Spring Cleaning, Part One

04/26/16 Dear Friends~ It’s been on my mind to run this post and two others on cleansing again. I just got an email that David’s step mother Shirley has passed on at 98 years old. It’s Shirley who came to mind when I was digging dandelions last week. I recalled digging dandelions with her on the farmhouse lawn in Petersham, MA. and that there was a photo of us cleaning them together on the porch.  Shirley’s key to longevity? Shirley had an open mind, a strong faith in the creator and a willingness to speak up and tell the truth. When I think of her, I see the twinkle in her eye and the smile of the cat that swallowed the canary after, sharing a wry insight into life with me.

May you be an excellent steward of the gift you’ve been given and live long and well, Joanna


How well I remember Spring Cleaning Day in our house! It was amazing what my mother accomplished in about 12 hours time. Late day the house would still be in a state of chaos. By bedtime, everything was back in its place, everything spotless; the energy shift complete. After a late supper of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, we fell asleep to the scent of fresh spring air impressed on bedding which had been line dried. The tradition of spring cleaning is one that has fallen by the wayside in our busy times. There is another tradition of spring cleaning that some of our mothers, our grandmothers and great grandmothers practiced that is all but forgotten, the spring tonic.

Queens of Spring Clean: Joanna & mother, Jane

My family’s spring tonic tradition is to dig dandelion greens and eat them boiled with butter and vinegar, as many feeds as possible before the flowers bloom. My mother and some of my aunts still practice this rite of spring. I really cherish each time I can return to NH and spend some time in a sunny field with an old knife, down on my knees, digging greens. One of my favorite meditations is sitting in the sun, scraping the dead leaves and dirt from a dandelion root and then stirring it into a bucket of clean water with the other greens. After eating dandelion greens for a week or two, I feel lighter, more energized and more JOYFUL!

Are you feeling a little or a lot sluggish? It’s likely that you could benefit from a spring tonic. In this and the next two columns, I’m bringing you information on three tonics that I’ve found to be personally beneficial. The first one may surprise you.

Essiac is not only an alternative, herbal remedy for cancer, it’s a potent blood purifier and builder. Our blood carries our prana, our life force energy. In toning the blood, the body receives a wide array of benefits. I’ve included some links to testimonials describing benefits ranging from cancer cures to curing psoriasis, arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes, hepatitis C, hypothryroidism, Lupus… The more dramatic testimonials are the ones that are going to make it onto the internet . What about results for the generally healthy person that uses Essiac? Personally I have experienced that using Essiac for one month resulted in a high state of vitality. My most recent experience with it, is that it reduced fibroids 90% in one menstrual cycle, returning me to a normal cycle.

For those who are unfamiliar with Essiac, it’s an herbal tea made from Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark and Turkey Rhubarb. The name is Cassie, spelled backwards, named after Rene Cassie, a Canadian nurse who received the recipe from a Native American healer. Cassie dedicated her life to helping patients overcome cancer with Essiac and together with Dr. Charles Brusch, personal physician to President Kennedy, researched the most potent and accessible ways to deliver the formula.

Handing down the Tradition

There is much information available on the internet regarding Essiac. I highly encourage you to explore the links below and explore further on your own. The formula that Rene used until she died, contained four herbs. There is also an eight herb formula that has some excellent testimonials. My dowsing confirms my intuition that the four herb blend is more potent. More is not always better!

You can buy Essiac as a finished liquid product or as tea bags to make a batch. You can purchase the single herbs separately or purchase the herbs all blended. I have researched and found a high quality Essiac blend at an affordable price on-line.

I highly recommend buying the blend and brewing your own Essiac formula for the following reasons:

* It will save you money.
* Your brew will be impressed with the energy of your intentions.
* It’s a powerful act of self-empowerment and may be a vital part of your Self Care Evolution.
* It is highly satisfying to be your own medicine woman or man.

