New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 and a Spiritual Practice for the 11th Hour

I pulled a newspaper page from a NH paper out of the wood box to start a fire with Monday morning and a photo of a woman with long blond hair, framing a sensitive and beautiful looking face caught my eye. Then I read the headline, Woman Arraigned for Stabbing Death of Mother of Three.  We do not watch the television news, nor do we read newspapers, so I have not become desensitized to this kind of insanity happening in the state were I was born and raised, the state that carries the motto, “Live free or die.” I felt deep grief, for all those involved.

And yet, I did not ask myself, “How could she possibly have done that?”  I know why. We are living in a time when we’ve gotten just about as far away from The Truth that WE ARE ONE, as we possibly can. I say just about as far, because we’re still here.  If we don’t take back our sense of responsibility for the freedom to live in and express ourselves from the heart, ASAP, we will not continue to exist on this planet.

Bo Lozoff, Cofounder of the Human Kindness Foundation

In his book Deep and Simple, a Spiritual Path for Modern Times, Bo Lozoff opens chapter 2, Take it on Faith, with a quote from an 11th century monk:  “The darkness of the future is the necessary space for the exercise of our faith.” Well, we’ve certainly got the necessary space to execute our free will with high resolve.

I invite you on this New Year’s eve, to abandon the temptation of typical new year’s resolutions and resolve to return to sane living.

Body. Resolve to start this new year without a diet or exercise plan.  Resolve to accept and love your physical vehicle, just as it exists today.  With love comes respect and honor and you will give your physical body exactly what it needs to be healthy when you have gratitude for the God given gift of your body.

Mind. Resolve to stop feeding your mind the junk food served up by television, the internet, radio and in print.  This includes new age mumbo jumbo….you don’t need one more spiritual how-to book.  “Straight and narrow is the path….Waste no time,” from David Hawkins, author of Power Versus Force, the Hidden Detriments of Human Behavior.

Heart. Resolve to become your own best authority in all matters, by abiding in the heart. Yes, typically, I would have typed, “Spirit” versus Heart.  Our connection with Godself, our unity with All That Is and our access to truth and to wisdom, is through the heart chakra.

Here’s an excerpt from Glenda Green’s , Love without End, Jesus Speaks, from the chapter entitled, The Heart is your Higher Intelligence. In that one chapter is all anyone ever needs to know to live in truth and beauty.

“The heart is a magnetic vortex through with the blessings of all essences and potentialities are received, integrated and focused into living.  Through the laws of electromagnetism, that power is converted into life energy. The heart, being essentially magnetic, functions best through innocent awareness, which attracts and receives.  Acts of judgment, which divide and repel, will shut the door of the heart behind you.  If you would make the heart strong, you must first learn to perceive with innocence, accept and forgive.  As you empower the heart it will open to you.  At first, you may simply notice this change as more passion for living, more peaceful sleep, or

Glenda Green, Author of "Love without End"

better digestion of food.  The heart is the center of your health and quality of living; therefore those things will be addressed first.  As you progress in your affirmations of the heart, however, your life will begin to have more abundant fruits, and you will have the energy needed to make more dramatic changes.  Eventually, what you gain from your heart visitations will surpass your fondest dreams.  There will be levels of energy which are transformational and transmutational…The heart center is the true source of human power.”

How to Implement your Resolve to Abide in the Heart

What follows may appear to be too good to be true; too simple to be deep or effective. It will appear to be deceptively easy…

To enter the heart space, close your eyes and invoke an image, a memory, that is happily pleasing to you. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, though it might be, like seeing the earth from out in space. It could be as mundane as the memory of a meal shared with good friends. You might recall a place in nature that is special to you or envision the face of a loved one. You will know that you have chosen the right symbol for you, by the physical sensations around your heart. You will feel a warmth, a pleasant excitement.  Your eye muscles will soften and you may feel a little teary. Your mouth will most certainly turn up at the corners.  Your shoulders will drop and relax, your breathing become slower and deeper. You might sigh.

Now that you’ve identified what it feels like to be in the heart versus the head, the next step is to commit to a practice of this exercise. How much time can you commit to this practice and when?  How can you best integrate this practice with your present life style?

Now please pause for a moment. Move into your heart space through the door that your happy memory opens. When you feel settled in, ask to be shown the answers to the questions I’ve just presented to you. See, feel, hear and know how best you can implement this practice. When you’ve got a plan, write it down, knowing your practice will evolve over time.

When you encounter any resistance to this practice (or any practice for that matter), immediately give the resistance away to your higher power. The giving away is your job. The resolution of the resistance is God’s business.

We are in the eleventh hour on the planet earth. It’s not for our children or our grandchildren to save us. We are the ones who will access the wisdom and power to change the world for the better or not. The mind is a wonderful tool for implementing wise action, but it is not the source. The answers to the problems we face today cannot be solved with the mind. The answers can only be found in that space where our Godself abides, in the Heart.

Thank you for giving this deep, simple practice the gift of your resolve.

What might we expect if we abide together in the wisdom of the Heart?


If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the family home.

If there is harmony in the family home,
there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.



Love and blessings for your clarity, courage, and firm resolve to live a deeper, simpler, more loving and sane, life beginning right now,



P.S. Perhaps some readers are feeling called to pray for the first time in their lives and have no idea where to begin. Here’s an excerpt from David Hawkin’s December newsletter.

Q:   What prayers are useful?

Dr. David Hawkins, Author of Power Vs Force

A:  “Ask to be the servant of the Lord, a vehicle of Divine love, a channel of God’s Will.  Ask for direction and Divine assistance, and surrender all personal will through devotion.  Dedicate one’s life to the service of God.  Choose love and peace above all other options.  Commit to the goal of unconditional love and compassion for all life, in all its expressions, and surrender all judgment to God.” — Dr. David R. Hawkins





  1. Hi, I found this page while looking for Glenda Green and now I am going to read it regularly. Thank you for posting it! Kind regards, peace and LOVE ❤ Sandy

    1. Namaste` Sandy~ Thanks very much for your kind comment. Glenda Green is a marvelous teacher and has ongoing on-line classes. There is one upcoming. Also she sends out an email for a Friday night sunset meditation. Jeshua’s message that she shares in that email are always timely. Blessings for the Divine order, Divine guidance and Divine protection on your spiritual path, Joanna

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