What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a tradition as ancient as the bible. In the 23rd Psalm, the rod referred to is a dowsing rod. Animals have the natural ability to locate water and so did we. As our ability to reason and think developed, our senses diminished. How did anyone know to use a tool to find water? No doubt it was through Divine guidance, likely given through a dream, hence the original name for dowsing, which is divining.

Modern day dowsing has many, varied applications. Here are a few:

~To locate a well.
~To locate mineral deposits.
~To locate lost items or people.
~To neutralize detrimental effects of geopathic stresses such as fault lines, underground water lines.
~To communicate with the spirit world.
~To clear people, places and objects of detrimental energy patterns.
~As a method to clear people, places and objects of what may be referred to as entities or demonic forces.
~To increase or decrease energy.
~To evaluate health, identify energy imbalances and discern the appropriate treatments.
~To overcome detrimental habits and addictions.
~For help with the myriad of decisions that we need to address everyday.
~To identify and locate detrimental events in past lifetimes and bring the detrimental energies into positive energy for the person(s), place and the event. To also remove the detrimental energies from nature…from the water, the stone, the soil etc. This is called Akashic Clearing.

Dowsing allows us to tap into the total field of consciousness known by various names such as the Akashic records, the Field, God consciousness, mass consciousness…We can access what we need to know if we know how to ask for it.

Can anyone dowse? Theoretically, yes. It takes much practice to develop the skill of wording your question. One must truly desire to know only the truth, if they are to be successful in dowsing. So the quality of non-detachment must be developed, too. Specific and specialized areas of dowsing have a body of knowledge, methods and protocols that must be learned. A beginner dowser will experience much fun and success with starting out with dowsing on the stuff of everyday life, like picking out a ripe melon at the supermarket, discerning which supplements to take and how to take them; where to go on vacation. The applications are endless.


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Overcome Inertia Now!

This morning I awakened with a smile on my face, free of the inertia that had plagued me over the last four weeks.

Freedom and especially freedom of movement, don’t we all love it?

How did I surmount the inertia? I didn’t win the lottery.  I didn’t lose ten pounds. I didn’t hire a maid, a cook, a bookkeeper. I didn’t go shopping.

I changed my thinking.  On one hand I accepted that I have responsibilities that are mine to fulfill at this time. On the other hand I acknowledged that meeting those responsibilities requires that I have the energy to do them. Pushing through doesn’t work when you’re sputtering along at the bottom of your reserve tank.

I made a decision. I decided that I could give myself what my soul has been craving….outdoor exercise, solitude, a quiet evening with a spiritual page turner, a return to yoga practice.

 I stopped thinking, I’ll go outside when I get caught up with my work.

The inner thoughts that are not life supporting, that beat us up and put us down, those my dear friends are what are called in dowsing circles,  negative thought forms.

All thoughts do not originate within us. We live in a soup of thought and any thought given enough energy becomes a thought form and thought forms have power to act upon us. 

Positive thought forms are one way that beneficent light beings help and guide us on our good path. Prayer is one very powerful thought form!

Business and government use a barrage of negative thought forms to get us to buy or buy into something that’s:

  • Not good for us.
  • That we really don’t want.
  • That we really don’t need.

It’s called advertising and putting a spin on the truth. 

Monitoring our thought is a full-time job, especially with all the technology designed to hook our attention. There’s never been a time when it’s so difficult to think for oneself.

If you want to bust through the inertia, if you want to precipitate the positive thought forms into materialization, if you want to experience freedom of movement, you must become a thought police.

How exactly did I overcome the inertia I was experiencing? I decided to take a working retreat at our Huckleberry Hideaway cottage.  This overcame my negative thought form, I’ll take care of my own needs when all the work get’s done and created the space to move forward.

It’s amazing how much work one can accomplish in two or three hours of uninterrupted time that is dedicated to a specific task. NO MULTI-TASKING ALLOWED!  Then there’s time to do the things that recharge you, so you can return to being the Ever Ready Bunny again, if you want to.

My hope and intention is that I’ve got you started on noticing and questioning your thoughts. Beware– it’s going to be very tempting to police the one you live with first 🙂


© Joanna Pinney Buell, The Dowsing Deva, 2012-2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Joanna Pinney Buell and The Dowsing Deva with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  All content in this site is for informational purposes and does not constitute or replace any necessary medical treatment. Readers are encouraged to consult the best holistic doctor they can find.

Be Still…and Find your Gold

Be Still thy Soul

Music and lyrics by Bradfield, vocal by Anael. Photos of Light Heart Retreat by Joanna Pinney Buell

Be Still thy Soul

Be still thy soul

Relinquish this hold

Make thee again whole

Be still thy mind

Let thee unwind

And seek out a shrine.

