The Season of Mother and Child

Imagine this. It’s been six weeks since the birth of the Christ child and Mary’s unpaid maternity leave is up. The Christ Child is separated from his source, his sustenance, as he knows it. Mary’s heart is broken with having to abandon her child.  And the boss man believes this is as it should be. Mary is after all, his employee.

I just did a quick search on maternity leave in other countries and came across a brief over view with the headline that Great Britain was extending their maternity leave from 9 months to 12 months (with varied pay).


Blue Madonna by Beth Lambert

If Poland can support 16 to 18 weeks maternity with full pay, why can’t we?  If we can

  • fuel two entire wars and feed the Middle East conflict through the financial support of Israel…
  • have life-long, mega health care coverage for our senators and representatives…
  • subsidize industry and agribusiness…
  • continue to print more money and more money and more money for God only knows whose pockets…

Then why can’t we invest in the single most important resource we have world-wide, our children, our future?   We can’t because…

  1. More people believe we can’t, then believe we can.
  2. Those with the force— money, know how to apply their force and those with the power– Love, don’t recognize how all-powerful they are.

Why don’t we recognize our innate God-given power of Love? We’ve sold out to materialism. It’s not our fault. The barrage of brainwashing and fear mongering leading to manipulation has been going on for a long time and the technical vehicles for this continue to increase. Do you need some examples? You need look no further than your TV set and your child’s MP3 player. Not only do these vehicles increase the ease of manipulating our mind, the effect is that we tune out from nature and tune out to each other. Do you want to know what evil looks like? The face of evil is separation.

Gandhi lead a country of poor, illiterate people to overturn an empire. He did this without the benefit of the internet. How did he do it? Through unity of high purpose.  People, we are living in an empire based upon greed, fueled by our own sell out to materialism. Isn’t it time, as Gandhi implored us,  to be the change in the world you wish to see?

This is not the post I’d initially sat down to write today. Before starting my draft, I read an email from my son, Nathan, father of Hunter Bryant. “They don’t even separate kittens  from their mothers at just six weeks old,” is what my son had to say, about facing the end of a six-week, unpaid maternity leave.

A new year is approaching. According to my personal calendar it arrives on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, the return of the Light. Dear friends, I ask you to please hold the vision of the Madonna and Child in your heart and allow it to illuminate the truth for you, that the gift of Love that Christ brought to this planet, is all-powerful.


Shine your light!



Here’s the link for  FACTBOX – Maternity leave in other countries

Here’s the link for Beth Lambert’s, Heart Prints, Homemade Cards

2 thoughts on “The Season of Mother and Child

  1. Name: Lauren Gonzalez

    Namaste Joanna!

    How timely that you posted this article–I have just picked up the book The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff. The author (a therapist) wrote this book in 1975, and helped to begin to shift how (already open) people viewed (and hopefully enacted) more child-conscious parenting. Her basic premise is that infants should be held by their mothers, nearly constantly, for the first year or so of their lives. Liedloff did extensive anthropological research into indigenous cultures in South America for almost three years, living within these groups and observing them first hand.

    One example is stunning–these children did not have to be warned about basic survival, not because they were taught how to handle swords and fire, for example, but because they were held and nurtured by their mothers, always swaddled next to their bodies. Because of this nurturing and love they grew up to be well-adjusted and capable beings who could manage in situations most western people would never allow their kids to be in. The kids were “trusted” because they were so intimately known. The bond was solid.

    I wonder if many parents today even truly “know” their kids? What this leads to is generation after generation of people who then lose their parents and wonder if they ever truly knew them. Families are fragmented, so of course society is fragmented!

    To quote Liedloff: “My approach to healing the effects of the deprivations of childhood has evolved from an attempt to reproduce the missed experiences themselves to converting the harmful messages, conscious and unconscious, that remain in the psyche as a result of those missed experiences.”

    And what might those missed experiences be? Largely, attention and nurturing, according to Liedloff: “The enormous amount of energy expended by children in trying to get attention is not because they need attention itself. They are signaling that their experience is unacceptable, and are only trying to get a caretaker’s attention in order to correct it. A lifelong impulse to seek attention is simply a continuation of the frustrated child’s failure to get it in the first place, until the search for notice becomes a goal in itself, a sort of compulsive contest of wills.” (p. xvi, The Continuum Concept).

    That is just a sample from the introduction. Shaman Martin Prechtel and shaman Patrice Malidoma Some have written much the same about initiations of youth, and nurturing infants, honoring their nature as being more connected to the whole than those of us in later years and middle age (the loop is full circle with the elderly, who are also, once again, closer to the “whole,” the greater consciousness–we can learn so much from both infants and the elderly).

    I won’t take up your entire page, but I want to also commend you on your use of “force” versus “power,” being money and love, respectively. Money itself is like a gun–it’s not the matter that causes problems, but the FORCE we give it. We say that is power, but only because we fear power as something we don’t generally feel we have. You are so right to bring up this important topic–we have got to start believing in (and seeing) the power we have within us–love. Love will eradicate the fear, and without fear money will lose its negative force. Perhaps one day, ideally and once we’ve enacted our power of LOVE, we can give money the power to change the world for good. But of course, that intention has to come from our hearts, and from a place of oneness, and not from greed, isolation, and fear. So, thank you, Joanna, for the thought-provoking and powerful (which is to say LOVEful) blog!


    P.S.-Beth Lambert’s painting is beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and for turning me on to her art!

  2. Namaste` Lauren~ Thank you soooo much for these resources about parenting and for enriching the topic so deeply.No animal in nature is more vulnerable, or dependent, or for such a long period of time, than a child. When one thinks about it, it’s insane that we’ve set up our society in such a way that separates the mother/child at 6 weeks. It’s not physically healthy–it’s just not right in any shape, way or form, period. I look forward to hearing more about “The Continum Concept” from you. Would you like to do a guest post on it in the future? Love and blessings for truth, beauty and freedom, Joanna

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