwashing. The answer to the last question is greed, aka drug company profits.

Some of you already know where this is going.  Some of you are drinking this substance as you read this article or will have eaten it today in your little container of yogurt. Some of you will have fed that yogurt to your children.  I’m preaching to you today about the dangers of Aspartame in particular and I hope that I’m not just preaching to the choir!

Would you knowingly consume formaldehyde or feed it to your precious ones? Aspartame commonly known as NutraSweet (now being marketed under AminoSweet) turns to formaldehyde at 86 degrees, which means that it’s converted in our bodies, not sometimes, but always. I know and see many intelligent people consuming diet sodas and other so called diet products (aspartame has been proven to cause weight gain). How can this be? If you watch television, read magazines, watch movies, you’ve been exposed to the most advanced brainwashing techniques via advertising. You’ve been programmed to think you’ll be overweight if you don’t use diet products and that you’ll be cool, exciting, rich, thin and famous if you do.

What about the FDA? Wouldn’t they take Aspartame off the market if it was so harmful? Dr. Betty Martine, founder of Mission Possible, a world wide organization working to ban artificial sweeteners calls the FDA, Fatal Drugs Allowed. In a perfect world government agencies would support the greater good, not the greater greed of big business. Hey, we don’t live there yet, do we? It’s up to you and me to be responsible for knowing what we’re putting into our bodies, what we’re feeding our children (flavored low fat yogurts) and spooning into the elderly (diet Jello). It’s up to us to educate those who don’t have this information yet or who are blind to the reality that artificial sweeteners are hazardous to our health.

I can hear some diabetics reading this saying, “But I can’t have sugar…” Have you heard of Stevia? It’s a plant sugar that’s been available in health food stores for many years, but just recently garnered approval from the FDA for use as a sweetener. It won’t raise your blood sugar. You can read more about it here, www.stevia.com If you think the detriments of Aspartame are outweighed by the benefits of avoiding sugar, I remind you that Aspartame consumption makes formaldehyde and that can’t be very good for your pancreas. Don’t take my word for it though, please research it.

This past Easter Sunday, we in New England received an extremely rare gift, a sunny, dry summer-like day without insects. To put this in perspective, we had an Easter snow storm three winters ago dumping over a foot of snow here! In writing today’s article, I am remembering one young woman, fifteen years old– a creative and bright light– who died of brain tumors before she could experience the Easter snow storm or the recent heat wave. She, like so many girls her age (and younger, much younger) subsisted on diet cola. The detrimental effects of Aspartame are compounded in children and there is a direct link of Aspartame to birth defects.

Joanna's Parents w/ the Easter Orbs 2009

You may be one who is vigilant in your avoidance of artificial sweeteners. Good–please will you have the courage and make the effort to share what you know?  Perhaps you are one who hasn’t paid this subject much attention. We are inundated with so many conflicting reports that sometimes we just shut down and have an attitude of “The Hell with it! I’ll eat and drink what I want…” If this shoe fits, I hope you’ll go to some of the links below and get enough information to make an informed decision.

Then there’s a third category. Those that do know better and use Aspartame anyway. These are the people who may openly acknowledge an addiction to diet soda. To you I say this: That Mercedes Benz you’ve been gifted, there’s no trading it in for a new model; just one vehicle per lifetime.  And think of those who will be missing you some Easter down the road, if you’ve not maintained it.

Below are some links I hope you’ll explore.

Love and blessings for the road less traveled and

Shine your Light!


Birth Defect Research for Children.Inc

Mission Impossible World Health International

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Side Effects & Dangers

Warning – The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners


2 thoughts on “Fatal Drugs Allowed: Sweet Poison

  1. Namaste Joanna! You’ve given your readers so much to think about once again. Plus, you always provide links to more information so we can educated ourselves further. I appreciate your approach, thank you.

    I spent about two years using a Splenda in my coffee (before I met you and started your programs). I am convinced that the arthritic condition that crept up around this time in my neck came from that Splenda use. I am not a soda drinker, and never have been. (One of the benefits to growing up without much money. We couldn’t afford the crap!) But I did fall into the Splenda trap. Ironically, here’s my train of thought…Oh, Equal is bad? Gee, I should use Splenda.


    We are constantly hoodwinked by companies that figure out how to manufacture garbage inexpensively and sell it to us in the form of some product their corporate psychologists can convince us we need or want.

    Stevia, yes, but here’s the thing…STOP CRAVING SUGAR!

    I thought I’d never be able to get off the Splenda. I love sweet coffee, especially a frothy latte on a cold day! But I quit cold turkey and now I don’t even crave sugar. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it took a long time. But it is possible to train ourselves off of the things that aren’t good for us. The same goes for creamy salty sauces we Americans like to dip all our foods in. We don’t need them. Once you get used to doing without these things, the cravings go away. They do! I know!

