Be the Master of your own Domain

The barred owl calls “Who cooks for you?” At twilight yesterday I heard is ask, “Who chooses for you?”.

The Dowsing Deva

Be the master of your own domain. These are the words at the top of the  administration page of my WordPress account. How perfect! This is exactly the subject that’s been on my mind over the last few weeks. And I’m not referring to how to tie up domain names related to ones website.

How not to be the Master of your own Domain

We have the answers to almost anything at our fingertips via the internet.   To find The Answer requires good discernment and the ability to choose. Not everyone is able to take that step. If you or your loved one is a procrastinator, you know what I’m talking about. Something has disabled the choose button.

We become overwhelmed by too many choices. Too much of a good thing is still, simply, too much. Do you remember feeling any dissatisfaction with your vanilla kiddy cone because there weren’t…

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