Be Impeccable in your Word, Revisiting the First Agreement

I cannot visit this subject enough. Our individual thoughts and words are powerfully creative. When a large group of people are thinking the same thoughts, speaking the same words and using the same symbology, it is all-powerful because we are using God’s creative power–The Word. That’s both the good news and the bad news.

First the bad news. When we speak and identify with disease, when we glamorize it, commercialize it, and guilt people into backing the message, what do you think the result will be? Will it be less disease or more of it? Do you really want to energize breast cancer or would you prefer to invest your energy in women’s health? Even the term, breast health awareness misses the mark. We women, are whole beings, and seek whole health just as men are whole beings, not just a prostate.

It’s not my purpose to slam the pink campaign. That’s unproductive. I do want you to become aware of what wagon you are hitching your loving intentions to, because those loving intentions have tremendous power. The right intention hitched to the wrong wagon takes us down the wrong road. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. For a brief expose` on the pink campaign you can check out the Douglas Report .

Don Miguel Ruiz’s first agreement, from the book The Four Agreements is  be impeccable in your word. The second agreement is don’t take anything personally. So please, if you’ve plugged into pink, don’t take the above as a personal slight. Instead, please put Don Miguel’s fifth agreement, into action. Be skeptical and learn to listen. Would you like to revisit the Four Agreements? I found this video clip, click here.  It begins with one the most beautiful passages I’ve ever experienced and ends with the four agreements. Don Miguel speaks about the fifth agreement, the subject of his new book entitled The Fifth Agreement, here.

Raymon Grace, master dowser and teacher told us repeatedly, “Your ears are listening while your mouth is talking.” Our ears are taking it all in, as well as our eyes, when we watch television, too. Part of the energy clearing that Raymon does in his trainings is to neutralize the false programming we’ve received during our childhood, from those in authority over us, and from the media. David and I did not watch much tv.  We did watch some news on PBS. It became extremely uncomfortable to watch and listen when every untruth started popping out at us. It made me angry for producers to think we are such fools as to believe their lies. We don’t watch any television now and we can listen to very little radio. It’s a rare pleasure to listen when we find someone being interviewed who is impeccable in their word.

Given that a child’s brain is designed to learn language during the first seven years, what do you think about putting these sponges in front of the television set, the internet or video games? My dowsing tells me that hidden subliminal programming has not gone away. (Did you learn to muscle test yet? Don’t take my word about subliminals; check it out for yourself. )

It is very difficult to create something healthy with your thoughts and words when you have old programming running. I might say impossible, even. It takes much intention to change the way one speaks and to improve ones listening. Discernment is the skill set that’s built when you put your intention into practice with patience and diligence. Freedom from manipulation ensues. The power to create in a loving, wise, positive manner, is the gift.

Using our word and thoughts in a positive manner becomes an especially important  subject when one wants to counter a disease condition. There’s a new film available via the internet, The Living Matrix, a Film on the New Science of Healing, that gives a scientific model for why this is so. David and I will be showing this film at the Quarry House at Light Heart Retreat on Sunday, November 21st at 4 PM.  Please call me at 207-422-8234 to sign up and for driving directions.

And now (fanfare please) the REALLY GOOD NEWS. I got a rush of goosebumps when I typed that out. That’s the way your highest self lets you know you’re on the right track, to pay attention, listen-up, move forward on this…

The power of a positive thought is exponentially far greater than that of a negative thought according to David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force.  Can the  power of a group of people affirming and acting on the same thoughts  change the world? I have faith that it can.  A team of international physicists and mathematicians are behind a project to guide those of us who desire to create a positive future to meditate together beginning at 11 AM on 11/11/10 for 11 minutes, for a period of 11 days. Here’s where to go for information: The New Reality Transmission. Whether you decide to participate or not it’s a beautiful, thoughtful presentation.

Can anyone question that we are in a tremendous time of shifting consciousness when the scientific community is making movies about alternatives to allopathic medicine  and mathematicians are creating real life, meaningful applications to test the new science?

Here’s to Truth, Beauty and Freedom and may you be so bold as to

Shine your Light!



11/01/10 P.S. Here’s another link to visit for information on the detrimental effects of the pink campaign. Thanks to Lauren Gonzalez for the tip.

OMG~ You’ve got to read it to believe it. Who cashed in on pink in October…



4 thoughts on “Be Impeccable in your Word, Revisiting the First Agreement

  1. Namaste` Melissa~ Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope you watched the first video. I know it will resonate with you.

    The most powerful acts that we can execute are simple. Simple is rarely easy though. It can be helpful to enlist the whole family and coworkers in the project of being impeccable with the word, so we can catch each other when we’re off. Then we can cancel, cancel and send out a new message.

