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Keep Your Feet Moving

I’d hoped to have two large Spring cleaning tasks accomplished by the new moon on April 3rd. The most pressing of these was to complete our personal income tax prep which is a bit complicated in having several small businesses. Two days in a row the power went out within ten minutes of having started the task. The second time it went out all day until about 10 PM…

David and I have a name for these forces that get in the way when you’re all powered up and full steam ahead–the interrupters.

Well, I don’t roll over and play dead for the interrupters. What did I do? I took on task #2:

  • Part A. Cleaning out the filing cabinets.
  • Part B. Filing the last quarter of 2010.
  • Part C. Removing the 2010 files for storage.
  • Part D. Filing the 1st quarter of 2011.

It was 48 degrees without the benefit of heat in my office (no power/no heat). I dug in and went through every folder. It was time. I have cleaned the file cabinets yearly, but hadn’t done a deep clean in a number of years. I had files going back to teaching adult ed in Portsmouth, NH. We had files for Buell’s Granite employees. We haven’t had employees for well over the time the government requires one to keep these records.

I pulled files for a day and a half and spent another day filing. I’d hoped to have a bonfire to burn the laundry basket full of the paperwork of our past life, immediately. The weather either wasn’t cooperative or we were too tired at night to go back out and do it. Finally, this past Sunday morning seemed ideal. It was warm and there was no wind when we started.

David had to rebuild the fire, as it had been set earlier for this job and was damp. David helped my feed the fire by the handful. It took us about an hour. I’d felt the weight of the past in cleaning out the files and it was still very evident while we patiently fed the fire as much as it could eat at a time.

David reached the bottom of the burn basket. I started stripping off my clothing. David asked, “What are you doing, are you going to burn your clothes?” As sick as I was of wearing my shabby winter uniform, that wasn’t it. When he figured it out, he pleaded fearfully, “Don’t do it, please don’t do it!”

Fire & Ice

I walked to the edge of the quarry, paused for a moment and jumped in. I was so focused on getting out that I honestly can’t tell you that it was cold though I know that it was. I also cannot express adequately how good it felt! I felt so free–clear of those ties to the past that had been purified in the fire.

So, how’s it going with your Spring cleaning tasks?

I can’t encourage you enough to:

  • 1. Identify what needs to released, or organized or completed.
  • 2. Do it!
  • 3. Celebrate!

You never know what jewel will turn up as a result of Spring cleaning. I found a copy of an email from Harriet Winograd from 1998.  Hurricane George was bearing down on Florida. Harriet shared the Buddhist story below. Though I’d set it aside on my desk to share in a post, it had ended up in the quarry. I spotted it while on a walk and fished it out. Oh, was I surprised and grateful to turn it over and see it was the one piece I thought I’d saved!


Keep Your Feet Moving

Once every 100 years, a person could reach enlightenment by entering the room of 1000 demons, crossing the length of the large room and opening the door to the outside.  It wasn’t however, that simple.

All of the demons that a person experiences were in that room. For example, if someone were afraid of heights, it would seem as though she were crossing the room on a tightrope high above the ground.  And there were 1000 of these demons.

The goal was to enter the room, where that doorway would disappear only allowing the door across the room for exiting. There were 2 important things to remember 1.  It’s all an illusion and 2.  Just keep your feet moving and you will get to the other side.  Unfortunately, some people got so paralyzed by the their fears that they could never leave the room.

So it’s a choice.  Either wait a number lifetimes before you reach enlightenment or go for it–enter the room and keep those feet moving real fast!

Here in 2011, entering this room is no longer a choice. If you haven’t found yourself in this room yet, facing your greatest fears, know that you will, soon enough. Do you really want to have to carry the heaviness of the past or what you’ve left undone across the tightrope with you? Don’t allow your tasks to paralyze you! Do your Spring cleaning no matter how large or seemingly insignificant!  And when the interrupters show up? Crush ‘em!

What’s your Spring Cleaning challenge or have you already accomplished it? Thanks for sharing below in the comment box.


P.S. Here’s something about interruptions  by Jackie Smith that she so graciously agreed to share with me and readers after I made this post.

What Is It That I Like About Being By Myself

I can really look at nature -uninterrupted
I can focus on how I feel -uninterrupted
I can wander about -uninterrupted
I can write in my journal -uninterrupted
I can eat, bathe, &  sleep -uninterrupted
I can zone -uninterrupted
I can create -uninterrupted.
I can be an uninterrupted being.

