Spring Cleaning Part III: Got Junk in your Trunk?

12:01 AM April 28, 2016. This is a repost from the Fiesty Dowsing Deva of 2016. I am going to be so on your case about Self-Health Care…don’t say you weren’t warned. You want good health? Clean out the junk in your trunk, not only in the Spring, but year round. Blessings for smooth going…


Has Spring’s early arrival prompted you to be outside raking your lawn, clearing debris from your gardens, or have you been indoors busy with spring cleaning your home? Ever notice how the basement is the last space to receive a good thorough cleaning?

Do you have Bogies in your Basement? Junk in your Trunk? When we’re talking the human vehicle, the answer is, most likely you do. I am referring to your colon and small intestines, a subject most people know little about, beyond that their diet should include roughage to promote a healthy colon and prevent cancer. Before you continue, if you’re not familiar with the anatomy of the colon and small intestines you can take a quick look here at Mamma’s Health.com .

Here’s a few interesting facts about the intestines:

  • The colon and small intestines, if stretched out to their full length would measure about 25 feet long.
  • The total surface area of our intestines, whose job it is to absorb nutrients, is about the size of a tennis court.

Wow! Doesn’t it make you wonder how all that fits in your belly? Here’s more to consider:

  • The colon and small intestines tend to store a myriad of matter, including partially digested, rotting food remnants, chemicals, metals, and drugs.  Autopsies reveal some distended intestines weighing up to 40 pounds with extremely narrowed channels for elimination.
  • Harmful intestinal bacteria, such as E-coli, Salmonella and Shigella, thrive in the conditions stated above, as do parasites.

Salmonella is easily transferred through our food and water sources. Salmonella bacteria can cause stomach pains shortly after eating and usually affects the upper digestive tract. A large, fast bloom of Salmonella bacteria results in what we commonly know as food poisoning.

We are all familiar with E-coli by now, with outbreaks having become more common and contamination having found its way into our vegetables and fruit. E-coli symptoms are associated with bloating and gas in the lower abdomen several hours after eating.

You may have never heard of Shigella bacteria before, yet it is commonly present in dairy products despite pasteurization.  Dr. Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for all Diseases, advised that we boil all milk products for a count of 10 seconds and not use any dairy products unless they can be heated up. Shigella’s symptoms are similar to that of E-coli.

What passes as stomach flu is often a combination of Salmonella and Shigella bacteria. Have you ever heard, “The stomach flu is going around the whole school?”  It would be interesting to take a look at the school lunch menu and see what was served. For sure, all the students were served milk that would have been much from the same batch. If you ever become sick to your stomach within 48 hours of dining out at a restaurant, you can also assume that one or a combination of these three bacteria are to blame.

A healthy intestinal system will keep detrimental bacteria in check. Keeping our intestines healthy in these times is a tall order given our exposure to environmental toxins and the decreasing quality of our food and water supplies, not to mention the consumption of junk food. Another factor working against healthy intestines is our exposure to antibiotics. Whether we take them or not, antibiotics are in our food and water sources. Healer, Hanna Kroeger taught that antibiotics tend to drive these particular bacterias, further into our system. What can we do?

There’s much we can do to remove the junk from our trunk and drive the bogies out of our basement. The most powerful step you can do right now is to decide to do a bowel cleanse program. If you never experience gas, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomach or abdominal pain, burping, acid reflux…then you may be one of the few who has their intestinal flora in balance. Still, it’s likely that you have a build up of plaque and debris accumulated in your colon. If you experience any gastrointestinal symptoms, it may be that you have a bacterial overgrowth of Salmonella and/or Shigella which can be addressed with the following:

I suggest that you start with the Bowel Cleanse Kit from Hanna’s Herb Shop. This herbal program was developed by maverick, Dr. Hulda Clark, a former student of healer,  Hanna Kroeger.  Dr. Clark taught that Shigella and Salmonella are always underlying any bowel symptoms. If left untreated these bacteria may migrate and colonize a trauma site or weakened organ. Some people will require more than one round of the Bowel Cleanse Kit to eliminate their infection.

