Off and Running in 2012

I remember some years ago doing the math for how old I would be come the year 2012. I was sitting at a Kryon channeling at Yoken’s Restaurant and Conference Center in Portsmouth, NH. Something Kryon said about the future, made me feel some fear and I had the thought I would like for my new friend, sitting beside me, to take my hand. He did. That man has been all day today, boiling down sap to make maple syrup–my husband, David Buell.

It seems like a lifetime ago and yet it also feels like this time passed so quickly. The velocity was so fully packed with activity and change. Time. I used to know what time of day it was within a 5 minute range without a watch. Now when I wake up at 3 AM believing it must be at least 5 AM, I know to check the clock before I get out of bed for the day. Time is not what it once was.

David and I checked in on the Kryon website after the New Year and listened to a couple of the latest channels. One of those channels, The Recalibration of the Human Being, has recently been transcribed. I suggest you take a look at it if you’re experiencing  dizziness. Our bodies are evolving, being recalibrated to the energy shifts. It helps to know that symptoms like dizziness are not illness, but signs of positive change.  (We wouldn’t be undergoing recalibration, would we, if there was not something for us to be recalibrated for?… a future beyond 2012?)

Kryon’s channels speak of a 36 year period of transition with December 22, 2012, being the midpoint. We’re 18 years into the shift. The indigenous wisdom keepers have a similar point of view.

Geobioligist, Richard Benishai

Richard Benishai, Israeli Geobiolgist, sent me the piece, What the Mayan Elders are saying about 2012. You may have read it last year. It is worth reading again, and even a third time. There is so much in it.

The first time I read this article was before Richard Benishai came to teach his Geobiology methods at Light Heart Retreat in September of 2011. Richard discovered three positive energy centers at LHR, something that he has found in his exploration of sacred sites. This finding confirms a reading that was done for this land in 1999 that revealed LHR as a place where indigenous peoples came for healing eons ago. It is not by accident that David and I are here now, as stewards and it is never by accident when guests find their way to us.

Mayan elder, Carlos Barrios says about this year, “Go to the sacred places of the Earth to pray for peace, and have respect for the Earth which gives us our food, clothing, and shelter. We need to reactivate the energy of these sacred places. That is our work.”

This work of reactivating sacred sites is what Richard Benishai has been doing all over the planet, including here at Light Heart Retreat, the first U.S. site to catch his attention.  You can delve deep into Richard’s work in reading his article, The 7 Hills . I have a follow up article that is not posted on his website. Contact me and I’d be happy to email it to you. It’s quite an adventure story!

Richard returns to Light Heart Retreat to share his unique approach to dowsing and Geobiology October 6-8, 2012. You can read about this training here.
For questions about the training itself please contact Richard Benishai at: {}.  Please visit Richard’s site at

Richard is an excellent instructor and has some fascinating experiences to share with students. David and I look forward to having him return and to meeting the new Geobiology students.

Thaay in Maine 2011

The Return of the Feathered Serpent. David and I were honored to host Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, Toltec Medicine Man and Wisdom Keeper of the Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan for a full moon drumming circle, sound healing meditation and for shamanic healing sessions, in early December of 2012. Thaay was on his way back to Maine early this month and was stuck south of here due to an ice storm. He intends to visit Light Heart Retreat in April. Thaay operates on “Indian Time”…which means hosts do not receive much prior notice of his intended arrival. If you’d like to be on the email notification list for Thaay’s visits to LHR and other Maine locales, let me know (you can use the contact form below). I’ll post particulars on our LHR site when they become available and send out a heads up email immediately when I know the time frame for his visit.

The full moon drumming circle with Thaay, was magical. Each of us in the sound healing meditation had a strong experience of feeling the energy working within our bodies. To receive a shamanic healing session with Thaay one-on-one, is a great blessing. Thaay sang and drummed a song for David and myself before he left here. It felt and sounded as if we were in a far-off canyon and that Thaay changed his position, though he was just a few feet in front of us, inside the Huckleberry Hideaway cottage.

Thaay will be leading the 8,000 Drums Ceremony for the Healing of Mother Earth in his Teotihuacan homeland in Mexico this Spring Equinox 2012, in fulfillment of the Toltec’s prophecy. You can read that prophesy here 

Raymon Grace at Light Heart Retreat. Walk softly and carry a big pendulum!

Hold the Presses! The feather Thaay is holding in the photo is an eagle feather I found the day after Raymon Grace, left Light Heart Retreat after teaching his Advanced Dowsing class and Healing Techniques Class over Labor Day weekend, 2009. I presented it  to Thaay after I received a session from him in 2011…ala` the eagle and the condor…

Raymon Grace has been on my mind every day of this year. We’ve wanted to have him back here to Light Heart Retreat. When I checked his schedule over the last couple of months, I saw that he was staying close to home. Just now when I checked I see he’s scheduled to teach in Portsmouth, NH in mid April. I just now wrote to Raymon to see if he would like to come teach here after his Portsmouth training. I’ll keep you posted.

The title I chose for this blog post is turning out to be very appropriate…Off and Running in 2012...It looks like the Dowsing Deva is going to be up before the birds and burning some midnight oil this late winter into Spring! And our summer guests at Light Heart Retreat look at us with such innocence when they ask us, “So what do you find to do here in the winter?”


Joanna Pinney Buell,
The Dowsing Deva @ Light Heart Retreat


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