Meet The Dowsing Deva

Joanna Pinney Buell  is from the seacoast of New Hampshire and has been living and loving the good life in Downeast Maine for 20+ years. She has a wealth of 30 years experience in the natural healing arts, yet it is in the broad and deep field of dowsing where she has found her sweet spot.

In addition to offering energy work and clearing through dowsing, as well as more typical applications, Joanna continues to steward Light Heart Retreat in Sullivan, Maine, after the passing of her husband David Buell in Spring of 2015.

Joanna also participates in group projects for the earth with Master Geobiolgist, Richard Benishai. She has been a student of Raymon Grace and Joey Korn. She is so very grateful for the generosity of spirit that each of these three exceptional teachers show towards students and for their dedication to a good future.

However…Joanna did not come to dowsing through any of these fine teachers! Joanna was first called to dowsing from the spiritual realms and trained by the beautiful light being, Hanna Kroeger, who continues to guide her every session.





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