The Season of Mother and Child

Imagine this. It’s been six weeks since the birth of the Christ child and Mary’s unpaid maternity leave is up. The Christ child is separated from his source of his life, his sustenance, as he knows it. Mary’s heart is broken with having to abandon her child. And the bossman believes this is as it should be. Mary is after all, his employee.

I just did a quick search on maternity leave in other countries and came across a brief over view with the headline that Great Britain was extending their maternity leave from 9 months to 12 months (with varied pay).

PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

We arrived at our destination without a GPS or directions from Google. We’ve been to PEI once before. I recalled the way was simple and straight forward. I knew we had a map in the car from our previous trip and I had directions how to get to the cottage. The directions were unclear in places and still we arrived at our destination without difficulty. How did we ever do it without the aid of a GPS? We used our PGS, our Personal Guidance System.