Why We’re Feeling so Overwhelmed: Part II

I received this comment to last week’s article, The Core Reason Why We’re all Feeling so Overwhelmed from Lauren Gonzalez, writer, editor, activist and holistic psychotherapy student. Lauren has raised money to help Hurricane Katrina victims through the sale of her book, Submerged, Tales from the Basin. Lauren is well qualified to comment on overwhelm from her connections with the women and their families who were displaced by Katrina. Whoops–let me correct myself….who were displaced by the shameful response by our government in a time of dire need.

It just so happens that Lauren knows overwhelm personally from the point of view of being responsive to the earth’s energy, too. I know some of you are going to read this and connect the dots between what your body is experiencing and what’s going on with earth energies.

Joanna & Lauren 2009 at LIght Heart Retreat

Here’s Lauren…

Namaste Joanna! I don’t even know where to begin my reply. I’ll start with your image of the eagle, I think I know that eagle from the LHR. I felt a chill of joy when I saw him, a sense of knowing and familiarity–one of the many guardians of your home. Thank you for sharing!

And thank you for such a well-organized, thoughtful piece on the manic nature of our world, and NATURE! Yes, we forget we are PART of nature, and not witnesses to it, or characters simply living within it. My awareness of a stronger relationship with nature came in 1980, when I was 10. I started getting migraines, to which there was no medical explanation. I also developed an obsession with the weather and earthquakes and disasters and such. After Mt. St. Helens erupted that year, my headaches ceased. But I seemed tapped into all of the energy. No one in my life, in the Midwest, could explain it. I felt something deeper in me, but it would lay dormant for years.

Let’s just say that today I feel intensely connected, but have learned how to communicate with nature, which is to say everything in another way. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about feeling off kilter after a blissful meditation.  Our need to be vigilant these days is…overwhelming. But perhaps that’s because we isolate ourselves from all that is going on with our earth, nature. It’s not beneficial for us to fear nature like something outside ourselves. It’s time for dialogue. Respect. It’s time for us, the humans of the ever-moving mouths, to shut up and LISTEN to what nature is telling us. (And as I type this, I hear an owl outside my window…)

My friend Paul uses a term from the Harry Potter films to describe the energy sucking he feels almost daily…the lower energies pulling on him. The term is dementors. yes, the dementors come in and suck all of our energy dry. That is, they try. We no longer have to take it. I profoundly feel the flood of good energy and light on this planet. Even the disasters have a tinge of hope attached. Has anyone else thought of how interesting it is that the Tuscon shooter has not been successfully labeled as a right wing or left wing character? That’s right. The labels don’t apply. The media can’t conveniently label him so that the divide continues. There is some soul-searching going on, because people don’t know what to make of this situation. It’s not easily definable.

And so is, I believe, our future. The old labels no longer apply. We have to approach everything we do with consciousness. If we won’t listen to the earth, she will cry harder, louder. Something has to get our attention.

We have so many tools now. There are so many of us aware of and wanting to bring our world to peace and light and love. We are everywhere in the world! I listened to Stephen Hairfield’s excellent videos about 2011, and what is likely to come. I felt heavy for a moment after, but then I looked up at my clock and realized it was time for the Global Coherence Initiative’s 8 p.m. group care focus meditation for the full moon. I joined in, and along with 40 others, we meditated on peace and light and healing and divine love for 15 minutes together. I felt full and hopeful after.

It seems everything now must be quickly turned into action. And right action at that. There isn’t time to feel sorry for ourselves or to lament days gone by. We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us to shape a healing planet into one that benefits all life. We just have to wipe the dust from our eyes so we can see and appreciate it. It is doing its best to get our attention!

Thank you for the wonderful reminder, Joanna, and for all you do. To adopt the words of Pema Chodron in terms of what she has said about regrets… Overwhelm? Sure. Feeling overwhelmed teaches us something, and that is useful. But we only get two minutes for overwhelmed. Then we have to act.

