Spring Cleaning: Part II

04/27/16 ~ Dear friends I’ve been guided to repost each of the articles that make up the Spring Cleaning series. Please will you forward this information to family, friends, co-workers? If we can avert disease with good Self Health Care that does no harm…then why don’t we? Please bless the life you were given by taking the very best care of it. It’s your body, your life, your responsibility. I encourage you to get feisty about the things that matter most to you. Love and blessings for your perfect health, Joanna Pinney Buell, A Very Fiesty Dowsing Deva in 2016!



This January after a big, beautiful snowfall, I went cross-country skiing on our trails out to Bragdon quarry. On a trip out to Bragdon last winter, David and I discovered a protected spot on the south-facing side of the quarry where the sun beats in. This fall we placed chairs in that spot with the intent that when winter came we’d have a place to pause and rest and make some Vitamin D. I took my skis off, leaned them up against a tree and went down the little incline and made myself comfortable in one of the chairs.  It was lovely–not a trip to Aruba, by any means, but a great little retreat nonetheless.

When it was time to return I struggled a bit getting my skis back on in the deep snow. I got the right one all set, but couldn’t get my left binding to clip. I broke off a twig, and cleaned the ice out. I jammed my toe into it dozens of times. I prayed, “Please, please help me! I do not want to walk a mile back in this deep snow!” That prayer was not to be answered. I left my skis against the tree and slowly headed back the way I had come, sinking in over my knees in places.

I had not gone very far when I experienced tightness in my chest and throat.  My heart was thundering. I began to panic and started to cry. My family has a history of heart disease on my father’s side and ultra high cholesterol levels on my mother’s side. My brother had died in September from a sudden heart attack while mowing the lawn. Then something else kicked in and my prayer was a command that went something like this, “I have not come all this way in my life to die now out here alone in the snow of a heart attack! You get me back home and I don’t want harm of any kind to come to me!”

The physical discomfort subsided. My inner voice said to me, “It’s okay, you can do this. One step at a time. Go slow. You’ve been taking your Circu Flow. You’re going to be okay.” From that point on, there was never a thought of anything, but the next step forward and picking a resting spot ahead of me to strive for. I arrived in our plowed out granite yard, with extreme gratitude and a deep knowing that I’d reached a turning point in my life. I committed to seven days of retreat with the intention of doing some deep soul-searching. Here’s an insight I received during that time that has been developing ever since.

All our efforts towards health in any area, be it physical, in relationships, prosperity–fall short if we do not have a well-developed sense of self honor, self-respect and self-love. Our body is the physical vehicle for God Self to experience God Self’s creations. We cannot truly know the personal self as God Self until we experience it and that experience, we call enlightenment. Until that blessed event, I suggest we recognize our short comings in this area and have intention and faith that we can make gains.

The blocks to self honor and self-love are many and multifaceted. This subject can fill volumes, but who has time to read them? And it’s not necessary. We’re in a time of shift when change is happening at warp speed. While on this morning’s walk, I received guidance to take readers through an exercise with the intention to release the key link in the patterns that block our self-love. I recorded this exercise immediately upon my return. I have all faith that those who hold an intention for change, will receive benefit from this exercise.

And now back to the subject of spring cleaning,  aka spring tonics…

I dowse for David and myself regarding physical energy and remedies about once a quarter.  Circu Flow comes up on a yearly basis for David and so far, twice yearly for me.  Circu Flow is a natural remedy for the health of the circulatory system, created by Hanna Kroeger, a natural healer and modern-day mystic. Circu Flow has wide-ranging beneficial effects running the gamut of conditions related to arterial dysfunction.

Hanna’s Herb Shop has an excellent article showing research on the ingredients in Circu Flow.  When you order Circu Flow they’ll include a booklet Hanna wrote,  Arteriosclerosis and Herbal Chelation.  It’s full of useful information including a section on testing your own arterial health and some testimonials.

Did you know that companies selling natural products are not allowed to use testimonials about their products? As I do not receive funds for telling you about Circu Flow (or anything else I’ve thus far written about), I can share this “report” about Circu Flow with you from Hanna’s booklet under the chapter “Reports”.

“I was scheduled for a bypass operation. I knew that only 1 to 4% of people die on the operation table, so I was not worried about that, and yet, the closer the scheduled date came, the more nervous I became. A friend of mine suggested the cleaning out of the arteries with Our Lord’s Formula (Circu Flow)…one week went by. I felt better.  I could take a deeper breath. I could sleep better. A week went by and I had no more pressure in my chest. Then I postponed the operation for 2 weeks and after 4 weeks I saw my doctor again. We both could not believe it. The arteries around the heart where they wanted to make the bypass were clear.” Walter Brown, IA,

From Arteriosclerosis and Herbal Chelation by Hanna Kroeger

I‘ve read that plaque starts forming in our arteries in our late twenties. Hanna recommended that everyone take Circu Flow at least once a year to spring clean their  arteries. There’s nothing in a bottle that will replace a healthy lifestyle, yet it is obvious to me that our own best efforts often fall short because: 1. We live in a time when we are highly stressed by environmental toxins, as well as emotional stress. 2. We have a lack of self love that translates into not doing what we know we need to do for ourselves.