What I like best is freedom
from interruption!

Jackie Smith,  9/13/2009


I want to be an uninterrupted being too! Thank you very much Jackie for sharing and blessings for your moments of freedom! Joanna






Big & Bigger

I don’t know anyone who isn’t facing a big challenge right now and many are facing multiple challenges such as:

  • financial struggle or ruin
  • recent death of friends and family members
  • loss of employment or
  • unhappy employment
  • personal illness and illness of family members who need care taking
  • estranged relationships with family and former friends
  • legal issues…tax issues…bureaucratic red tape Hell

Yet no matter how big our challenges are, there is always someone who is worse off than ourselves. That may be the only good reason to watch the news…to be reminded that given what people are having to live through on the global scale, we here in the U.S., still have it pretty darned good.

Not so sure about that? At the end of the day, do you still have a roof over your head? Do you have clean water to drink?  Were you able to feed your children well? Is your belly full? Do you have at least one person you can count on to give you some encouragement when you most need it? Answering yes to this last question is a bonus blessing!

Everyday we are in receivership of so many blessings! Then why is it so difficult then to be in the energy of gratitude for all the simple and profound ways that life supports us? Why is it so easy to be floundering in regret, resentment, anger, hopelessness?

When did we become so self-centered, so spoiled that we thought more was owed to us then our daily sustenance?

And how did we ever come to believe that we could guarantee a safe, comfortable passage through life, by having material security or spiritual security, even? When did we as a culture, forget that life encompasses all possible experience?

I hope you’ll feel moved to contribute to this article by sharing your answers to the above questions. You can use the contact form below or click on the comment button.

Here’s my two cents worth. No matter how big and how many our challenges are, we are BIGGER than our experience of them!   When we come out of the self-imposed prison of self-pity and overwhelm and gather with others to foster gratitude, hope and friendly support–we are BIGGER and BIGGER!


It's good to view Infinity every now and then.

The Dowsing Deva’s 40 Day Stop the Whining Challenge

Habitual whining and complaining keep us from accessing the power of our Bigger Self and the power of gratitude. It is said that it takes forty continuous days to change a habit. Will you join me in this challenge? Please click here to sign up and receive your Getting Started on The Dowsing Deva’s 40 Day Stop the Whining Challenge. You can start anytime…but why wait?

Taking one step at a time.  Living one day at a time.  And all of us in this great shift together– and we become Bigger and Bigger in our stamina, our courage and hope for a more sane and joyful experience of this new world unfolding.

Blessings for our journey!




Hope Springs Eternal!

The Core Reason Why We’re all Feeling so Overwhelmed

Wow! I turned Public Radio on in my car driving to Bangor on Tuesday. The news was on. I got the gist of it–the floods in Australia, the shooting in Arizona. I made some passionate exclamations, did some heavy sighing, said some prayers and turned the radio off and left it off, feeling overwhelmed.

How about you? Do you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with anger, fear or grief about our world situation and does this carry over into your personal life?

Are you finding that the practices that have helped you become centered and calm before, like exercise and mediation, aren’t enough to sustain emotional equilibrium for very long? Like sometimes you can loose your cool completely within five minutes after getting up from a blissful meditation?

Oh, yeah. I have first hand experience with all of the above!

So What the Heck is Going On???

It’s all about energy. Everything is all about energy because every thing is energy vibrating at a distinct frequency (rate) that identifies the subject as, what it is.

Matter is energy that vibrates such that it is dense enough to become visible to our human eye. Other outside energies influence and are imprinted on matter. Here are some examples of the energy impacting us today:

  • The energy of others and the energy in our surroundings.
  • The energy of what we hear over the radio.
  • What we see and hear on the television, computerized games and the internet.
  • Energy taken into our aura and absorbed through the skin. We feel the energy, but our ability to know the source of the energy we are feeling is limited, such as…
  • The massive amounts of electromagnetic frequencies that underlie our new age communications systems.


The Mother Lode of All Energy

We are strongly influenced by the energy of the moon and the sun, this is longstanding, common knowledge. It’s kind of strange then, isn’t it, that we are just now coming into an awareness of our relationship with the energy of Mother Earth? As we are made up of the elements of the earth and are 78% water, it stands to reason that we are affected by the earth’s energy.