Harvest the gold

That’s planted around you

Strand by strand

You’ll be somewhat more certain

Carve out your role

And reach for the heavens

All you can dream

What you can be

Know that the sky will deliver.

Bestir thy heart

With journeys afar

And rivers of stars

Bestow thy love

On all that ye touch

On all that ye may.

Hence, let it be told

That rhyme will be reason

Paint your world

With shades that will uplift you

And break, break from the mold

Shake off the illusions

Never again lost in dismay

All that you need is within you.

Be still thy soul

And fix on the goal

Thy tale will be told

Be still thy mind

Make thee one

With the source of life.

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Be the Master of your own Domain

Be the master of your own domain. These are the words at the top of the  administration page of my WordPress account. How perfect! This is exactly the subject that’s been on my mind over the last few weeks. And I’m not referring to how to tie up domain names related to ones website.

How not to be the Master of your own Domain

We have the answers to almost anything at our fingertips via the internet.   To find The Answer requires good discernment and the ability to choose. Not everyone is able to take that step. If you or your loved one is a procrastinator, you know what I’m talking about. Something has disabled the choose button.

We become overwhelmed by too many choices. Too much of a good thing is still, simply, too much. Do you remember feeling any dissatisfaction with your vanilla kiddy cone because there weren’t 120 flavors to choose from?

The belief system that one can’t make the perfect choice the first time, that there’s always something better, that one needs more choices, more to attain– it’s insidious!  Like viruses in the new age, this pattern of too much can very cleverly disguise itself. One finds it in the new age community with its workshop junkies and in academia with the need for multiple degrees in different areas of specialization. I believe this is called a professional student. I have not been immune to falling into these traps. I did a combo stint as a Professional Student of the New Age/Workshop Junkie–no degrees given, just the receipts.

How to Become the Master of your Own Domain

The second most powerful choice we ever make is the one that comes from discernment. Good discernment is achieved through observation, experience and practice. You have to be willing to make choices and learn from them in order to cultivate discernment.

The number one most powerful choice we can make is the toughest one to make! It comes from listening to your intuition and then following your inner guidance. This is difficult because this guidance will not make particular sense to you, nor will it be comfortable for you to act upon. It will not be the choice anyone would choose for you. You most definitely risk appearing the fool.

Yet we all revere this way of choosing above all else.

We call it, following the heart.

And so dear friends, I encourage you to be the master of your own domain and to courageously follow your heart forever and in all ways.

Resonance: Our Saving Grace?

We have a tradition in my family. Joanna bakes rhubarb pies for May Day, Mother’s Day and for my father’s birthday which falls on May 11th. As my parents live in southern New Hampshire and I now live in Downeast Maine, I have to pass on either May Day or Mother’s Day, as I would not do the drive back-to-back.

Rhubarb doesn’t like a cold, wet spring, anymore than we do. The last time I looked at mine it was just leafing out. When David had errands to do yesterday I asked him to bring me back some rhubarb. Today David shared with me that the rhubarb was very dear, being from Belgium at $3.95 a pound.

I couldn’t help myself. I jumped up and down; had a little hissy fit. It wasn’t the price. I would pay anything so that I could bake at least one pie for my parents. It was the knowing that rhubarb is abundant in New England and the rhubarb in Hannaford’s had come from Belgium. After my fuming, I didn’t go any further on the subject. I know better than to try to make sense out of insanity.

I did not have enough rhubarb to make the number of pies I had planned on. I took my paring knife and went out to our rhubarb patch with high hopes that it was further along in growth. At a glance it was only about 5 inches high with smallish leaves. When I bent down for a closer look, I could see that I could cut perhaps enough for one pie. I thanked the plant with every stalk I took.

I had washed the honking big Belgian rhubarb first. I had plans to dowse on it to remove anything that didn’t belong in it and ask the spirit of the rhubarb plant to come back into it. (Yes–it might have been easier to raise Lazarus from the dead then to revive the rhubarb’s energy with dowsing) I washed the petite rhubarb stalks from our garden and laid it down beside the Belgian. Then I dowsed on the energy of our rhubarb. It was 79,000, which is the energy of our land, so I was not surprised. Then I checked the energy of the Belgian rhubarb. It was 55,000.

Rhubarb from Belgium and our First Pickings

 “What?” I asked aloud. This was a very high reading. 20,000 would be passing. I had not expected this. Hmmm…I asked, “What was the energy of the rhubarb before I put my own rhubarb down beside it?”  The answer was 3,000.