In addition to the Bowel Cleanse Kit, you may wish to use this tried and true bowel cleanser, Sonne’s #7 (bentonite clay) and Sonne’s #9 (psyllium husk). In a shaker jar, to at least 8 ounces of pure water, add 1 tablespoon of Sonne’s #7 and 1 teaspoon of psyllium. Shake and drink all at once, immediately. Follow with another 8 ounces or more of water within the hour. It’s beneficial to have this drink once a day, upon arising. This combo will slowly and gently remove plaque from your colon over time. These two products are commonly available at local health food stores.

Another great defense against harmful intestinal bacteria and something I encourage you to add to your program is a probiotic. I recommend ProAlive from Ascended Health Products.  You can get broad spectrum probiotics from eating fermented foods, too. I’ll be writing about that subject in future columns.

Here’s a tool to use in conjunction with a bowel cleanse program. It’s a castor oil pack applied to the stomach. This was a remedy often recommended by Edgar Cayce in his readings. Here’s an instructional video clip:  How to use a Castor Oil Pack .  Castor oil packs also help cleanse the liver and are effective in easing or preventing menstrual cramps.

As you can see, this subject is worthy of volumes. Want to know more? I hope you do. There’s more to promoting a healthy bowel system than doing a yearly cleanse, for sure. I recommend reading the classic book on colon care by Dr. Bernard Jensen, available at Amazon.

Next week I’m going to revisit the subject of water in It’s all about Water, Part II. For the initial piece, please click here. It’s all about Water.


I look forward to your questions and comments. Just click on “comments” at the end of this blog and a box will appear for you to type in. If you prefer, you may email me using the contct form below, thanks.

When you go down to the basement to clean out the bogies, don’t forget to

Shine your Light!


For more articles and for a wonderful place to visit in the Acadia region in Maine please visit Light Heart Retreat. Thank you so much for your referrals to both The Dowsing Deva and to Light Heart Retreat!



  1. This came from my friend Karena to my email box:

    I can vouch for Joanna’s advise because I found myself in the hospital with food poisoning 6 weeks ago. THANKFULLY Joanna to the rescue and I have used all these tonics at her recommendation. Of course the pills the doctors gave me went in the trash and I haven’t felt this good in years!! I’ve lost over 15lbs. and no longer crave sweets. And that is by just adhering to this plan. I continue to see the advantage of de-pesting myself and eating the right foods. Thank-you Joanna!!!” KJ

    Namaste` Karena! That is so AWESOME! It’s not easy to take the first step, is it? It is so amazing that once we decide an action and act on it, how everything falls into place behind that initial first step. Keep deciding that you are worthy of the same wonderful love and care you give to others and you’ll be around to be a grandmother and great granny! Love and blessings, Joanna

  2. This came in an email from Lauren:

    There’s also so much information on the Web, that it’s difficult to swim through it all to find something useful. What I appreciate about your information is that your remedies and solutions are typically things we can make or create for ourselves, such as the cleanse and the castor oil pack. It’s very easy to find all kinds of expensive products that make claims to fix this or that, but you are teaching people to “make” their own solutions.

    You suggested that I take in more of the right type of salt months ago, and what a difference it has made. I was blindly rejecting ALL salt, assuming it was all bad for me. I’ve done the same with sugar. What this has led to is deficiencies that make my blood sugar levels very low at times, and sometimes too quickly jump-started by sugar, salt, or just about anything. I get a “rush” because my body is devouring nutrients.”

    Namaste`Lauren! I’m so psyched to hear of the self care steps and changes you and others are making! These things are really no big deal to do, yet when you make a positive change that replaces a detrimental habit/condition, the impact can be enormous. Every step in your self care builds on the last one. Thanks for always being so willing to share. You’re helping inspire others by your example. Love and blessings, Joanna

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