Be Still…and Find your Gold

Be Still thy Soul

Music and lyrics by Bradfield, vocal by Anael. Photos of Light Heart Retreat by Joanna Pinney Buell

Be Still thy Soul

Be still thy soul

Relinquish this hold

Make thee again whole

Be still thy mind

Let thee unwind

And seek out a shrine.

Harvest the gold

That’s planted around you

Strand by strand

You’ll be somewhat more certain

Carve out your role

And reach for the heavens

All you can dream

What you can be

Know that the sky will deliver.

Bestir thy heart

With journeys afar

And rivers of stars

Bestow thy love

On all that ye touch

On all that ye may.

Hence, let it be told

That rhyme will be reason

Paint your world

With shades that will uplift you

And break, break from the mold

Shake off the illusions

Never again lost in dismay

All that you need is within you.

Be still thy soul

And fix on the goal

Thy tale will be told

Be still thy mind

Make thee one

With the source of life.

For a free MP3 download of the music click here.

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