So what happened? Resonance. The Belgian rhubarb resonated upwards to the energy of the rhubarb grown here at Light Heart Retreat.

If a food stuff that has been cut and shipped across the Atlantic from Belgium to Maine increases its energy by resonance with a healthy specimen, what implications does that have for our own ability to naturally resonate upwards to a higher source of energy?

Have you ever been in a cathedral and felt uplifted by the sheer energy regardless of whether or not you are particularly religious?

How do you feel when you enter a funeral parlor?

How do you feel when you see a photo of the Dalai Lama?

How do you feel when you hear or read the name, Osama bin Laden?

Everything is energy. The news coming over the television is energy. What we read has an energy. The conversations we engage in carry an energy…

Got it? Good!

Now, if the divine design is for a high energy to uplift something that is vibrating at a level that is barely alive, do you think we might have a chance to turn things around on this planet?

I know we do. So get crackin’ and resonate the hell out of everything around you!

Love and blessings to our Earth Mother and all the mothers who walk upon her to carry the highest vibrations of love, patience, compassion, wisdom, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and joy!

Still Life with Pies and Pendulum.

Keep Your Feet Moving

I’d hoped to have two large Spring cleaning tasks accomplished by the new moon on April 3rd. The most pressing of these was to complete our personal income tax prep which is a bit complicated in having several small businesses. Two days in a row the power went out within ten minutes of having started the task. The second time it went out all day until about 10 PM…

David and I have a name for these forces that get in the way when you’re all powered up and full steam ahead–the interrupters.

Well, I don’t roll over and play dead for the interrupters. What did I do? I took on task #2:

  • Part A. Cleaning out the filing cabinets.
  • Part B. Filing the last quarter of 2010.
  • Part C. Removing the 2010 files for storage.
  • Part D. Filing the 1st quarter of 2011.

It was 48 degrees without the benefit of heat in my office (no power/no heat). I dug in and went through every folder. It was time. I have cleaned the file cabinets yearly, but hadn’t done a deep clean in a number of years. I had files going back to teaching adult ed in Portsmouth, NH. We had files for Buell’s Granite employees. We haven’t had employees for well over the time the government requires one to keep these records.

I pulled files for a day and a half and spent another day filing. I’d hoped to have a bonfire to burn the laundry basket full of the paperwork of our past life, immediately. The weather either wasn’t cooperative or we were too tired at night to go back out and do it. Finally, this past Sunday morning seemed ideal. It was warm and there was no wind when we started.

David had to rebuild the fire, as it had been set earlier for this job and was damp. David helped my feed the fire by the handful. It took us about an hour. I’d felt the weight of the past in cleaning out the files and it was still very evident while we patiently fed the fire as much as it could eat at a time.

David reached the bottom of the burn basket. I started stripping off my clothing. David asked, “What are you doing, are you going to burn your clothes?” As sick as I was of wearing my shabby winter uniform, that wasn’t it. When he figured it out, he pleaded fearfully, “Don’t do it, please don’t do it!”

Fire & Ice

I walked to the edge of the quarry, paused for a moment and jumped in. I was so focused on getting out that I honestly can’t tell you that it was cold though I know that it was. I also cannot express adequately how good it felt! I felt so free–clear of those ties to the past that had been purified in the fire.

So, how’s it going with your Spring cleaning tasks?

I can’t encourage you enough to:

  • 1. Identify what needs to released, or organized or completed.
  • 2. Do it!
  • 3. Celebrate!

You never know what jewel will turn up as a result of Spring cleaning. I found a copy of an email from Harriet Winograd from 1998.  Hurricane George was bearing down on Florida. Harriet shared the Buddhist story below. Though I’d set it aside on my desk to share in a post, it had ended up in the quarry. I spotted it while on a walk and fished it out. Oh, was I surprised and grateful to turn it over and see it was the one piece I thought I’d saved!


Keep Your Feet Moving

Once every 100 years, a person could reach enlightenment by entering the room of 1000 demons, crossing the length of the large room and opening the door to the outside.  It wasn’t however, that simple.

All of the demons that a person experiences were in that room. For example, if someone were afraid of heights, it would seem as though she were crossing the room on a tightrope high above the ground.  And there were 1000 of these demons.

The goal was to enter the room, where that doorway would disappear only allowing the door across the room for exiting. There were 2 important things to remember 1.  It’s all an illusion and 2.  Just keep your feet moving and you will get to the other side.  Unfortunately, some people got so paralyzed by the their fears that they could never leave the room.

So it’s a choice.  Either wait a number lifetimes before you reach enlightenment or go for it–enter the room and keep those feet moving real fast!

