Why We’re Feeling so Overwhelmed: Part II

And thank you for such a well-organized, thoughtful piece on the manic nature of our world, and NATURE! Yes, we forget we are PART of nature, and not witnesses to it, or characters simply living within it. My awareness of a stronger relationship with nature came in 1980, when I was 10. I started getting migraines, to which there was no medical explanation. I also developed an obsession with the weather and earthquakes and disasters and such. After Mt. St. Helens erupted that year, my headaches ceased. But I seemed tapped into all of the energy. No one in my life, in the Midwest, could explain it. I felt something deeper in me, but it would lay dormant for years.

What my Grandfather Said to Start Each Day

That moment, when we’re first coming into consciousness upon awakening, is a powerful time for us to take advantage of. We’re in an alpha brain wave state, very receptive to mental input of any kind. This slower brain wave state is also creative, the state from which affirmations may manifest. Many spiritual teachers speak about this power point and encourage us to think positive thoughts upon our first conscious awareness, be this at 3:30 AM or 9 AM–whenever we begin to stir.

Communicating with your Personal Guidance System: How to Muscle Test

I learned how to muscle test to get yes/no answers to questions in 1994 in an energy work class that was part of my massage therapy training at the Dove Star Institute in Hooksett, NH. I’ve been using the technique, ever since. It’s quick, simple and doesn’t require any special tools. Like dowsing, it does require that one is able to formulate a clearly defined question and it takes regular practice to become accurate. Have you ever noticed that simple, hardly ever translates to easy? Yet this practice is easy and accurate when you’ve put the time into developing the skill.

The Importance of Practicing Intention and Cultivating Gratitude

It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, how early you get up to go to the gym, how vigilant you are to avoid white flour and sugar if you don’t practice setting your intention and cultivate gratitude each day before and after arising. I don’t need to elaborate here on this, as in 1996 I wrote what’s to follow. It’s a true story, only the name has been changed. My aunt worked for the company referred to and I knew of Lucinda through her.

The Importance of Conscious Intention
By Joanne Pinney

In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch writes that “your life proceeds out of your intentions for it.” Would you get in your car in the morning and just go, without any intention of where you wanted to end up? Many of us bound out of bed each day with hardly any conscious intention at all. Then the day arrives when we cry out in anguish, “How did I get here, why did this happen to me?” We aren’t pleased with our destination, to say the least. Sometimes we are terrified of the place we’ve arrived; we perceive catastrophe! Then, we project blame onto family and friends, onto our employers, onto our government. We perceive that life has dealt us an unfair blow, rather than take responsibility for the life we have created through our unconscious intentions or lack of intentions for it.

Fatal Drugs Allowed: Sweet Poison

If someone who loved you gave you the gift of the best Mercedez Benz available, I bet you’d fill the tank with premium gasoline, keep the maintenance schedule and keep your Benz spotless. Our physical bodies are the vehicle for our soul and spirit. And as my Reiki friend from North Carolina, Joanne once told me, “God, don’t make no junk.” We have been gifted the very best vehicle God ever made.

So why do some of us continue to put a substance in it that has 92 known health hazards associated with it including headaches, anxiety attacks, seizures, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Lupus? Why would we feed this substance to our children? How could our government, which is fully aware of these hazards, feed it to our troops?

The answer to the first two questions is marketing, in this instance, brainwashing. The answer to the last question is greed, aka drug company profits.

When Two or More of You are Gathered

When is the last time you had family and friends to your home for a meal, to play a board game, or to just talk over a cup of tea? When was the last time you were invited out for any of these activities? If you have children, when was the last time you all sat down at the table and had a home cooked meal together after which you lingered at the table and talked to one another?

I can hear the excuses and they all involve the word “busy”.

Instead of a Health Care Revolution, A Self Care Evolution!

When Mother Theresa was asked if she would attend an antiwar rally, she responded, “No, but if you hold a peace rally, I will come.”

Here’s The REALLY BIG SECRET that hasn’t made it into general consciousness yet, and it’s used to manipulate the public at large. Whenever we engage in a position that is “anti”, we give energy to that which we oppose. Where thought goes, energy follows. The way to manifest the change you desire, is to energize the goal with sustained positive thought, creative visualization and right action. (I will write much more about this in a later column.)