Now, I’ve told you that I’m going to offer up three Spring tonic programs. How do you know which one is for you or if more than one is appropriate, in what order to proceed? If you know how to muscle test or dowse, you can answer these questions and others that may arise regarding how to take the tonic. If you haven’t developed either of these skills, I’m going to come out the bear cave a little earlier than I anticipated to help you with your questions. See my special offer listed on the right hand side of this page under More Info.

Here’s the link for best value on Essiac blend, for making it yourself.

If you prefer it all bottled and ready to go, you can get it by this name, Vitaly-Tea.

Here are some Essiac testimonials:

Essiac Europe

Affordable Essiac Tea

8-Herb Essiac


This is an excellent link for a general overview of Essiac information and testimonials, too.

Do any readers have an Essiac experience to share? Do you have a spring cleaning or spring tonic story? I look forward to reading your comments and thank you in advance for sharing them. Remember, if you’re shy, you can sign with a nick name. If you prefer you may contact me via email see contact form below, thanks.

Coming next Monday, a tonic initially named, “The Lords Blessed Formula” by its orignator, Hanna Kroeger.

Blessings for your spring cleaning and remember to

Shine your Light!

Joanna Cleaning Dandelions with Shirley Buell


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Be the Master of your own Domain

The barred owl calls “Who cooks for you?” At twilight yesterday I heard is ask, “Who chooses for you?”.

The Dowsing Deva

Be the master of your own domain. These are the words at the top of the  administration page of my WordPress account. How perfect! This is exactly the subject that’s been on my mind over the last few weeks. And I’m not referring to how to tie up domain names related to ones website.

How not to be the Master of your own Domain

We have the answers to almost anything at our fingertips via the internet.   To find The Answer requires good discernment and the ability to choose. Not everyone is able to take that step. If you or your loved one is a procrastinator, you know what I’m talking about. Something has disabled the choose button.

We become overwhelmed by too many choices. Too much of a good thing is still, simply, too much. Do you remember feeling any dissatisfaction with your vanilla kiddy cone because there weren’t…

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Spring Cleaning Part III: Got Junk in your Trunk?

12:01 AM April 28, 2016. This is a repost from the Fiesty Dowsing Deva of 2016. I am going to be so on your case about Self-Health Care…don’t say you weren’t warned. You want good health? Clean out the junk in your trunk, not only in the Spring, but year round. Blessings for smooth going…


Has Spring’s early arrival prompted you to be outside raking your lawn, clearing debris from your gardens, or have you been indoors busy with spring cleaning your home? Ever notice how the basement is the last space to receive a good thorough cleaning?

Do you have Bogies in your Basement? Junk in your Trunk? When we’re talking the human vehicle, the answer is, most likely you do. I am referring to your colon and small intestines, a subject most people know little about, beyond that their diet should include roughage to promote a healthy colon and prevent cancer. Before you continue, if you’re not familiar with the anatomy of the colon and small intestines you can take a quick look here at Mamma’s Health.com .

Here’s a few interesting facts about the intestines:

  • The colon and small intestines, if stretched out to their full length would measure about 25 feet long.
  • The total surface area of our intestines, whose job it is to absorb nutrients, is about the size of a tennis court.

Wow! Doesn’t it make you wonder how all that fits in your belly? Here’s more to consider:

  • The colon and small intestines tend to store a myriad of matter, including partially digested, rotting food remnants, chemicals, metals, and drugs.  Autopsies reveal some distended intestines weighing up to 40 pounds with extremely narrowed channels for elimination.
  • Harmful intestinal bacteria, such as E-coli, Salmonella and Shigella, thrive in the conditions stated above, as do parasites.

Salmonella is easily transferred through our food and water sources. Salmonella bacteria can cause stomach pains shortly after eating and usually affects the upper digestive tract. A large, fast bloom of Salmonella bacteria results in what we commonly know as food poisoning.

