PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

View to Barachois Beach, Anglo Rustico, PEI

Greetings from beautiful Prince Edward Island where David and I are currently on vacation.

We arrived at our destination without a GPS or directions from Google. We’ve been to PEI once before. I recalled the way was simple and straight forward. I knew we had a map in the car from our previous trip and I had directions how to get to the cottage. The directions were unclear in places and still we arrived at our destination without difficulty. How did we ever do it without the aid of a GPS?  We used our PGS, our Personal Guidance System.

If Columbus sailed to what became the Americas in 1492 relying on the stars, a sextant and a very limited map of the world, how is that our society has become so totally dependent on GPS in such a short time? Granted, Columbus did not arrive at his consciously intended destination; he arrived where his Personal Guidance System was directing him to.

I do understand the attraction of a shiny, new technology for many people and I know that for people with short term memory loss, GPS is a real God send. What I don’t understand is how people capable of reading a map and/or following directions don’t see the potential detriment of giving the responsibility for one more cognitive function over to a gadget.

The more I’ve pondered this, I see that the larger question, is “What is it that makes us fear that we can’t find our way?”

Our society has become lost, as a whole.  In most recent times, technology has contributed to a great divide between us and the nature around us and the nature within us. We know at least subconsciously that we’ve lost touch with the intuitive skills and practices that guided previous generations to get to where they needed to be. In the midst of all the clamor for our attention from media through the ever expanding technologies, We’ve lost the ability to hear the voice of truth within. The epidemics of greed, anger, depression and apathy are the products of having lost our connection with our Personal Guidance System.

So just what is this Personal Guidance System I’ve been referring to?

Your PGS is the voice of your divinity by whatever name or symbol you choose to identify it with. The point of communication for this guidance is through the heart. The wisdom that lives here, waiting to be called upon, can direct us to an open parking space, to a retreat destination, and show us the way out of the Boston red light district or help us get through NYC without a GPS (or a map). Yes, I know this by my own experience–I never professed that all my trips were straight and narrow.

Our PGS is both practical and profound. It’s the voice that answers us when we surrender and call for help from the depths of life’s chaos and our  times of deepest despair. When we’re at the crossroads of life, lost in new and difficult emotional territory, our PGS lights our way in increments. We receive what we need to know, when we need to know it.

When I was about 5 years old and living next door to my Uncle Johnny’s dairy farm, I got lost in the back fields with my friend, Petey Sewall.  I can still recall  how weak, confused and hopeless I felt.  Alongside the feeling of fear, I could hear a guidance that told me that by looking around, we’d spot something we’d recognize. We did and I suspect this was more of a feeling, rather than an actual recognition. In a short time we were in familiar territory and then home.

The result of this early experience with being lost and being guided to find my way home is that I recognize the condition of being lost as a temporary state. My adult experiences with being lost has taught me that this is  necessary  for our human and spiritual development. When we give our responsibility and authority for our personal direction away to external gadgets, media, governments and other’s opinions to guide us, we narrow the window of opportunity for discovering new territory under the guise of being lost.

The stars that guided Columbus both through dead calm and storms are the reflection of the light within us, our inherent guidance, our Personal Guidance System.

Blessings for all your new discoveries that arise out of feeling lost and remember to let the light of your Personal Guidance System shine and illuminate your way,


8 thoughts on “PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

  1. Joanna – what a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this – so very insightful. Love the acronym “PGS”. I could not agree with you more about the attachment to technical gadgets. It is like an addiction – our society feels they “need” it to survive.

    I have found for myself that I need to “unplug” frequently. Just this past weekend – turned the cell phone and computer completely off. It was freeing not to worry about who was trying to reach me and just tune into Spirit and create Art.

    Enjoy PEI!

    Blessings Kate

    • Namaste` Kate~ Hurrah for you Kate! Even a short break from our technology makes for a nice mini retreat!

      We are moving to a new location today and will not have access to an internet connection. So thank you in advance for any comments that follow this one and I’ll get back to you upon our return to Maine.

      Blessings for truth, beauty and freedom, Joanna

    • Hi Kate,

      I agree! And I’m always reluctant to crawl back to technology, and hook back up to the feeding tube! It’s amazing how much energy it takes to fight the technology cravings, but the rewards are great for doing so.

      Blessings! Lauren

      • Namaste` Lauren~ You hit the nail on the head–the habitual use of technology can develop a craving.So,wow– Like the prescription drug companies, once they get you using their product (like Lipitor), they might just have a customer for life. Thanks for your insightfulness! Blessings for freedom, Joanna

  2. How timely. I’ve been contemplating how dependent we are on technology. (and how we need to start listening to what is going on around us)
    I sincerely enjoy your blogs, they make you think.
    Hope your vacation is peaceful.

    • Namaste` Melissa~ I am glad to hear others like yourself, are observing the effects of our dependency on technology. And yes, it tends to make users tune out to what and who is around them while they tune in to the gadget.

      We were walking on a pristine, all but deserted beach on PEI. It was one sunny afternoon amidst many showery days…The air smelled great. The water was warm on our feet. The colors of the sea and sky were rare hues–no sound machine could match the sound of the waves on the shore… The one man we saw walk by was scanning down his cell phone. He was doing it as he approached us, and was still at it when he passed.

      Thanks for your input and thanks for reading! Blessings for freedom, Joanna

  3. Lauren Gonzalez, Author of Tales from the Basin, sent me this additional comment in an email. I really like what she’s added about where our PGS is located. Thank you Lauren!

    Namaste Joanna!

    Thank you for your posting and reminder to listen for our PGS. You write, “We’ve lost the ability to hear the voice of truth within.” How true that seems to be. I’ve thought of this often, and realize that we’ve lost something else in our times, that which is a direct path to our voice of truth within–stillness. I can’t see much evidence of stillness around us. Technology has replaced with the stillness, the silence, and the moments in between our actions, and filled that silence with distractions that really don’t amount to much. That to keep up we have to spend days at a time “catching up” with email, means we take away from the stillness that ultimately leads to our inner knowing.

    Given recent life events that led to all sorts of beautiful and necessary changes, I am trying very hard to listen to that inner voice, and the only way I can do so is to silence the din. Nature trackers know that we have everything in us to find our way. We are perfectly calibrated, when born, to find our way through life on this earth. But we seem to drift at some age (which probably varies, given generations’ experience with technology and so forth) into our heads, and our PGS, I’m fairly sure, doesn’t live in our heads, but rather our hearts. No wonder we get lost!

    Thanks again, Joanna! You always illuminate such compelling ideas! Please write a book!

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