Fifteen years ago, at a Kryon conference in Portsmouth, NH, Lee Carrol shared a news report that magnetic north had to be repainted on several airport runways. This repainting has been ongoing. You’ve probably heard in the news some stories of bird and whale migrations being disturbed. Carrol also reported that an adjustment had to be made to Greenwich Mean Time. Have you seen the line recently, Once upon a time, there was Time?  Be it conscious or not, we have an awareness that we are now experiencing something different than we have in the past.

The Core of the Matter

“What is more, the Earth’s core produces our magnetic field.”  Without it the Earth would be bombarded with dangerous cosmic rays and life would struggle to survive. As well as relying on Earth’s magnetic field to protect us, we now use it to navigate and keep satellites in place. Life on Earth depends upon the magnetic field, but until we understand the core we can’t fully understand how this field is created, or how it is likely to change.” From Science Daily, link below.

According to Raymon Grace and others who have been monitoring earth’s core energy, the energy is increasing dramatically. Both Raymon Grace, and Little Grandmother, speaker for the Tribe of Many Colors, make a direct correlation to the energy of our human emotions and core earth energy. Kryon has been teaching for over twenty years, that our mass consciousness, namely our mass emotions, directly affect the earth’s magnetic field.

Here’s the Energy Feed Back Loop:

Our Human Emotions/Mass Consciousness  > Heart of Mother Earth/Earth’s Core > Mother Earth’s Aura/Earth’s Mangentic Field > Our Human Emotions/Mass Consciousness

…and around we go.

Our Human Core Issues are Howling, Shaking, Erupting, Flooding.

The emotional trauma we are now each experiencing, is our core issue, our life lesson, coming up over and over again. What a gift! Just think about it…If we’re in a feed back loop with the earth’s core and we heal our core issue, then we move from being in a negative feed back loop into a positive feed back loop.

The articles  I write for this blog and Light Heart Retreat all have one underlying intention, to teach you the tools to help you heal at the core. There are many teachers and healers committed to this task. Unfortunately, what has been effective in the past, is not presently enough to counter the detrimental energy that has accumulated. We need more help.

In the following weeks I will present some explicit tools to increase the catalyst for change at the core. Presently I encourage you to deepen the practices that work for you. If you don’t have a practice for centering, you might check out the link below for the Centering Prayer.

Next week I’ll share with you a blessed tool to help shift the energy of the emotion that comes up around your core issue.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is this.  Witness and identify your emotional response to the drama that has been repeating itself with greater intensity in your life.  If you’re asking yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?” or saying, “I thought this was resolved.” That’s the one! What is your chief emotional response? You might want to work backwards from the emotion to identify your core issue/life lesson.

OMG! Did I just add to your overwhelm? Do what you know to do, one task at a time, the best that you can, with the truest of intentions.  Remember that you can, and do make a difference!

David recently had a fortune cookie that said, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”  Blessings for the faith, hope and the courage to rise up from the overwhelm, again and again!





Earth’s Core More Complex Than Thought, Science Daily

Raymon Grace Newsletters

Little Grandmother and Tribe of Many Colors


Jiro Olcott ,The Impact of Earth Energies on Life and

An Overview of the Origin of Earth Energies: The Hartmann & Curry Grids

Father Keaton Teaches the Guidelines for the Centering Prayer on U-Tube



Take Time to Pause & Reflect

Be Impeccable in your Word, Revisiting the First Agreement

I cannot visit this subject enough. Our individual thoughts and words are powerfully creative. When a large group of people are thinking the same thoughts, speaking the same words and using the same symbology, it is all-powerful because we are using God’s creative power–The Word. That’s both the good news and the bad news.

First the bad news. When we speak and identify with disease, when we glamorize it, commercialize it, and guilt people into backing the message, what do you think the result will be? Will it be less disease or more of it? Do you really want to energize breast cancer or would you prefer to invest your energy in women’s health? Even the term, breast health awareness misses the mark. We women, are whole beings, and seek whole health just as men are whole beings, not just a prostate.

It’s not my purpose to slam the pink campaign. That’s unproductive. I do want you to become aware of what wagon you are hitching your loving intentions to, because those loving intentions have tremendous power. The right intention hitched to the wrong wagon takes us down the wrong road. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. For a brief expose` on the pink campaign you can check out the Douglas Report .

Don Miguel Ruiz’s first agreement, from the book The Four Agreements is  be impeccable in your word. The second agreement is don’t take anything personally. So please, if you’ve plugged into pink, don’t take the above as a personal slight. Instead, please put Don Miguel’s fifth agreement, into action. Be skeptical and learn to listen. Would you like to revisit the Four Agreements? I found this video clip, click here.  It begins with one the most beautiful passages I’ve ever experienced and ends with the four agreements. Don Miguel speaks about the fifth agreement, the subject of his new book entitled The Fifth Agreement, here.

