Spring Cleaning, Part One

04/26/16 Dear Friends~ It’s been on my mind to run this post and two others on cleansing again. I just got an email that David’s step mother Shirley has passed on at 98 years old. It’s Shirley who came to mind when I was digging dandelions last week. I recalled digging dandelions with her on the farmhouse lawn in Petersham, MA. and that there was a photo of us cleaning them together on the porch.  Shirley’s key to longevity? Shirley had an open mind, a strong faith in the creator and a willingness to speak up and tell the truth. When I think of her, I see the twinkle in her eye and the smile of the cat that swallowed the canary after, sharing a wry insight into life with me.

May you be an excellent steward of the gift you’ve been given and live long and well, Joanna


How well I remember Spring Cleaning Day in our house! It was amazing what my mother accomplished in about 12 hours time. Late day the house would still be in a state of chaos. By bedtime, everything was back in its place, everything spotless; the energy shift complete. After a late supper of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, we fell asleep to the scent of fresh spring air impressed on bedding which had been line dried. The tradition of spring cleaning is one that has fallen by the wayside in our busy times. There is another tradition of spring cleaning that some of our mothers, our grandmothers and great grandmothers practiced that is all but forgotten, the spring tonic.

Queens of Spring Clean: Joanna & mother, Jane

My family’s spring tonic tradition is to dig dandelion greens and eat them boiled with butter and vinegar, as many feeds as possible before the flowers bloom. My mother and some of my aunts still practice this rite of spring. I really cherish each time I can return to NH and spend some time in a sunny field with an old knife, down on my knees, digging greens. One of my favorite meditations is sitting in the sun, scraping the dead leaves and dirt from a dandelion root and then stirring it into a bucket of clean water with the other greens. After eating dandelion greens for a week or two, I feel lighter, more energized and more JOYFUL!

Are you feeling a little or a lot sluggish? It’s likely that you could benefit from a spring tonic. In this and the next two columns, I’m bringing you information on three tonics that I’ve found to be personally beneficial. The first one may surprise you.

Essiac is not only an alternative, herbal remedy for cancer, it’s a potent blood purifier and builder. Our blood carries our prana, our life force energy. In toning the blood, the body receives a wide array of benefits. I’ve included some links to testimonials describing benefits ranging from cancer cures to curing psoriasis, arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes, hepatitis C, hypothryroidism, Lupus… The more dramatic testimonials are the ones that are going to make it onto the internet . What about results for the generally healthy person that uses Essiac? Personally I have experienced that using Essiac for one month resulted in a high state of vitality. My most recent experience with it, is that it reduced fibroids 90% in one menstrual cycle, returning me to a normal cycle.

For those who are unfamiliar with Essiac, it’s an herbal tea made from Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark and Turkey Rhubarb. The name is Cassie, spelled backwards, named after Rene Cassie, a Canadian nurse who received the recipe from a Native American healer. Cassie dedicated her life to helping patients overcome cancer with Essiac and together with Dr. Charles Brusch, personal physician to President Kennedy, researched the most potent and accessible ways to deliver the formula.

Handing down the Tradition

There is much information available on the internet regarding Essiac. I highly encourage you to explore the links below and explore further on your own. The formula that Rene used until she died, contained four herbs. There is also an eight herb formula that has some excellent testimonials. My dowsing confirms my intuition that the four herb blend is more potent. More is not always better!

You can buy Essiac as a finished liquid product or as tea bags to make a batch. You can purchase the single herbs separately or purchase the herbs all blended. I have researched and found a high quality Essiac blend at an affordable price on-line.

I highly recommend buying the blend and brewing your own Essiac formula for the following reasons:

* It will save you money.
* Your brew will be impressed with the energy of your intentions.
* It’s a powerful act of self-empowerment and may be a vital part of your Self Care Evolution.
* It is highly satisfying to be your own medicine woman or man.

Now, I’ve told you that I’m going to offer up three Spring tonic programs. How do you know which one is for you or if more than one is appropriate, in what order to proceed? If you know how to muscle test or dowse, you can answer these questions and others that may arise regarding how to take the tonic. If you haven’t developed either of these skills, I’m going to come out the bear cave a little earlier than I anticipated to help you with your questions. See my special offer listed on the right hand side of this page under More Info.

Here’s the link for best value on Essiac blend, for making it yourself.

If you prefer it all bottled and ready to go, you can get it by this name, Vitaly-Tea.

Here are some Essiac testimonials:

Essiac Europe

Affordable Essiac Tea

8-Herb Essiac


This is an excellent link for a general overview of Essiac information and testimonials, too.

Do any readers have an Essiac experience to share? Do you have a spring cleaning or spring tonic story? I look forward to reading your comments and thank you in advance for sharing them. Remember, if you’re shy, you can sign with a nick name. If you prefer you may contact me via email see contact form below, thanks.

Coming next Monday, a tonic initially named, “The Lords Blessed Formula” by its orignator, Hanna Kroeger.

Blessings for your spring cleaning and remember to

Shine your Light!

Joanna Cleaning Dandelions with Shirley Buell


For more articles and for a wonderful place to visit in the Acadia region in Maine please visit Light Heart Retreat. Thank you so much for your referrals to both The Dowsing Deva and to Light Heart Retreat!

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  1. Namaste and thank you, Joanna! I have forwarded this link to many friends around the country who are beginning to grumble about winter and winter WEIGHT. I can attest to Essiac, as it is one of the first remedies I tried on my LONG path back to good health and vitality. Within just one week of taking the pre-made Hanna Kroeger Essias (Vitaly Tea), I felt remarkably better. But the good story is my father’s. He’s diabetic (Type 2), and currently caregiver to my sick mother. I bought the Essiac for her, although she only took a little bit of it because her allopath told her not to take supplements while on an experimental drug (can’t mess with research now, can we?). So frustrating! Well, my dad, having grown up in Mexico with a father who used only indigenous medicine, took to it right away. Drank the entire bottle, and has since ordered more. His blood sugar has been great, and I think that combined with really watching his diet, he’s lost 20 pounds! He even sounds calmer and happier (in spite of all he has going on at home) that he did before. He sounds optimistic and open. And he LOVED the flavor, as I do.

    I can’t say enough good things about Essiac. It’s so simple, and gives you so much. I’ve just ordered the powdered Essiac to make my own, thank you! Wish me luck!

    I’m grateful for your lessons, and for all that you share, Joanna. Peace and love to you in beautiful Maine!

    Lauren G

    1. Namaste`Lauren! That is such a great story about your Dad!!! I’m so glad for his success with Essiac. There is so much available to us that is natural, wholesome and powerfully healing. One has to have an openness to be receptive and become aware of what nature has to offer us. Evidently your Dad’s holistic upbringing was able to override the negative programming from the t.v. comericals and the idea in mass consciousness that we can’t help ourselves. You’ve made my day in sharing his story. I long to see many more stories such as yours and his. Viva the Self Care Evolution!

  2. I received an email from a long time friend and fellow healer and teacher regarding her experience with Essiac. She told me she used Essiac to treat her daughter’s “long and terrifying battle with an autoimmune disease and with great success!!!” She said she also takes Essiac periodically for cleansing and preventative purposes. She recommends the company, Herbal Healer, http://www.herbalhealer.com. Check out the recording of the Lord’s prayer sung in Aramaic.

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