Here in 2011, entering this room is no longer a choice. If you haven’t found yourself in this room yet, facing your greatest fears, know that you will, soon enough. Do you really want to have to carry the heaviness of the past or what you’ve left undone across the tightrope with you? Don’t allow your tasks to paralyze you! Do your Spring cleaning no matter how large or seemingly insignificant!  And when the interrupters show up? Crush ‘em!

What’s your Spring Cleaning challenge or have you already accomplished it? Thanks for sharing below in the comment box.


P.S. Here’s something about interruptions  by Jackie Smith that she so graciously agreed to share with me and readers after I made this post.

What Is It That I Like About Being By Myself

I can really look at nature -uninterrupted
I can focus on how I feel -uninterrupted
I can wander about -uninterrupted
I can write in my journal -uninterrupted
I can eat, bathe, &  sleep -uninterrupted
I can zone -uninterrupted
I can create -uninterrupted.
I can be an uninterrupted being.

What I like best is freedom
from interruption!

Jackie Smith,  9/13/2009


I want to be an uninterrupted being too! Thank you very much Jackie for sharing and blessings for your moments of freedom! Joanna





The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Agenda Disguised as Purpose

During a period when I was experiencing much self-doubt, a friend recommended what has become one of my favorite movies, Simon Birch. Simon, a young boy with health challenges that resulted in stunted growth, knows that God has a special purpose for him. That deep knowing makes all things bearable for Simon and he has much to bear. Simon rises above every new challenge with courage and a wicked sense of humor. When his time comes, Simon fulfills his special purpose, perfectly.

The following quote about purpose comes from Jesus speaks, Love without End by Glenda Green came to my attention twice this week. Two signs from Jeshua, who needs a third?

“Discovery of purpose is a continuous activity, and revelation of it is an ongoing process. We each live this process every day as we listen to life and shape our destiny. If there were any shortcuts to finding your purpose they would consist of establishing priorities, dedication, and satisfaction; and last but not least, joy. Wherever there is joy, there is purpose. The most fortunate people on earth are those who have found a calling that is bigger than they are, a reason for living that moves them and fills their lives with constant passion, aliveness, and growth. Your soul’s true purpose is to be the love that you are!”

I’ve noticed that when I’m engaged in an activity that’s in alignment with my soul’s purpose I have plenty of time…time is collapsed. I have plenty of vitality, good humor…everything I need to accomplish my task, is in good supply. The tasks I’m referring to are not lofty! They are made up of the stuff of my physical life, like preparing our five sets of books for tax time, spring cleaning our three cottages, writing copy for our websites, and guest manuals, advertising, blog posts .

The rare, grace-filled moments that my inner voice murmurs, this is what I’m here for, are brief, yet deeply nourishing. These are usually preceded by having to surrender to tasks which my ego thinks is beneath her! During the period when I am resisting the physical or mental work that needs to be done– when I am feeling put upon– I become easily overwhelmed. I am not a happy camper, to put it mildly. Only when I surrender and ask for help, is everything I need to accomplish the task, supplied.

An agenda is not a soul purpose. A check list and time line for achievements is not a soul purpose. It’s an agenda, and don’t we all have them?  “Want to hear God laugh? Tell Her your plans!” You can’t plan out your soul’s purpose. Your soul’s purpose was planned before your incarnation and stored in PDF format, safe from ego edits.

Agendas are everywhere! It’s a drain on all kinds of resources and reserves when we effort to recruit others to our personal agendas.  Our friends, family, the communities we participate in– they all wish us to be engaged with their agendas. And do government and big business want us dedicated to our soul’s purpose? NO! They want us to fuel an agenda whereby we become powerless– steeped in the financial, mental/emotional, and environmental debts of materialism.

“Whose business is it anyway?”, asks Byron Katie in her book  I Need your Love–Is this True? The question is a great litmus test for agendas. The trick is to use this test before you get hooked or you’ll be asking yourself, “What did I hope to gain by saying yes?”

Remember, wherever there is joy, there is purpose. I hope you’ll join me this week in bringing your awareness to this wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s been feeding  off the overwhelm many of us have found ourselves in.

Blessings for a happy acceptance of the challenges of your purpose. May all the tools you need to meet each task appear magically when you need them. And may you experience much joy, fun and satisfaction along the way,   Joanna

My purpose? Excavating the Truth. I've got a thing about having the right tool for the right job!

I Found the Missing Piece to a Puzzle

Have you ever been putting a jig saw puzzle together, only to find you’re missing a piece or two? Isn’t it great when you find the missing pieces in near proximity, like under the couch?

