Join in the Spirit of the 8,000 Drums

Dear Relatives and Families in Light, Peace and Compassion,
Dear Sisters and Brothers from Towns and Cities,

Greetings from the Toltec Lands and Many Blessings from our Native Elders.

We thank you for your support and for joining your prayers.

~Otomi Toltec Elders and Wisdom Keepers

Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, spiritual leader, wisdom keeper and sacred guardian of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan

From the Toltec Prophecy for a New World

The first vision: The sound of 8,000 drums sounding together, from all parts of the world, is the start of a new humankind and the healing of Mother Earth. This prophecy is complete. This ceremony took place in Mexico on March 21, 2004, at the Otomi Ceremonial Center. The number eight, in 8,000 drums, represents infinity—the eternal return. The ceremony of the 8,000 drums will be celebrated every two years, until we reach 2012, at this ceremonial center in the mountains of Mexico, also Europe, Africa, and Asia. The purpose is to bring the rains and the yellow flowers, for the trees to sing and the birds to dance. The heart has to beat as the drum; the whole universe is like a great drum. When the drum ceases to play, it will be the return to darkness. The high frequency of 8,000 sacred drums created a great energy in the earth and opened an energy vortex that spread all around the world. It generates light that creates peace and awakens the consciousness of the people. We are crossing a bridge into a new cycle, which will strengthen peace, Mother Earth and humanity.


Namaste` Friends~ Below is ceremony that is being observed in the Otomi Toltec homelands outside of Mexico City having begun on March 13th. Please take these intents into your heart and share them with your friends. Speak the intents aloud. Invoke these qualities of life for the good of all who dwell on our beloved mother earth. Your word is more powerful than perhaps you know. There are instructions for joining in the Equinox ceremonies if you’d like to. What is important and something each one of us can do, is to direct our personal intent and our spoken word to these high aspirations that Goodness and Justice will prevail.  Of course we can invoke these qualities of life every day…and why wouldn’t we? Love and blessings for this sacred task, Joanna Pinney Buell



Tuesday 13rd – The 1st Heart Beat of 8000 Drums for a Just, Sustainable and Peaceful Global Society,  Community of Life, Ecological Integrity, Universal Human Rights,  Equality and Diversity, Social Justice, Equitable Economic Development, Real and Participatory Democracy and Good Governance where a  Just World is Possible.

Wednesday 14th  –The 2nd Heart Beat of 8000 Drums for Living Well, Community Sovereignty, Self Sufficiency,  Sustainability, Clean Energy and Healthy Environment for the Planet and All Communities.

 Thursday 15th  –The 3rd Heart Beat of 8000 Drums for the Reunification, Understanding, Universal Responsibility, Healthy Relationships, Planetary Consciousness, Wellness and Harmonious Coexistence for this and for the Next Seven Generations.

Friday 16th  –The 4th Heart Beat of 8000 Drums for  Healing Mother Earth, Our Hearts, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations, Reunion of the Eagle and the Condor, Intergenerational Education, Connecting Elders, Children & Youth. Non-Violent Active Peace, Gross Global Happiness in the Dawn of the New Times.

Saturday 17th  –The 8000 Drums Ceremony  5th Heart Beat for Survival, Respect, Self Determination, Freedom, Justice, Peace and Dignity for All the Indigenous Peoples and All Nations.

Sunday 18th  –The 8000 Drums Ceremony and the 6th Heart Beat for Awareness, Forgiveness, Healing, Transformation, Intent, Love, Acceptance and Compassion for All Our Relations.

Monday 19th  –The 8000 Drums Ceremony and the 7th Heart Beat for the Conviviality, Reciprocity, Generosity, Service, Honesty, Solidarity and Cooperation between all Humanity and Children of Mother Earth.

Tuesday 20th  –The 8000 Sacred Drums World Ceremony and the 8th Heart Beat for Infinite Gratitude, Happiness, Abundance, Balance, Joyful Life, Beauty and Sacredness between All Living Beings.


The global synchronization for the Great Ceremony of the 8000 Drums for the Healing of Mother Earth, proposed by the Toltec Elders at the Otomi Ceremonial Center, Temoaya, Mexico, will consist of the following:

* 7 days Prior to preparation, it means, 7 cycles of 365 pulses or heart beats of each sacred drums, played in unison and in perfect harmony, from March 13rd to 19th, once daily at noon (12:00 to 12:46  Mexico City Time)
* Plus 1 day for the Grand pulse or heartbeat of Mother Earth, will be on Tuesday March 20th, 2012. And will have three major moments:
* The 1st. Great moment will be at 5:14 am (Mexico City time and exact time of entry of the Spring Equinox 2012) until 7:30 am with Sunrise at the Otomi Ceremonial Center that is located at the foot of the Sacred Mountains.
* The 2nd Great moment, will be from noon 12:00 to 12:44 when the sun is at its zenith.
* The 3rd Great moment will be from 6:00 pm to 6:48 pm with sunset
The main protocol will be to reproduce the cycle of 350 drum beats or pulses (Tam-Tam) of the sacred drums played in unison and in perfect harmony.
We ask everyone to connect to these schedules and exact times from all countries and continents.


We propose you an easier program. You Can do it with your community or group wherever you are. Few Steps.

1. Welcoming everybody, purification or smudging to the Circle.
2. To do a Blessing to the Four Directions or a Prayer
3. To share the Message of the Toltec Elders and the Intentions of this Global Event for Mother Earth and Peace.
4. To make a short Meditation or to offer a Chant
5. Doing the cycle of 365 heart beats with sacred drums
*All the Drums (All Our Hearts) sounding together, in one rhythm (like the heart beat TAM-TAM, at the same time). To have someone counting the drum beats.
6. Chanting or Dancing for Word Peace and the Healing of Mother Earth
7.  To propose a Council for Mother Earth of 4 or 8 people for the next Ceremony and Gathering
8. Singing or Praying for closing ceremony.


This is following the Moon and the Sun cycle of the ancient counting of time. In order to honor our ancestors, the new generations, our grandmothers and grandfathers. To remember the Beauty and Sacredness in all Living Creatures on Planet  and in the Universe. This is for the Balance between the feminine and the masculine in our lives, in the Heart of the Earth,  in the Heart of Humanity and in the Heart of the Sky. And for the Healing of all our relations.
Those who gather in meditation will be supporting the birth of spring and the clear intentions set forth – of harmony and peace for all.


REMEMBER. Your Heart is your Drum also. Connect your Heart with Mother Earth and Peace.