We are all familiar with E-coli by now, with outbreaks having become more common and contamination having found its way into our vegetables and fruit. E-coli symptoms are associated with bloating and gas in the lower abdomen several hours after eating.

You may have never heard of Shigella bacteria before, yet it is commonly present in dairy products despite pasteurization.  Dr. Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for all Diseases, advised that we boil all milk products for a count of 10 seconds and not use any dairy products unless they can be heated up. Shigella’s symptoms are similar to that of E-coli.

What passes as stomach flu is often a combination of Salmonella and Shigella bacteria. Have you ever heard, “The stomach flu is going around the whole school?”  It would be interesting to take a look at the school lunch menu and see what was served. For sure, all the students were served milk that would have been much from the same batch. If you ever become sick to your stomach within 48 hours of dining out at a restaurant, you can also assume that one or a combination of these three bacteria are to blame.

A healthy intestinal system will keep detrimental bacteria in check. Keeping our intestines healthy in these times is a tall order given our exposure to environmental toxins and the decreasing quality of our food and water supplies, not to mention the consumption of junk food. Another factor working against healthy intestines is our exposure to antibiotics. Whether we take them or not, antibiotics are in our food and water sources. Healer, Hanna Kroeger taught that antibiotics tend to drive these particular bacterias, further into our system. What can we do?

There’s much we can do to remove the junk from our trunk and drive the bogies out of our basement. The most powerful step you can do right now is to decide to do a bowel cleanse program. If you never experience gas, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomach or abdominal pain, burping, acid reflux…then you may be one of the few who has their intestinal flora in balance. Still, it’s likely that you have a build up of plaque and debris accumulated in your colon. If you experience any gastrointestinal symptoms, it may be that you have a bacterial overgrowth of Salmonella and/or Shigella which can be addressed with the following:

I suggest that you start with the Bowel Cleanse Kit from Hanna’s Herb Shop. This herbal program was developed by maverick, Dr. Hulda Clark, a former student of healer,  Hanna Kroeger.  Dr. Clark taught that Shigella and Salmonella are always underlying any bowel symptoms. If left untreated these bacteria may migrate and colonize a trauma site or weakened organ. Some people will require more than one round of the Bowel Cleanse Kit to eliminate their infection.

In addition to the Bowel Cleanse Kit, you may wish to use this tried and true bowel cleanser, Sonne’s #7 (bentonite clay) and Sonne’s #9 (psyllium husk). In a shaker jar, to at least 8 ounces of pure water, add 1 tablespoon of Sonne’s #7 and 1 teaspoon of psyllium. Shake and drink all at once, immediately. Follow with another 8 ounces or more of water within the hour. It’s beneficial to have this drink once a day, upon arising. This combo will slowly and gently remove plaque from your colon over time. These two products are commonly available at local health food stores.

Another great defense against harmful intestinal bacteria and something I encourage you to add to your program is a probiotic. I recommend ProAlive from Ascended Health Products.  You can get broad spectrum probiotics from eating fermented foods, too. I’ll be writing about that subject in future columns.

Here’s a tool to use in conjunction with a bowel cleanse program. It’s a castor oil pack applied to the stomach. This was a remedy often recommended by Edgar Cayce in his readings. Here’s an instructional video clip:  How to use a Castor Oil Pack .  Castor oil packs also help cleanse the liver and are effective in easing or preventing menstrual cramps.

As you can see, this subject is worthy of volumes. Want to know more? I hope you do. There’s more to promoting a healthy bowel system than doing a yearly cleanse, for sure. I recommend reading the classic book on colon care by Dr. Bernard Jensen, available at Amazon.

Next week I’m going to revisit the subject of water in It’s all about Water, Part II. For the initial piece, please click here. It’s all about Water.


I look forward to your questions and comments. Just click on “comments” at the end of this blog and a box will appear for you to type in. If you prefer, you may email me using the contct form below, thanks.

When you go down to the basement to clean out the bogies, don’t forget to

Shine your Light!


