Don’t Let Overwhelm Stop you from Showing Up

Weather is not an impediment. It is a blessing. The snow is beautiful, sparkling crystal medicine for you and the earth.
Spoken by Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, January 30, 2011 in Blue Hill, in Maine

Stone Circle @ Light Heart Retreat after First Big Snow

The forecast was for snow. We’d driven in the snow the day before and had been out late at night so that David could attend a poetry reading and I could meet and do a dowsing exchange with a friend. It was after midnight before we’d gotten settled back in our home and to bed.

And here we were again, the following morning with plans to drive that night, what would be close to two hours with the threat of another snow storm.  Should we take it on? We were tired from the journey the night before and after a string of good, yet energetically demanding commitments.

I looked at NOAA’s weather forecast. I felt that we would get to our destination and back before the snow came. Certainly we had the stamina for one more trip. Yes. We would go and I spent the morning getting the word out to others who might ride with us or go on their own.

When spiritual opportunity knocks at my door. I know it. It’s not subtle:  I get goose bumps, someone refers to it, it’s in a song, in a dream… And still, I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I let myself become overwhelmed with all the barriers that come up when I hear Knock, knock.Yoohoo, spiritual opportunity calling. The power of Light will always draw the opposition and their arsenal is loaded with the stuff of overwhelm.

Bruno's Forest Circle @ Light Heart Retreat

This time the Light had won out in getting us to our destination. David and I were seated with friends at the Unity Center for the Performing Arts. We’d arrived in town early with 30 minutes to spare so we had time to wander around a bit looking for the theater, as signs and landmarks were buried in the 7 foot tall snow bankings.

There were about thirty of us gathered in the auditorium to welcome Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, a Toltec healer, founder of the 8,000 Drums Ceremony and  whom we were told was called to visit Maine to share the teachings of his elders and possibly some sound healing with us.

Thaay, as we later heard him referred to, spoke to us in his ancient tribal  language which he translated into English. He spoke of 2012 being an invitation to a New Dawn of living from the heart and that the healing of mother earth will arise out of our global heart being awakened. This is the message of Thaay’s pilgrimage which will resume here in Maine after the 8,000 drum ceremony in his ancestral homeland in central Mexico on the Spring Equinox.

Thaay drummed and chanted for us and invited us to sing with him. It was a simple and humble presentation given against the backdrop of techno, rave-type music playing loudly from a room under the stage where Thaay stood.

Overwhelm pales in the Light of High Intention.

Thaay did refer to a couple of students who entered the small auditorium, stood listening for a short while and then left, “If you came into my kitchen and you were speaking to me, I would not leave in the midst of your speaking.” However, Thaay did not give the competing noise from below any attention at all.  Later each one of our party shared that we had been able to tune it out and focus on the message being spoken, chanted and drummed. Quite a feat, for me personally, as there is almost nothing that irritates me more than that hypnoelectronica crap.

I felt embarrassed by the meager welcome at Unity College, that no one from the school was present to hear Thaay that could have gotten up and silenced the competing sound–for the two students who couldn’t recognize the gift that was before them–for those we knew that had allowed the threat of a snowstorm to keep them home. The woman who introduced Thaay had told us that Thaay had been forewarned about the upcoming snow storms.  When she told us this, Thaay smiled and said, “Beautiful, white sparkling, crystal medicine” and indicated the depth of the snow with his hand.”

We’d sat up front and hadn’t seen those who had come in after us. Upon leaving we encountered the beautiful faces of some friends we’ve been together with before at the Maine Healing Arts Festival. It had been years since last we’d met. We were in good company–those of us who had recognized the call to be in Unity that night despite whatever guise overwhelm would take to keep us away.

And then we had another opportunity arise spur of the moment, to sit in a drum circle in Blue Hill with Thaay on Sunday. Another morning of emailing, arranging carpools…We drove to and from in the snow and brought friends with us. This was a more informal and close up experience and Thank you God--no techno music.

Afterwards many of us had the realization that we had received the sound healing that was suggested in the first email notice. We had the sense of having shown up at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason and being part of something much larger than our small gathering of Mainers with our wool hats, wool socks and three layers of clothing on.

Dabadi Thaayrohyadi

You know how foolish you feel when you jump at a snake on the path and find out it’s a stick? Most overwhelm is like that, it arises out of a threat of something that doesn’t even exist. Once you are aware that you are responding to false threats, you can change the pattern. For instance you can pause and ask yourself, “Have I driven in the snow before? Did I get to where I wanted to go and back again and did it turn out all right?” I’m not suggesting that you take on Donner Pass in the winter in a wagon train…

Then there is Overwhelm with a capital O. This is the Overwhelm that comes out of our grief for a lost loved one, the Overwhelm of a single mother trying to make ends meet financially, the Overwhelm of dealing with a disease, the Overwhelm that comes from not being able to see an end in sight to a painful, difficult and sad situation that you feel all alone in.

And still, when Spirit comes knocking at your door with a possible opportunity to help you out of your overwhelming challenge, one needs to rise up and persist against all barriers and show up. When you do your part and say Yes to the call, Spirit does the rest, getting you to your divine destination, in divine time with divine order and with divine protection.

To paraphrase a Course in Miracles saying, If you only knew who rides with you during a snow storm, you would never be afraid.

Blessings that your drifts of white crystal medicine hold healing for you, your family and your home,


Click here for  a colorful video of the 2007 8,000 Drum Ceremony in Mexico

Click here for the Toltec prophesies for 2012

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Overwhelm Stop you from Showing Up

  1. This came in an email from a kindred spirit in Kentucky~
    I’ve answered it with a personal email. .

    Great newsletter, Joanna,
    i find lately that the light at the end of my tunnel is others who are standing, sitting, sharing the light that they are.
    without each of you…i would think i was alone.

  2. Usually I don’t learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so!
    Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very great article.

    • Good Morning from Maine~

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. Here is the Soul Awakening Prayer that I just came across on James ODea’s site, I hope you will find it as beautiful as I did. It’s like snow, the white crystal medicine, it carries the Light.

      Soul Awakening Prayer

      Soul Awakening
      Heart Opening
      Light Shining
      Love Flowing
      Wounds Disolving
      Peace Radiating

      This is to be spoken four times:
      1. For self
      2. For those closest to you
      3. For all your connections
      4. For all being on Earth to have all we need now

      May your soul be awakened, may your heart be open, may your beautiful Light Shine brightly, may love be flowing in, through and around every particle of your being,

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