Blessings to you and to all who share in this space! Lauren

To Lauren from Joanna~

Thank you so much for this insightful and helpful contribution on this subject, Lauren! But we only get two minutes for overwhelmed. That powerful response to overwhelm is my new mantra! Love and blessings for your new path in holistic psychotherapy!

For Readers~

Gone are the days when someone booked an appointment with me, came on site to my office at Light Heart Retreat and received spiritual counseling and energy work. Building the bridge from a primarily hands-on service to working with clients via our modern day communications systems is a much more complex process than I had anticipated.

Joanna Dowsing for your Core Overwhelm Remedy

I made a promise last week to readers I am unable to deliver on time. I do have something I’ve found personally helpful in countering overwhelm connected to core issues that I am eager to share with you. I’m working to create a package that is financially accessible while providing the support that I feel this process requires. Thanks for your patience while I do the learning curve necessary to be able to deliver The Dowsing Deva services to the comfort of your own home from my dowsing station at the kitchen counter in the wee hours of the morning when I’ll be in my pajamas with my back to the woodstove.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for passing this on and please remember…

While your experience of overwhelm may feel mighty, your Godself is almighty!


Blessings for peace,


For  information on how are bodies respond to seismic action please visit this great resource, The Charlotte King Effect.

2 thoughts on “Why We’re Feeling so Overwhelmed: Part II

  1. This email came in from Kim. You can find a link to Bruno Groening Circle of Friends and a link to Kim’s music in the blog roll.

    Namaste’ Joanna!
    Many thanks to your friend Lauren Gonzalez for that insightful and inspiring commentary on feeling Overwhelmed!

    Working with troubled inner-city teenagers is a constant reminder that what Lauren says of being allowed 2 minutes for overwhelmed is true! Often it’s even less than that, but the world keeps on spinning and we have to keep going because we know ~ if we don’t do it, the situation only gets worse. I know every time I get lazy and don’t tune in to my Godself before I start my day, the day is so much harder to deal with. So now I make the effort to request help from Bruno Groening and all the spiritual helpers I know we have access to ~ just for the asking.
    Taking the time to tune in and ask for help from our unseen helpers, is as important to me now as the air that I breathe and the blessed food that I eat.
    And now, I patiently await to purchase the package you are dowsing for us all that will help us counter the overwhelm.

    Blessings to you and David always,

    In Divine Friendship,
    ~Kim from New York

    Namaste` Kim~ Thanks so much for your input. Yes! You would know about overwhelm too, for sure, working with teens who are overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing your spiritual practice of connecting to your guides and helpers. My Dowsing Deva help does in no way replace the need for each of us to connect with our divine source. That divine source has many angelic helpers just waiting for us to ask for help. There’s a Course in Miracles saying, “If you only knew who walked beside you, you would never be afraid.” Love and blessings that you may always be one step ahead of the forces that put us into overwhelm, Joanna

  2. Namaste Kim! Thank you for sharing, Kim. You are right…taking the time to ask for help is such a big part of it! I often sulk in my overwhelm, feeling too overcome to pull myself up to ask for this guidance. I get in a holding pattern, not unlike an airplane circling an airport in a storm. So thank YOU for that reminder, and for mentioning Bruno Groening. Joanna has introduced me to his work, but I have not allowed myself the TIME to explore it fully. It will be a gift to myself to do so. In class tonight, the head of my department said something about how people who are chronically late may have an issue with an inability to see their own self worth, or how they deserve to take time for themselves, but can’t see it, and so they struggle against the clock and end up late all of the time. This makes me also think about how we so frequently say we’re so busy…hmm…I wonder if the same theory can be applied? I have said I will get to Bruno when I have time, but that I’m so busy… well, could it be that I am not allowing myself something that will help me to heal? It’s not really about time, is it? Or, overwhelm. Perhaps it’s about us not believing, in some deeper part of ourselves, that we actually DESERVE this good stuff that wants to come into our lives. I hope that’s the case, because if is is, while we can’t add more hours to the clock, we can change our deeper issues with time through intention. Blessings to you both! Lauren

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