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Spring Cleaning: Part II

04/27/16 ~ Dear friends I’ve been guided to repost each of the articles that make up the Spring Cleaning series. Please will you forward this information to family, friends, co-workers? If we can avert disease with good Self Health Care that does no harm…then why don’t we? Please bless the life you were given by taking the very best care of it. It’s your body, your life, your responsibility. I encourage you to get feisty about the things that matter most to you. Love and blessings for your perfect health, Joanna Pinney Buell, A Very Fiesty Dowsing Deva in 2016!



This January after a big, beautiful snowfall, I went cross-country skiing on our trails out to Bragdon quarry. On a trip out to Bragdon last winter, David and I discovered a protected spot on the south-facing side of the quarry where the sun beats in. This fall we placed chairs in that spot with the intent that when winter came we’d have a place to pause and rest and make some Vitamin D. I took my skis off, leaned them up against a tree and went down the little incline and made myself comfortable in one of the chairs.  It was lovely–not a trip to Aruba, by any means, but a great little retreat nonetheless.

When it was time to return I struggled a bit getting my skis back on in the deep snow. I got the right one all set, but couldn’t get my left binding to clip. I broke off a twig, and cleaned the ice out. I jammed my toe into it dozens of times. I prayed, “Please, please help me! I do not want to walk a mile back in this deep snow!” That prayer was not to be answered. I left my skis against the tree and slowly headed back the way I had come, sinking in over my knees in places.

I had not gone very far when I experienced tightness in my chest and throat.  My heart was thundering. I began to panic and started to cry. My family has a history of heart disease on my father’s side and ultra high cholesterol levels on my mother’s side. My brother had died in September from a sudden heart attack while mowing the lawn. Then something else kicked in and my prayer was a command that went something like this, “I have not come all this way in my life to die now out here alone in the snow of a heart attack! You get me back home and I don’t want harm of any kind to come to me!”

The physical discomfort subsided. My inner voice said to me, “It’s okay, you can do this. One step at a time. Go slow. You’ve been taking your Circu Flow. You’re going to be okay.” From that point on, there was never a thought of anything, but the next step forward and picking a resting spot ahead of me to strive for. I arrived in our plowed out granite yard, with extreme gratitude and a deep knowing that I’d reached a turning point in my life. I committed to seven days of retreat with the intention of doing some deep soul-searching. Here’s an insight I received during that time that has been developing ever since.

All our efforts towards health in any area, be it physical, in relationships, prosperity–fall short if we do not have a well-developed sense of self honor, self-respect and self-love. Our body is the physical vehicle for God Self to experience God Self’s creations. We cannot truly know the personal self as God Self until we experience it and that experience, we call enlightenment. Until that blessed event, I suggest we recognize our short comings in this area and have intention and faith that we can make gains.

The blocks to self honor and self-love are many and multifaceted. This subject can fill volumes, but who has time to read them? And it’s not necessary. We’re in a time of shift when change is happening at warp speed. While on this morning’s walk, I received guidance to take readers through an exercise with the intention to release the key link in the patterns that block our self-love. I recorded this exercise immediately upon my return. I have all faith that those who hold an intention for change, will receive benefit from this exercise.

And now back to the subject of spring cleaning,  aka spring tonics…

I dowse for David and myself regarding physical energy and remedies about once a quarter.  Circu Flow comes up on a yearly basis for David and so far, twice yearly for me.  Circu Flow is a natural remedy for the health of the circulatory system, created by Hanna Kroeger, a natural healer and modern-day mystic. Circu Flow has wide-ranging beneficial effects running the gamut of conditions related to arterial dysfunction.

Hanna’s Herb Shop has an excellent article showing research on the ingredients in Circu Flow.  When you order Circu Flow they’ll include a booklet Hanna wrote,  Arteriosclerosis and Herbal Chelation.  It’s full of useful information including a section on testing your own arterial health and some testimonials.