    A relative who will remain unnamed cooked Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago. Knowing that we have a couple diabetics in the family, she decided to make an entire pie using about a CUP of Splenda. She ate it, and others ate it, too. I took the tiniest bite just to pretend that I was eating (while keeping one eye open for the nearest trash can) and nearly gagged. It was the most awful thing. It tasted like chemicals. There wasn’t one thing about that pie that tasted like FOOD! I drank my coffee (with cream, no sugar) and waited until others got distracted or left the room so I could pitch it. Which brings me around to my next point in response to you.


    I love these people. As nutty as they are (and they ARE nutty), I want them to live long, healthy lives. I let them eat that poison while I saved myself. Why? Because I didn’t want to be the person at the table preaching about good food. Well, you know, the writer Theodore Roszak talks about this type of thing in terms of Environmentalism in his book The Voice of the Earth. He says that the companies violating the environment spend a lot of time, money, and energy positioning environmentalists as “bad guys” who are out to demonize humans to save the planet and animals instead.

    This same thing is happening in the food and health industry. Those of us who care about good, healthy, back-to-the-land diets have been demonized by the Krafts and Johnson and Johnsons for being “out there” or “radical” about our food beliefs. They try to position us as the fringe, so that the mainstream will continue to buy their crap. And it works! Those of us who don’t knock the Coke out of mom’s hand say we don’t want to tell her how to live. Well, no worries there! By not taking away her Coke we’re telling her, instead, how to die.

    You’re right, Joanna. It’s time for us to stop keeping our good diets to ourselves. Maybe it is time for us to be radical, because radical health and well-being is a beautiful thing to think about, and it doesn’t have to be a dream.

    You’re the best, Joanna! Thanks again, and I hope your gorgeous spring turns into an even better summer!

    Love and blessings!

    • Namaste`Lauren! Thanks so much for your personal story, greatly expanding this topic! Knowing how you love dogs, I know you wouldn’t even sneak the pie to any waiting canine! You are absolutely right about reducing our overall sweet and salty food consumption. I hadn’t thought too much about the snow job that goes on to make those who are speaking the truth about health and environmental concerns appear to be crazy militants. I have noticed that when I’m Googling for links an anti-quack site will often come up. I usually check it out. Quack! Quack! No sound research, just a smoke screen and the attacks on individuals are mean-spirited. Splenda and all the other artificial sweetener brand company links came up when I Googled, “detrimental effects of artificial sweeteners”, ready to defend their market.I brought home a jar of dill pickles one time for my grandson, Kyle. I tasted one and said “What the Hell?” It didn’t taste like any pickle I’d ever eaten. It was absolutely repulsive! There was Splenda in the dill pickles. Dill pickles don’t have sugar in them. Our bread didn’t used to have sugar in it. Our grocery shelves our inundated with products that were originally naturally sugar-free, but now contain high fructose sugar and the gamut of chemicalized sweeteners. What are we to do? If we don’t buy it, they won’t make it. I know the particular breads, crackers, yogurt, etc. that are free of these sweet poisons because I’ve read the labels. Unfortunately, David does not know and evidently doesn’t have the patience to read through the long list of ingredients. Every time he does the shopping he brings home at least one item that needs to be returned. Not everyone has the time to make most of their food from scratch. But–if we don’t take time to read the labels and choose mindfully what we are putting into our precious vehicles(including our kids), we’re going to have to make the time to deal with the consequences of deteriorating health. “You are what you eat.” It’s more true today than it ever was. The difference is 30 years ago one could get away with having the occasional packaged sweet, soda, whatever…because it contained real fats and real sugar. (Hey, who didn’t grow up on Fluffnutter sandwiches on Wonder Bread?) The chemicalization of our packaged foods (along with a sedentary lifestyle) don’t allow for any wiggle room, to speak of. If you’re drinking or eating something that contains Aspartame, which converts to formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals in our bodies, we’ve compromised our health. No amount of this stuff is healthy. I come from the “Live Free or Die” state of NH.It’s rather an apt phrase for this issue in a number of ways. I don’t want to have to check every package for ingredients that are known to be cancer causing. I want it off the shelves. I want to be free of it being imposed upon me and my grandchildren. And I know that it if I don’t make my own concerted effort to avoid it, I’ll die sooner rather than later. It seems to always boil down to an issue of freedom, doesn’t it? Big business has been given 100% free reign to put profits first over concern for hummanity. Our freedom as individuals boils down to the freedom to chose to reject what they’re selling or consume it and live with the consequences. Love and blessings for FREEDOM!

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