I don’t know if my having taken Circu Flow circumvented having a heart attack out on the trail this winter. I do know this, when I fall short in the self-love department, the love for my grandchildren and the desire to be here for them for a long time, keeps me inspired enough to keep taking walks, eating well, having a positive attitude and taking Circu Flow until I get the self-love thing down pat!

I look forward to your feed back. You can comment here or email me using the contact form below, thanks.

Blessings on your spring cleaning and don’t forget to

Shine your Light!

Joanna Pinney Buell

P.S. Please see the special offer listed in the right hand column. Unless you dowse or use kinesiology, how will you know which spring tonic is best for you and how to take it? This special offer will take the guess-work out of it for you.

Please read this article first before you view the clip, thank you!







  1. Joanna thank you for sharing such a personal experience

    Ahh – self love – so many of us have had issues in this area. Back in 1978 my English Teacher who I was very close to gave me a scrap book and wrote in it…”Life is our Greatest Gift”. She gave this to me when I was at a very low point in my life and not loving myself or my life. I have held this quote in my heart all these years.

    When I have times (and they are FAR fewer) where I don’t have self love – I am reminded that my Spirit is part of the Divine. How can I not love myself if I am part of something bigger and wonderful! We are all part of it! Taking care of our bodies is like taking care of a “Home” of the Divine. And Spring Cleaning this home can be wonderful!

    I am so very glad your experience did not turn out to be a heart attack this winter!!!

    Many Blessings to you and Namaste`

  2. Namaste` Joanna and Kate!
    Thank you both for sharing. Spring cleaning is the clearning I need to start new habits that are beneficial for me! During the winter I tend to hibernate, read, and gather information. Sometimes, actually using, and putting that information into practice can be challenging. Finding new ways to assist myself physically, and mentally, to “wake up” into Spring, and re-engage myself have often proven difficult. However, I am very pleased that it does not seem to be so this year. As usual, very timely, and to the point.
    Love and blessings!

    1. Namaste`Thea! I read in an astrological report this AM that for astrolgers the new year begins with Spring. It’s a natural for us to hibernate here in Downeast Maine, isn’t it? The bear comes out the cave kind of groggy, takes awhile to get revved up. I’d say you flow quite naturally with the seasons here, Thea and I know that lots has been going on in your bear cave too over this winter (Kate, too). We’re like the leaveless trees. It doesn’t appear like much is happening and in a couple months we’ll see a transformation. We’ll be the transformation. Love and blessings!

  3. Namaste Joanna!

    Thank you for creating an inspired video for us. While I certainly felt a clearing afterward, I have been in a strong, meditative mind ever since I watched it. The last week I’ve felt as if I’ve been pulled in two opposing directions. My mind and energy want to go one way, and another part of me feels feeling stuck in an old place that is no longer familiar to me. I have a lot going on with my family, and this interplay causes me to feel as if I’m “between worlds,” to some extent.

    It’s very easy, at times like this, to put our own needs on hold to sort of muscle through the fire. What your posting reminds me is that we don’t have to put ourselves last. If we give ourselves self love and self care consistently, the strength will be there for us when we most need it.

    You saw this while out skiing. Thank GOD you have the protection and self love you have!

    Dowsing, meditation, right diet, and self love make us more connected to the natural patterns in nature. I am realizing that some of my anxiousness right now is spring coming–the awakening into a new season, like a bird emerging from an egg, or a bear from a cave. I’ve been antsy to start new remedies, a cleanse, or something beneficial to shake off this slumber. The choices are absolutely overwhelming, and so I appreciate your guidance.

    Essiac, as I mentioned last week, has been a wonder for me and my family. I will add Circu Flow to the list.

    What if the strength you found during your skiing trip was generated within you years ago, when you first began taking care of yourself? What if the first step is making the commitment to love and care for ourselves? I think our society is too result-oriented. You write a lot about intention, Joanna, and it seems to me that what really saves us is our intention. All the wonderful herbs and remedies we take help us greatly, but without intention, where would we be?

    I will gladly order the Circu Flow, and I always have Essiac on hand. But your posting has reminded me of one other thing to keep in stock–a clear awareness of my intentions.

    Thank you so much, Joanna, for your constant teaching and your tireless energy to help others. Much love, joy, and freedom to you, and blessings for continual health!

  4. Namaste`Lauren!Thank you so much for another thoughtful sharing! We miss the boat if we only treat physical symptoms and wait for them to manifest. Everything we’re experiencing starts first in the realm of thought. Herbal and vibrational remedies affect us through their frequency, as well as the physical elements that make up the product. Our thoughts have freqency so a high quality natural remedy can affect the way we’re thinking, especially if we have a positive intention. Free will reigns supreme…if we are making choices to think and behave in ways that work against our highest good, the connectivity to what a remedy has to offer, isn’t there. If it worked otherwise, there’d be a very high success rate, if not total success for those who use methods to stop smoking or drinking, for example.

    By the way, I am not tireless by any means. You gave me an excellent subject to write about. I started to do it here in this comment space and saw that I couldn’t give the subject it’s due. Love and blessings, Joanna

  5. Here’s a response I received via email regarding the self love exercise:

    “Thank you so much for the wonderful meditation. Yesterday morning I asked for help with self-esteem, self-love and today I opened your email and read your column with the video attached. I felt the energy pulsing in my upturned palms the moment I sat up straight and put my feet flat on the floor. How fantastic to get the help sent right to my room.”

    Thank you so much for sharing that!

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