For Harmony in the Family Home

I want to teach you a skill. It is so simple that you may not conceive of the power in it when you read about it. If you will use it, practice it and act upon what you learn from it, you will be empowered to make changes that will better your life and the life of your family.

But first, here’s a story I read in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends Schooling Letter upon opening up the publication at random.

A mother noted that her young son’s behavior had become quite cool towards her at the very least and had become mildly aggressive. This was quite out of character for him.  She noticed that he spent time engrossed in looking at trading cards created from an animated version of Star Wars. When she glanced over at the cards she saw that his face was mimicking the aggression on the cartoon character’s face.

A few days later, after a visit with his godfather, her son came home with a new thick stack of these cards. The mother felt that it was time to take a closer look at the cards. What she saw and felt made her shudder.  “And in this exact moment I knew in every fiber of my being that these cards should not be allowed in our home for even one second more.”

She discussed her feelings about the cards with her son after asking him what he got from trading them. He said they were “cool.” When he spoke there was none of his usual radiance in his eyes, just coldness.

When she tore up the cards, her son who had never shown any violent behavior before, started shouting, swearing and grabbed his mother and began hitting her before he shut himself up in his room.

The mother immediately sat down and did a process similar to prayer, meditation- petition for help, called Einstellen.  A calmness came over her.

In 15 minutes time her son came out of his room and apologized saying, “Thank you, Mom.  These cards made me feel so strange.  I didn’t want to be like that, but I couldn’t be any different.  You did the right thing by throwing them away.” He then behaved normally, as he had before receiving the cards.

The next day, when his mother went to pick him up from an after school program, he had locked himself in the bathroom. Again the mother experienced behavior from him that she did not recognize as his.  He had a big stack of the trading cards in his hands that a friend had given him.  When they got home, they did Einstellen together. Her guidance was to start him trading in World Wildlife Federation cards.

What happened next is so telling. Every one of his friends starting trading in the World Wildlife Federation cards, too. The Good will win out, given half a chance.

I have many of my own stories to share along these lines. I am relentless at rooting out sources of detrimental energy and being rid of the item and/ or clearing the energy. Here is something I’ve been sitting on waiting for the right timing to share it.

In the space of a couple of days this past summer I dealt with the skull and cross-bones symbol and its deleterious effects on our grandson and his friend. My grandson came to visit with a gray sweatshirt with a big skull and cross-bones over the chest. He’d needed a nap the first two days he visited with us. When I saw him with the sweatshirt on, my radar sounded.  I dowsed on the effect that the sweatshirt was having on him (below zero) and the frequency (which was the frequency of death). I was not surprised at these dowsing results, this being the world-wide symbol for poison. Like the mother wanting to protect her son from the energy of the trading cards, I had quite a strong and decisive response.  I explained to my grandson that I was going to have David burn it, that I would buy him another sweat shirt. He didn’t need any more naps after that and even beat his older brother out the door before 7 AM to go fishing.

Our friend’s daughter is in between these two grandson’s ages. They’ve developed a friendship over the last few summers here and are quite excitable when they reunite (that’s putting it mildly). When she arrived for this most anticipated visit, she was not her perky, talkative, self.  She hardly had enough energy to sit upright. The boys could not roust her out of her down mood.

The next day I found her hoodie jacket that she’d left behind. It was black with a small print on it, white skull and crossbones with little red roses in between them! I contacted her mother about it and she’d been looking for that shirt so she could dispose of it. It had been a gift from an aunt. That sweatshirt went on the campfire with her mother’s full blessing!

When I went to buy a replacement sweatshirt for our grandson, I was horrified to see that the skull and cross-bones was not only in boy’s and girl’s sizes, but on toddler shirts. Upon my next visit to the store I spotted it on newborn clothing. I wrote to the buyer of kids clothes at this local Maine discount chain store about this. She wouldn’t give me the suppliers name and she said they would continue to carry this symbol, according to her, popularized by the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. I have since spotted black sleepers and bathrobes with big skull and crossbones in baby and children’s sizes.

Here’s why stuff such as this should concern you. Everything is energy and everything has a frequency signature. Energy is oh so easily, imprinted upon matter. The energy and frequency that enhances life makes us strong when we’re exposed to it. An energy and frequency that vibrates at disease or death will weaken our energy field.

When bad, violent, aberrant behavior results in tragedy, our response is to think it comes out of nowhere.  It doesn’t. There are forces at work in this world in industries that are selling violence and death to not only adult consumers, but to our children. It’s become so insidious that people have become desensitized to what should be obvious and hopefully will become so to you when you are done reading this.

The skill I’m going to teach you is going to help you protect yourself, your children and your home from forces that would have a detrimental effect on your energy and which could result in a sick mind, body and spirit–and violent behavior.

Here’s the skill.  Pick an item you suspect that may have a detrimental effect on your energy.  Pick an item that you know makes you feel good in a wholesome way, like the photo of someone you love. Stand up straight, feet comfortably together, with one item at a time placed over your solar plexus. An energy that is neutral or life enhancing will allow you to stay standing straight up. A detrimental force will throw off your balance to the side, forwards or backwards. You are using your own body as a dowsing tool. We could also say that you are practicing a simple form of kinesiology (muscle testing).

I suggest you collect an array of items: supplements, food stuffs, magazines, games, music CD’s and put them in identical brown paper bags. Close up the bags. Have someone else number the bags without having looked inside.  Have another person mix the order up and then line them up on a table. Make a list down of the numbers in the order they ended up in. Across the top of the page put the names of those who are participating in this test. Take turns being score keeper for each other.

One person at a time does the test, either holding the bag to the solar plexus or alternatively focusing upon one bag at a time.  A plus is recorded when one held their stance. A minus sign indicates one lost balance when connected with the test energy. In between tests I suggest you use a sweeping motion with both hands to disconnect from the previous test subject. Also, being adequately hydrated is necessary for accurate readings.

The ways you can use this simple technique are endless. David just got himself a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I had him hold it to his solar plexus. He couldn’t keep his balance. He said, “But it just felt good to weave…” You guessed it, he’s eating the ice cream.

You and your family can have fun with this, while you develop a clear discernment for what’s in your home and how it affects family members. It’s my sincere hope that together you will make changes that will bring about a healthier, happier home.

If you’d like to learn how to get yes/no answers from muscle testing I have a lesson and video demonstration here.

I look forward to hearing of your experiences with this technique and the changes you observe in having removed detrimental sources of energy from the family home.

This seems like a good time to share again with you what Confucius said:

If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the family home.

If there is harmony in the family home,
there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.

I welcome your comments below. Thank you!

Blessings for your righteousness, beauty, harmony, order and peace in 2013,



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