Did you know that companies selling natural products are not allowed to use testimonials about their products? As I do not receive funds for telling you about Circu Flow (or anything else I’ve thus far written about), I can share this “report” about Circu Flow with you from Hanna’s booklet under the chapter “Reports”.

“I was scheduled for a bypass operation. I knew that only 1 to 4% of people die on the operation table, so I was not worried about that, and yet, the closer the scheduled date came, the more nervous I became. A friend of mine suggested the cleaning out of the arteries with Our Lord’s Formula (Circu Flow)…one week went by. I felt better.  I could take a deeper breath. I could sleep better. A week went by and I had no more pressure in my chest. Then I postponed the operation for 2 weeks and after 4 weeks I saw my doctor again. We both could not believe it. The arteries around the heart where they wanted to make the bypass were clear.” Walter Brown, IA,

From Arteriosclerosis and Herbal Chelation by Hanna Kroeger

I‘ve read that plaque starts forming in our arteries in our late twenties. Hanna recommended that everyone take Circu Flow at least once a year to spring clean their  arteries. There’s nothing in a bottle that will replace a healthy lifestyle, yet it is obvious to me that our own best efforts often fall short because: 1. We live in a time when we are highly stressed by environmental toxins, as well as emotional stress. 2. We have a lack of self love that translates into not doing what we know we need to do for ourselves.

I don’t know if my having taken Circu Flow circumvented having a heart attack out on the trail this winter. I do know this, when I fall short in the self-love department, the love for my grandchildren and the desire to be here for them for a long time, keeps me inspired enough to keep taking walks, eating well, having a positive attitude and taking Circu Flow until I get the self-love thing down pat!

I look forward to your feed back. You can comment here or email me using the contact form below, thanks.

Blessings on your spring cleaning and don’t forget to

Shine your Light!

Joanna Pinney Buell

P.S. Please see the special offer listed in the right hand column. Unless you dowse or use kinesiology, how will you know which spring tonic is best for you and how to take it? This special offer will take the guess-work out of it for you.

Please read this article first before you view the clip, thank you!





Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Our special offer to have a most wonderful meal awaiting you at the Huckleberry Hideaway is back. Rather than reinvent the wheel I’ve edited this post. Please see our Special Offers page too. Looking forward to serving you up one of the most memorable experiences you’ve ever had to date. Love and blessings for peace, freedom & joy! Joanna

Overcome Inertia Now!

This morning I awakened with a smile on my face, free of the inertia that had plagued me over the last four weeks.

Freedom and especially freedom of movement, don’t we all love it?

How did I surmount the inertia? I didn’t win the lottery.  I didn’t lose ten pounds. I didn’t hire a maid, a cook, a bookkeeper. I didn’t go shopping.

I changed my thinking.  On one hand I accepted that I have responsibilities that are mine to fulfill at this time. On the other hand I acknowledged that meeting those responsibilities requires that I have the energy to do them. Pushing through doesn’t work when you’re sputtering along at the bottom of your reserve tank.

I made a decision. I decided that I could give myself what my soul has been craving….outdoor exercise, solitude, a quiet evening with a spiritual page turner, a return to yoga practice.

 I stopped thinking, I’ll go outside when I get caught up with my work.

The inner thoughts that are not life supporting, that beat us up and put us down, those my dear friends are what are called in dowsing circles,  negative thought forms.

All thoughts do not originate within us. We live in a soup of thought and any thought given enough energy becomes a thought form and thought forms have power to act upon us. 

Positive thought forms are one way that beneficent light beings help and guide us on our good path. Prayer is one very powerful thought form!

Business and government use a barrage of negative thought forms to get us to buy or buy into something that’s:

  • Not good for us.
  • That we really don’t want.
  • That we really don’t need.

It’s called advertising and putting a spin on the truth. 

Monitoring our thought is a full-time job, especially with all the technology designed to hook our attention. There’s never been a time when it’s so difficult to think for oneself.

