Joanna has been engaged in teaching and serving clients holistically since 1995 beginning with her integrative bodywork and Reiki practice, Heart Light Reiki, which was located on the NH seacoast, where Joanna originates from. She moved to Sullivan, Maine in 1998 and married her husband, David Buell in 1999, in a standing stone circle, David built for their ceremony. Joanna, ordained a minister in 1999, has officiated several marriages in the same circle. Together Joanna and David created and operated Light Heart Retreat until David’s passing in 2015. Joanna continues to welcome guests to the peace, truth and beauty that can be found at Light Heart.

Joanna feels privileged to have  attended seminars and workshops by some of the best teachers and world servers, of our times. The following is a history of her holistic education.

  • 1993 Reiki I & II training with John Harvey Gray.
  • 1994 Graduated from Dove Star Institute in NH in the Kriya Massage Therapy program.
  • 1995 Certified to treat fibromyalgia through the 45th Regional Fibromyalgia SymposiumUsui Reiki Master Training with Vickie Walsh. Karuna Reiki Master Training with Vickie Walsh.
  • 1996 Somatic Technique. Energy Medicine and Sound Healing with John Beaulieu.
  • 1997 Specialized Kinesiology: Three in One Concepts, 1997 with Ginger Bishplinghoff.  Energy Anatomy with Carolyn Myss.
  • 1998 Health & Humor with Dr. Patch Adams.
  • 1999  Shamballa Reiki Master Training with Shamballa Master, Phyllis Brooks. Listening to the Body with Mark Schneider, Ph.D.
  • 2000 Shapeshifting our Planet with John Perkins.
  • 2001 Intro to Brain Gym and Edu-k Kinesiology with Flo Arnold.
  • 2002 Sacred Contracts and Archetypes with Carolyn Myss.
  • 2001-2003 Visionary Craniosacral training with the Milne Institute.
  • 2004 Emotions & Sensations with David R. Hawkins, PhD, The Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research. Core Zero Balancing with David Lauterstein.
  • 2005 Certification for Lymphedema Management, Academy of Lymphatic Studies, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • 2006 From Survial to Thrival, a seminar with author of Jesus Speaks: Love without End, Glenda Green at Peaceful Meadow Retreat, Boulder, CO
  • 2006 Hanna Kroeger’s School of Natural Healing in Boulder, CO., intro level and special class on Hanna’s rituals, energy tools and body work techniques with Ginger Bowler and Giesela Kroeger.
  • 2007 Oneness Blessing event with Raniji Kumara, Cincinnati, OH.
  • 2009 & 2012 Advanced Dowsing and Self-Empowerment with Raymon Grace in Wells, ME and at Light Heart Retreat. Emotional Release Techniques with Raymon Grace at Light Heart Retreat.
  • 2011 3 day Geobiology training with Richard Benishai in Sullivan, ME at Light Heart Retreat. Joanna has since participated in group dowsing projects organized by Richard Benishai to clear and balance earth energy at particular sites.
  • 2012 Joey & Jill Korn’s Dowsing Retreat with a focus on home clearing and Joey’s Simple Blessing Process— in Augusta, Georgia.
  • Joanna’s deepest education came from her pro bono working with a young woman in a coma from an aneurysm. This adventure continued over two years time as Tricia made her recovery. Joanna became Tricia’s home tutor until Tricia was able to return to high school. Overlapping this time, Joanna also shared Reiki and other energy work weekly pro bono with a local singer/musician during her last year of living with cancer. Read about Tricia and Joanna’s work together here.

Joanna has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for the New England Reiki Conference. She’s been a guest on a local community radio show, Alternative Currents,  dealing with holistic health topics. She’s trained over 60 Reiki masters and 100’s of students and taught self-empowerment topics in adult ed classes in both NH and Maine.

Joanna is passionate about living Hanna Kroeger words, “Learn to help yourself and help one another.” Additionally, she lives by Raymon Grace’s admonishment, “The future is yours, do something about it!


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