I had the good fortune of discovering a missing puzzle piece this week. I passed it off the first time it came to my attention, as not the piece I was looking for. It kept coming into my consciousness until I acknowledged it.

OMG! Reserves!!! How could I have missed out on knowing the importance of reserves for all of my years?

My parents were excellent role models for following the law of reserve. They understood the need to create reserves and maintain them. They also experienced times when they needed to draw deeply from their well of reserves, whether it was a financial reserve or a mental/emotional/spiritual reserve.

My parents also called themselves, boot-strapper Republicans. That was the pattern I recognized as the tool to their success. I saw that the harder my parents worked, the more they attained.  This work hard = attainment ethic became my model for prosperity. I had not understood the role that having reserves played in their lives. (Parents please get your kids actively involved in savings now and create a separate reserve fund.)

I had an income from working in our family meat market and grocery store by age 12. I made sandwiches, stocked shelves, wrapped freezer orders and waited on customers. If there was something I wanted, like a new bicycle to ride to and from work on, I learned that I could have it, when I worked hard and saved for it.

This model worked just great while I was under my parent’s roof. It did not work so well out on my own when my ‘66 Mustang needed constant repairs, when my wisdom teeth needed to come out, when my hours got cut back at the ice arena where I worked as a secretary and assistant bookkeeper. What did I do? I moved in with my grandparents for awhile, got a better paying job, worked hard and bought a VW Beetle. Over and over again I repeated the cycle of working harder to meet my needs.

Belief in ones ability to create through hard work, can take someone a long way. But not all the way and not in these times when the truth will have it’s way with or without you on board.

When one works hard physically and mentally or spiritually for that matter, one will seek out ways to restore the energy. Not all of these avenues will be healthy, which has been very good for Dunkin Donuts. Eighteen years ago I discovered how to create and maintain energy reserves through self treatment with Reiki. I also recognized the importance of doing so.

Did I carry over that understanding to financial reserves? No. This continued to be a blind spot for me, until this past Sunday. A quote from healer, Bruno Groening, had caught my eye about 10 days ago. It registered mildly at that time. “You must also make sure that you have reserves, energy reserves.”

Evidently that statement had been working away in my consciousness. At every turn I saw my own lack of reserves mirrored back to me in how those around me were becoming mentally, physically, emotionally and financially depleted– good people like myself, working as diligently as they can, and falling short.

I wish I could recall the very straw that broke the camel’s back of my unknowing when suddenly I got it!

RESERVES! It’s nature’s pattern underlying sustainability. Nature rests and build reserves. Our balsam trees have grown enormously over the past years with the increased rainfall. During years of relative drought, they hardly grew at all. They reserved their energy. The trees know when to put out a bumper crop of nuts or cones.  These seeds, these energy reserves, ensure the continuation of the species. If nature depleted her own resources, what would happen? We are blessed that balance and economy are inherent to nature, that nature does not have free will!

Oh, but we do– we have free will. So we can choose to be blind to the need for reserves. We can create enormous  and rapid growth while depleting our reserves and the reserve of the planet. This kind of growth is not sustainable. It leads to depletion no matter the who that is doing the depleting, and the what that is being depleted.

Kah-lunk! When I got it, I got it.  And I am so grateful for understanding the big picture about reserves, as I know that I can’t change my behavior in any deep, long lasting way, until I change what I believe.

There’s so much more that can be said on this subject. I look forward to your feed back. You can fill in the comment box at the very bottom of this page (preferred method)  or send me an email via the contact box. Thank you.

Stop the Whining 40 Day Challenge Update

Thanks to all who persisted through failed contact-forms and buttons last week to email me and sign up for the challenge. I love it that not only are people understanding the energy loss involved in their own negative talk, but are getting that it’s not healthy to take in other’s negativity either. We need to build and protect our energy reserves. Monitoring what we give out and what we take in through the word, is a very big piece to master.

The technical difficulties I met with around establishing a sign up method resulted in me saying damn a few times.  David is quite good in the role as the bad talk cop! Here’s another button so you don’t have to go hunting for a way to sign up.

For Email Marketing you can trust

I am prepared not to swear if it doesn’t work the first time.  I’m looking forward to hearing how the challenge is going for individuals and I hope there are some who have taken this challenge into their workplace or community group. It could become a great fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Winter is not usually long enough for me to accomplish everything I have on my winter to-do list. I am so happy to have the opportunity to stay inside and watch the snow, listen to the wind blow and whittle away at the list. It’s looking that perhaps this winter has a good chance at being long enough to get near the bottom of it.


Blessings for reserves of patience, tolerance, stamina and fortitude while we await some signs of Spring!



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