If you want to bust through the inertia, if you want to precipitate the positive thought forms into materialization, if you want to experience freedom of movement, you must become a thought police.

How exactly did I overcome the inertia I was experiencing? I decided to take a working retreat at our Huckleberry Hideaway cottage.  This overcame my negative thought form, I’ll take care of my own needs when all the work get’s done and created the space to move forward.

It’s amazing how much work one can accomplish in two or three hours of uninterrupted time that is dedicated to a specific task. NO MULTI-TASKING ALLOWED!  Then there’s time to do the things that recharge you, so you can return to being the Ever Ready Bunny again, if you want to.

My hope and intention is that I’ve got you started on noticing and questioning your thoughts. Beware– it’s going to be very tempting to police the one you live with first 🙂


The Barred Owl calls, “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you now?

The answer is “Joanna, that’s whooooo!” See Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

© Joanna Pinney Buell, The Dowsing Deva, 2012-2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Joanna Pinney Buell and The Dowsing Deva with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  All content in this site is for informational purposes and does not constitute or replace any necessary medical treatment. Readers are encouraged to consult the best holistic doctor they can find.

For Harmony in the Family Home

I want to teach you a skill. It is so simple that you may not conceive of the power in it when you read about it. If you will use it, practice it and act upon what you learn from it, you will be empowered to make changes that will better your life and the life of your family.

But first, here’s a story I read in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends Schooling Letter upon opening up the publication at random.

A mother noted that her young son’s behavior had become quite cool towards her at the very least and had become mildly aggressive. This was quite out of character for him.  She noticed that he spent time engrossed in looking at trading cards created from an animated version of Star Wars. When she glanced over at the cards she saw that his face was mimicking the aggression on the cartoon character’s face.

A few days later, after a visit with his godfather, her son came home with a new thick stack of these cards. The mother felt that it was time to take a closer look at the cards. What she saw and felt made her shudder.  “And in this exact moment I knew in every fiber of my being that these cards should not be allowed in our home for even one second more.”

She discussed her feelings about the cards with her son after asking him what he got from trading them. He said they were “cool.” When he spoke there was none of his usual radiance in his eyes, just coldness.

When she tore up the cards, her son who had never shown any violent behavior before, started shouting, swearing and grabbed his mother and began hitting her before he shut himself up in his room.

The mother immediately sat down and did a process similar to prayer, meditation- petition for help, called Einstellen.  A calmness came over her.

In 15 minutes time her son came out of his room and apologized saying, “Thank you, Mom.  These cards made me feel so strange.  I didn’t want to be like that, but I couldn’t be any different.  You did the right thing by throwing them away.” He then behaved normally, as he had before receiving the cards.

The next day, when his mother went to pick him up from an after school program, he had locked himself in the bathroom. Again the mother experienced behavior from him that she did not recognize as his.  He had a big stack of the trading cards in his hands that a friend had given him.  When they got home, they did Einstellen together. Her guidance was to start him trading in World Wildlife Federation cards.

What happened next is so telling. Every one of his friends starting trading in the World Wildlife Federation cards, too. The Good will win out, given half a chance.

I have many of my own stories to share along these lines. I am relentless at rooting out sources of detrimental energy and being rid of the item and/ or clearing the energy. Here is something I’ve been sitting on waiting for the right timing to share it.

In the space of a couple of days this past summer I dealt with the skull and cross-bones symbol and its deleterious effects on our grandson and his friend. My grandson came to visit with a gray sweatshirt with a big skull and cross-bones over the chest. He’d needed a nap the first two days he visited with us. When I saw him with the sweatshirt on, my radar sounded.  I dowsed on the effect that the sweatshirt was having on him (below zero) and the frequency (which was the frequency of death). I was not surprised at these dowsing results, this being the world-wide symbol for poison. Like the mother wanting to protect her son from the energy of the trading cards, I had quite a strong and decisive response.  I explained to my grandson that I was going to have David burn it, that I would buy him another sweat shirt. He didn’t need any more naps after that and even beat his older brother out the door before 7 AM to go fishing.

