Essiac: What it is and How to Find It

I’ve noticed that the post for Spring Cleaning: Part I on The Dowsing Deva blog site gets traffic, everyday.  It occurred to me that this is because of the interest in finding Essiac formula, a natural treatment for cancer and for a number of other conditions such as Lupus, Diabetes and fibroid tumors. Regular use of Essiac may also prevent cancer.

To facilitate you getting quickly to the information you’re looking for I’m duplicating some of the information that was in the Spring Cleaning post here.

Here’s an excellent article by James Percival giving a concise over view of Essiac: The Incredible Story of Essiac.

I’ve used Essiac myself as a general tonic, preventative and found it effective in breaking up fibroids. In the past I’ve shopped around the health food stores and internet to be able to put together the recipe myself that Rene Cassie developed for public use, as I could not find it an affordable blend anywhere.  In doing research for “Spring Cleaning” I found a wonderful source for Essiac at Starwest Botanicals. It’s formulated as per Rene’s method. It’s all organic. It’s affordable and you get free shipping when you buy bulk. I’ve dowsed on this company’s integrity and it’s 120%, as is the quality of Essiac they use. Each package comes with directions on it and if you can boil water, you can make Essiac Tea!

Click here to find Essiac at Starwest Botanicals.

I just did some math for you as I was curious as to how far my five pound order of Essiac will go.  One pound of Essiac makes 4 gallons of tea, that’s 128 ounces. The daily portion is 2 ounces per day mixed with 2 ounces of water. So there are 64 days worth in 1 pound of Southwest’s Essiac mix. That comes out to just thirty four cents a day. We’re investing sixty eight cents a day as my husband, David is going to drink Essiac too and see if it resolves the longstanding fatty tumor he has under his arm.

Everybody knows someone who will benefit from having this valuable information. I hope you’ll consider forwarding this page on to your friends and family and those people will pass it on, too.  It’s part of our Self Care Evolution! The best insurance plan you’ll ever have is taking good preventative care of yourself and your family.