Keep Your Feet Moving

I’d hoped to have two large Spring cleaning tasks accomplished by the new moon on April 3rd. The most pressing of these was to complete our personal income tax prep which is a bit complicated in having several small businesses. Two days in a row the power went out within ten minutes of having started the task. The second time it went out all day until about 10 PM…

David and I have a name for these forces that get in the way when you’re all powered up and full steam ahead–the interrupters.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you finding that the practices that have helped you become centered and calm before, like exercise and mediation, aren’t enough to sustain emotional equilibrium for very long? Like sometimes you can loose your cool completely within five minutes after getting up from a blissful hour of meditation?

Oh, yeah. I have first hand experience with all of the above!

So What the Heck is Going On???

Be Impeccable in your Word, Revisiting the First Agreement

I cannot visit this subject enough. Our individual thoughts and words are powerfully creative. When a large group of people are thinking the same thoughts, speaking the same words and using the same symbology, it is all-powerful because we are using God’s creative power–The Word. That’s both the good news and the bad news.

PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

We arrived at our destination without a GPS or directions from Google. We’ve been to PEI once before. I recalled the way was simple and straight forward. I knew we had a map in the car from our previous trip and I had directions how to get to the cottage. The directions were unclear in places and still we arrived at our destination without difficulty. How did we ever do it without the aid of a GPS? We used our PGS, our Personal Guidance System.

The Importance of Practicing Intention and Cultivating Gratitude

It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, how early you get up to go to the gym, how vigilant you are to avoid white flour and sugar if you don’t practice setting your intention and cultivate gratitude each day before and after arising. I don’t need to elaborate here on this, as in 1996 I wrote what’s to follow. It’s a true story, only the name has been changed. My aunt worked for the company referred to and I knew of Lucinda through her.

The Importance of Conscious Intention
By Joanne Pinney

In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch writes that “your life proceeds out of your intentions for it.” Would you get in your car in the morning and just go, without any intention of where you wanted to end up? Many of us bound out of bed each day with hardly any conscious intention at all. Then the day arrives when we cry out in anguish, “How did I get here, why did this happen to me?” We aren’t pleased with our destination, to say the least. Sometimes we are terrified of the place we’ve arrived; we perceive catastrophe! Then, we project blame onto family and friends, onto our employers, onto our government. We perceive that life has dealt us an unfair blow, rather than take responsibility for the life we have created through our unconscious intentions or lack of intentions for it.