A Tale of Two Cottages: When your PGS takes you the Long Way Around

Namaste`~ David and I myself just recently returned from beautiful Prince Edward Island. Unfortunately I did not pack the camera recharger, so I won’t have photos for you until the disposable camera gets processed. This trip turned out to be quite an interesting experience in how our Personal Guidance System got us to where we needed to be, within the limitations I had imposed upon it. I hope you enjoy the story. Do you have a similar tale? Blessings for a spectacular fall and as days become shorter, don’t forget to shine your light! Joanna

P.S. This post was delayed a week due to technical difficulties with the clip–my apologies.



  1. This email came in from my friend Kim Lee. You can hear some of his beautiful, heartful music by clicking on his website in the blog roll.

    Namaste’ Joanna!
    Thank you for this delightful story! And thank you for the reminder to follow what we need for ourselves! Will be making a career change after our healing treatment in Idaho coming up! It’s my birthday present to myself to start my new year of life with better energy!

    By the way, it was my favorite singer/songwriter, the late, great Harry Chapin, who wrote “All my life’s a circle sunrise and sundown. The moon rolls through the night time till the daybreak comes around. All my life’s a circle but I can’t tell you why. The seasons spinnin’ ’round again. The years keep rollin’ by.”

    Happy autumn & an abundance of blessings to you and David!

    In Divine Friendship,
    Kim (Riverdale, NY)

    Namaste` Kim~ I’m so glad to hear of your decision. It takes a lot of guts and faith to make big U-turns, like changing employment.

    “No straight lines, make up my life and all my roads have bends…” Chapin is a favorite of mine too and I love that song!

    Blessings for work that honors your creative talents and kind heart, Joanna

  2. Just re-read what I wrote and I meant to say I don’t know anyone who would NOT have gone and complained to the mis-management ….but you being the beings you are spent 4 days of your “retreat” to clear and re arrange the place …I do hope they noticed and appreciated your efforts. Marian

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