Be the Master of your own Domain

We have the answers to almost anything at our fingertips via the internet. To find The Answer requires good discernment and the ability to choose. Not everyone is able to take that step. If you or your loved one is a procrastinator, you know what I’m talking about. Something has disabled the choose button.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Agenda Disguised as Purpose

An agenda is not a soul purpose. A check list and time line for achievements is not a soul purpose. It’s an agenda, and don’t we all have them? “Want to hear God laugh? Tell Her your plans!” You can’t plan out your soul’s purpose. Your soul’s purpose was planned before your incarnation and stored in PDF format, safe from ego edits.

Don’t Let Overwhelm Stop you from Showing Up

When spiritual opportunity knocks at my door. I know it. It’s not subtle: I get goose bumps, someonelse refers to it, it’s in a song, in a dream… And still, I’d be rich if I had a dollar for everytime I let myself become overwhelmed with all the barriers that come up when I hear Knock, knock.Yoohoo, spiritual opportunity calling. The power of Light will always draw the opposition and their arsenal is loaded with the stuff of overwhelm.

Why We’re Feeling so Overwhelmed: Part II

And thank you for such a well-organized, thoughtful piece on the manic nature of our world, and NATURE! Yes, we forget we are PART of nature, and not witnesses to it, or characters simply living within it. My awareness of a stronger relationship with nature came in 1980, when I was 10. I started getting migraines, to which there was no medical explanation. I also developed an obsession with the weather and earthquakes and disasters and such. After Mt. St. Helens erupted that year, my headaches ceased. But I seemed tapped into all of the energy. No one in my life, in the Midwest, could explain it. I felt something deeper in me, but it would lay dormant for years.