Our friend’s daughter is in between these two grandson’s ages. They’ve developed a friendship over the last few summers here and are quite excitable when they reunite (that’s putting it mildly). When she arrived for this most anticipated visit, she was not her perky, talkative, self.  She hardly had enough energy to sit upright. The boys could not roust her out of her down mood.

The next day I found her hoodie jacket that she’d left behind. It was black with a small print on it, white skull and crossbones with little red roses in between them! I contacted her mother about it and she’d been looking for that shirt so she could dispose of it. It had been a gift from an aunt. That sweatshirt went on the campfire with her mother’s full blessing!

When I went to buy a replacement sweatshirt for our grandson, I was horrified to see that the skull and cross-bones was not only in boy’s and girl’s sizes, but on toddler shirts. Upon my next visit to the store I spotted it on newborn clothing. I wrote to the buyer of kids clothes at this local Maine discount chain store about this. She wouldn’t give me the suppliers name and she said they would continue to carry this symbol, according to her, popularized by the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. I have since spotted black sleepers and bathrobes with big skull and crossbones in baby and children’s sizes.

Here’s why stuff such as this should concern you. Everything is energy and everything has a frequency signature. Energy is oh so easily, imprinted upon matter. The energy and frequency that enhances life makes us strong when we’re exposed to it. An energy and frequency that vibrates at disease or death will weaken our energy field.

When bad, violent, aberrant behavior results in tragedy, our response is to think it comes out of nowhere.  It doesn’t. There are forces at work in this world in industries that are selling violence and death to not only adult consumers, but to our children. It’s become so insidious that people have become desensitized to what should be obvious and hopefully will become so to you when you are done reading this.

The skill I’m going to teach you is going to help you protect yourself, your children and your home from forces that would have a detrimental effect on your energy and which could result in a sick mind, body and spirit–and violent behavior.

Here’s the skill.  Pick an item you suspect that may have a detrimental effect on your energy.  Pick an item that you know makes you feel good in a wholesome way, like the photo of someone you love. Stand up straight, feet comfortably together, with one item at a time placed over your solar plexus. An energy that is neutral or life enhancing will allow you to stay standing straight up. A detrimental force will throw off your balance to the side, forwards or backwards. You are using your own body as a dowsing tool. We could also say that you are practicing a simple form of kinesiology (muscle testing).

I suggest you collect an array of items: supplements, food stuffs, magazines, games, music CD’s and put them in identical brown paper bags. Close up the bags. Have someone else number the bags without having looked inside.  Have another person mix the order up and then line them up on a table. Make a list down of the numbers in the order they ended up in. Across the top of the page put the names of those who are participating in this test. Take turns being score keeper for each other.

One person at a time does the test, either holding the bag to the solar plexus or alternatively focusing upon one bag at a time.  A plus is recorded when one held their stance. A minus sign indicates one lost balance when connected with the test energy. In between tests I suggest you use a sweeping motion with both hands to disconnect from the previous test subject. Also, being adequately hydrated is necessary for accurate readings.

The ways you can use this simple technique are endless. David just got himself a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I had him hold it to his solar plexus. He couldn’t keep his balance. He said, “But it just felt good to weave…” You guessed it, he’s eating the ice cream.

You and your family can have fun with this, while you develop a clear discernment for what’s in your home and how it affects family members. It’s my sincere hope that together you will make changes that will bring about a healthier, happier home.

If you’d like to learn how to get yes/no answers from muscle testing I have a lesson and video demonstration here.

I look forward to hearing of your experiences with this technique and the changes you observe in having removed detrimental sources of energy from the family home.

This seems like a good time to share again with you what Confucius said:

If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the family home.

If there is harmony in the family home,
there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.

I welcome your comments below. Thank you!

