Is Reiki What Your Soul Has Been Searching For?

When I registered for a Reiki I class at Spruce Creek Holistic Center, in Kittery, Maine in 1993, the only information I had to go on was from an ad in the local newspaper reading, Reiki is a method of energy balancing for oneself, friends, family and pets. I saw that ad for perhaps a year, before I finally registered for no other reason than that I felt called to do so. A former coworker and friend, Joyce, also decided to take the course. We couldn’t turn up a single book about Reiki, nor did we know anyone that practiced Reiki. Having worked as chiropractic assistants, we both had an interest in becoming massage therapists and thought that Reiki was a style of massage–which it is not.

Much got in my way to deter me from following through on my initial commitment to attend that Reiki I training. At every point that it looked like I would not be able to attend, something shifted and the barrier was removed. When I first placed my hands on a fellow student and felt the Reiki energy moving down through the top of my head, into my heart, out through my arms, into the palms of my hands and into the receiver, I said to myself,  “This is what I’ve been looking for. This is what’s been missing in my life.

What is it that is felt when channeling Reiki energy?

Direct Connection. Direct experience of the Divinity in all living things. It is the Namaste` experience:  The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.

Reiki Students Awaiting Attunment in Standing Stone Circle

For all of Reiki’s powerful and practical applications, this feeling of direct connection, which is a place of perfect peace and trust, is what has kept me practicing Reiki daily, since my first experience with Reiki seventeen and a half years ago. The desire to share this experience in a larger way, is what prompted me to teach Reiki. I knew from my first  hands on experience that I would further my Reiki training to become a Reiki master so that I could initiate others to the flow of Reiki energy.

Most people come to a Reiki training with a practical purpose in mind. Here are some of the common reasons I’ve heard for someone desiring to attend a Reiki class:

  • It will enhance the complementary or alternative work they’re already engaged in.
  • It will give a recognizable name and form to the intuitive healing work they do.
  • There’s a family member who is unwell and could benefit from Reiki treatments.
  • They love animals and want to do Reiki on their pets.

All of these intentions and many others, are valid reasons for attending a Reiki training. I’ve notice that more recently I’ve heard versions of this, “I want to learn Reiki, first to help myself and then to help my family. I want to be more at peace. I want to be healthier.”

The deeper translation of this is, “I recognize that I am feeling disconnected from the Divine and I sense that Reiki may help me reconnect.”

In June we had a couple, Sky and Geoff, return for a visit to Light Heart Retreat with their month-old son, Harland. During their stay I held a colicky Harland twice at length, placing my hand on his belly, directing the flow of Reiki energy. This was what was going on at a practical level…at a deeper place Harland and I were in the place of Namaste`. Harland and his parents got relief. He slept for a record 6 hours after his first exposure to Reiki energy and 9 hours after the second round, earning me the nickname, The Baby Whisperer. What I received in this exchange was a profound sense of peace, a sense of everything being right with the world.

Harland and Joanna

I have witnessed some miraculous, dramatic benefits that people have received from receiving Reiki. It’s the sweet, simple everyday Reiki energy exchanges that I’ve found to be the most fulfilling in the long run.  Reiki has enhanced my life in numerable ways and can enhance yours, but first you have to pay your dues, show up to a class and learn the basics. Then you have to practice it daily on yourself and share it with others as you feel guided to do so.

I’m teaching an integrated Reiki I & II training here at Light Heart Retreat on Saturday, September the 11, 2010. Please click here for details and a registration form. As registrations are due in by August 11th, you’ll have to take action immediately if you want to be in this class.

I experience the eight hours that I spend teaching during a Reiki class to be enjoyable and greatly rewarding, personally.  That time is backed up by at least twice as many hours in publicizing a class, registering students, preparing manuals and certificates and the preparation and clean up the classroom space. As much as I love to teach Reiki, it is a bigger commitment of time and energy than my lifestyle can continue to meet. So–I’m feeling that this may be my last Reiki I/II training. If I see enough commitment to this training, I will schedule a Reiki Master training for next September to pass the baton for Reiki training in Maine onto others. If you get goose bumps reading this, for heaven’s sake get your butt to the September training! It’s you I’m hanging in there for–and all the people you’ll help and that you’ll teach!  Go here to register now.

Reiki is loving empowerment and Reiki helps you to

Shine your Light!

Blessings for your deepest connections, Joanna


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