    Hope you had a good garden! We did. Love and blessings for the intentions of your heart made manifest through the word, Joanna

  2. This came via email:

    Namaste Joanna!

    Wow! I can’t believe my eyes!! The snow is so beautiful against the red tree leaves!! This looks like a painting!

    What is your temp like tonight? I can hear that fire roarin…

    I haven’t had a chance to reply to your email, but I posted to your blog. I didn’t get confirmation that it was sent, so I’ve attached below just in case.

    Blessings!! Lauren

    Namaste Joanna!

    I want to thank you for writing as a thought-generator, which is to say the true role of the writer in any medium. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, as I just picked up a copy of Mark Twain’s autobiography, which was just published, and held for 100 after his death (apparently, he is very honest about society at the time of his life, and this book tells all).

    Anyway, those who aren’t afraid to go against the grain are not only brave, they are the ones leading us into the new paradigm–so thank you for challenging us. By challenging us, you teach those of us you write to to grow. We should all challenge each other, not in anger or consternation, but in the spirit of play and growth!

    I hope I can contribute two small things to your very important essay. Number one, having lost a dear aunt to breast cancer when I was only 12, I know how the dis-ease can devastate a family. My cousin (this aunt’s then 14-year-old daughter) is practically like my twin, and so the loss hit me almost as much as it hit her, although I certainly can’t, in fairness, compare our pain.

    This cousin and I have spoken often about how little was given to her mother, back in the early 80s, in terms of actualization of health or positive thinking. Her mother became “disease,” and I can recall, from my young child mind, seeing my aunt Blanca as a living incarnation of her dis-ease. In fact, even after all the work I do in my adult life to live with different realizations and intentions, I still, when someone mentions Blanca’s name, picture her oxygen tank and bald head before I see her beautiful face (she was a homecoming queen in high school, and a real beauty!). My point is, the wiring is there, but recognizing it is the first step toward undoing it. Clearly, I still have work to do, as my beautiful aunt was NOT the embodiment of dis-ease.

    Fast forward to my mother’s passing this past June. My mother had a real issue with the Pink campaign because her own encounter with cancer was a rare nasal melanoma, and not breast cancer. She felt that all the “energy” and awareness went into breast cancer, and not her own, more rarefied form. She would speak with hostility of the Pink Ribbons, but not because she agreed with your point; she wanted people to put as much energy into what she had as others put into the Pink. I would guess she felt “ripped off” that her form wasn’t more high profile.

    So, to make up for her losses, she put all of her energy into the dis-ease. We tried very hard to help her visualize and focus elsewhere. She’d even discovered she was cancer-free six months after her first surgery, but instead of picking up an exercise routine, taking up meditation, learning to embrace life, changing her diet, and so forth, she stayed inside watching TV while putting all of her energy into her next “six-month” check up, at which she received the news she’d anticipated all along–that the cancer had returned. Of course, I thought through frustrated tears. It had an open door!

    My mom did the best she could with her wiring. Her parents both died of cancer, and she accepted that this, too, was her path. I do not blame her for that and I am not suggesting she failed in any way. But I hope this experience touches someone, perhaps, who is feeling doubt, suffering through something similar, and perhaps falling into the temptation to “energize” her dis-ease because, like my mom always said, “It’s just so hard to think about anything else.” Of course it would be. I can’t even imagine. But then I think, Where thought goes, energy flows.

    Lastly, I want to add a book recommendation to this posting. A book came out just this week on this very topic. It’s called Pink Ribbon Blues: How Breast-Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health, by Gayle A. Sulik. This is not an endorsement, as I have not read the book. But it seems to be related to Joanna’s blog at least conceptually. Might be worth checking out, for further research into this important topic.

    The book is on Amazon.

    Thank you, Joanna, for pushing us to understand more, to think harder, and to save our lives.

    Blessings! Lauren G

    • Namaste` Lauren~ Thank you so much for this very personal insight into the pink ribbon campaign. I’m sure there are others who have rare diseases other than cancer, or who have beloved children that do, who feel similar to your mother. Thanks, too, for the book recommendation, Pink Ribbon Blues. It is long overdue. I hope it gets some positive exposure from those in the limelight, like Dr. Northrup.

      When I’m asked to donate for any disease, I decline and say, “No, thank you. I make my investments in health.”

      You know how when you buy a new car and suddenly you start seeing them everywhere? I’m going nuts now seeing the pink ribbon campaign everywhere. We were in Bar Harbor last night to see a movie. It was Halloween and the streets were full of trick or treaters and their parents. There were also many preteens and teenagers hanging out. In the midst of all the costumes, what caught my eye? A young buxom woman with a pink tee shirt with the word PINK emblazoned across the breasts.

      I’m ordering the book…Stay tuned!

      Thanks again Lauren for being willing to share your personal experiences to help better expand this topic on health awareness.

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