Blessings for your righteousness, beauty, harmony, order and peace in 2013,


To Show us the Way

Life is more, much more than meets the eye, and so is death.  On the day we are born, the day of our physical death is already written in time.

Prior to our incarnation we will have had many meetings with our spiritual family planning out the potentials for our next incarnation. Some souls have made agreements to live upon and leave the planet in such a way as to cause a leavening of human consciousness.

Who has made a difference on this planet?  Jesus, Gandhi, and with the showing of the recent movie, does Abraham Lincoln come to mind?

What about those who lost their lives on September 11th?  In the midst of our narcissism, our materialism and our separatism, we were delivered into an awakening of what we cherish most– life and love. And life was a little kinder, more gentle, closer to God for a while, wasn’t it? The lives of those lost made a difference.

Last Friday, December 14, 2012, we were brought to our knees in shock and grief by the horrible loss of lives of grade school children and their stewards in Newton, CT. On the other side of the world the Chinese were experiencing tragedy as 22 children and one adult were brutally slashed in an elementary school.

In God's Hands

In God’s Hands

“Why?” we ask, the world around. “Why, why, why?” we cry out in grief and anger as senseless acts of violence are committed against the most innocent.

On this side of the veil, these souls were innocent children. On the other side of the veil, they are spiritual warriors, heroes who dared to be born on to a planet that has gone just about as far away from God as it can go. Each soul knew the potential for the way his/her life could end before being born. They knew the potential for good that could come out of their sacrifice AND the sacrifice that would be made by all those who would love them and lose them.

It is not God who makes bad things happen. God allows us free will and as a result of ignorance and outright abuse of this gift, we experience pain and suffering at the wrong use of will.

Why did these children have to die?

They died to show us The Way, the way of Light and Love.

They stand in excellent company.




Cherish the Little Old Souls

Cherishing an Old Soul

Blessing for the Children

This morning at breakfast my husband, David, myself, and a friend were talking about the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st.

I said, “I have the feeling something is going to happen that will bring people to their knees and will open their hearts.”

Driving home from Bangor David drew my attention to the sky. The west was filled with beams of light in the shape of an angel and the sun shown through the clouds in the shape of a halo. It reminded of a drawing I’d seen of September 11th with the souls being lifted up into the arms of Jesus.

Then I turned on the radio and we heard the breaking news of a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

How best to respond to such horrific loss?  First to let our hearts break open wide and the feelings flow and then to get down on our knees and pray. I did so, kneeling in the standing stone circle at our home, Light Heart Retreat:

Beloved Jesus the Christ,

I know you have the little ones and their teacher in your care. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please bless their families, their friends, their community to be free of the imprint of this terrible trauma.

Let all who grieve, mourn freely, deeply, and completely.

Please help us keep our hearts open. Please keep us out of fear.

Let our righteous anger be directed to purpose that results in positive change

to keep our children safe from harm,

that will raise our children to be respectful of all life.

Please help us forgive, as you taught us, “for they know not what they do.”

Please help us create a society that honors life over the liberty to bear arms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So be it. And so it is.

A Blessing for your Children

Last night a friend and guest of Light Heart Retreat emailed me asking for help with her teenage daughter who is causing her concern. I said a blessing for the child and suggested that her mother say this or something along these lines through out the day:

God please bless and energize my child  to be in balance and harmony, body, mind, soul and spirit.

Please bless my child to make healthy choices.

Please protect my child from harm.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

This is a time for prayer, for mourning, for quiet contemplation of what, why and how such a thing could happen in a classroom of kindergarten children.

The time to put our prayers and what we discovered in our quiet contemplation into action is for later.

The standing stone circle at Light Heart Retreat has been a place of solace, of guidance, of healing for ourselves and guests. Some have found the power of healing in a photo of the stones. I share this photo taken yesterday with you in the hope that you may be blessed with the strength, courage, inner calm and compassion to keep your heart open in these very challenging times we live in.