Raymon Grace, master dowser and teacher told us repeatedly, “Your ears are listening while your mouth is talking.” Our ears are taking it all in, as well as our eyes, when we watch television, too. Part of the energy clearing that Raymon does in his trainings is to neutralize the false programming we’ve received during our childhood, from those in authority over us, and from the media. David and I did not watch much tv.  We did watch some news on PBS. It became extremely uncomfortable to watch and listen when every untruth started popping out at us. It made me angry for producers to think we are such fools as to believe their lies. We don’t watch any television now and we can listen to very little radio. It’s a rare pleasure to listen when we find someone being interviewed who is impeccable in their word.

Given that a child’s brain is designed to learn language during the first seven years, what do you think about putting these sponges in front of the television set, the internet or video games? My dowsing tells me that hidden subliminal programming has not gone away. (Did you learn to muscle test yet? Don’t take my word about subliminals; check it out for yourself. )

It is very difficult to create something healthy with your thoughts and words when you have old programming running. I might say impossible, even. It takes much intention to change the way one speaks and to improve ones listening. Discernment is the skill set that’s built when you put your intention into practice with patience and diligence. Freedom from manipulation ensues. The power to create in a loving, wise, positive manner, is the gift.

Using our word and thoughts in a positive manner becomes an especially important  subject when one wants to counter a disease condition. There’s a new film available via the internet, The Living Matrix, a Film on the New Science of Healing, that gives a scientific model for why this is so. David and I will be showing this film at the Quarry House at Light Heart Retreat on Sunday, November 21st at 4 PM.  Please call me at 207-422-8234 to sign up and for driving directions.

And now (fanfare please) the REALLY GOOD NEWS. I got a rush of goosebumps when I typed that out. That’s the way your highest self lets you know you’re on the right track, to pay attention, listen-up, move forward on this…

The power of a positive thought is exponentially far greater than that of a negative thought according to David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force.  Can the  power of a group of people affirming and acting on the same thoughts  change the world? I have faith that it can.  A team of international physicists and mathematicians are behind a project to guide those of us who desire to create a positive future to meditate together beginning at 11 AM on 11/11/10 for 11 minutes, for a period of 11 days. Here’s where to go for information: The New Reality Transmission. Whether you decide to participate or not it’s a beautiful, thoughtful presentation.

Can anyone question that we are in a tremendous time of shifting consciousness when the scientific community is making movies about alternatives to allopathic medicine  and mathematicians are creating real life, meaningful applications to test the new science?

Here’s to Truth, Beauty and Freedom and may you be so bold as to

Shine your Light!



11/01/10 P.S. Here’s another link to visit for information on the detrimental effects of the pink campaign. Thanks to Lauren Gonzalez for the tip.

OMG~ You’ve got to read it to believe it. Who cashed in on pink in October…



PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

View to Barachois Beach, Anglo Rustico, PEI

Greetings from beautiful Prince Edward Island where David and I are currently on vacation.

We arrived at our destination without a GPS or directions from Google. We’ve been to PEI once before. I recalled the way was simple and straight forward. I knew we had a map in the car from our previous trip and I had directions how to get to the cottage. The directions were unclear in places and still we arrived at our destination without difficulty. How did we ever do it without the aid of a GPS?  We used our PGS, our Personal Guidance System.

If Columbus sailed to what became the Americas in 1492 relying on the stars, a sextant and a very limited map of the world, how is that our society has become so totally dependent on GPS in such a short time? Granted, Columbus did not arrive at his consciously intended destination; he arrived where his Personal Guidance System was directing him to.

I do understand the attraction of a shiny, new technology for many people and I know that for people with short term memory loss, GPS is a real God send. What I don’t understand is how people capable of reading a map and/or following directions don’t see the potential detriment of giving the responsibility for one more cognitive function over to a gadget.

The more I’ve pondered this, I see that the larger question, is “What is it that makes us fear that we can’t find our way?”

Our society has become lost, as a whole.  In most recent times, technology has contributed to a great divide between us and the nature around us and the nature within us. We know at least subconsciously that we’ve lost touch with the intuitive skills and practices that guided previous generations to get to where they needed to be. In the midst of all the clamor for our attention from media through the ever expanding technologies, We’ve lost the ability to hear the voice of truth within. The epidemics of greed, anger, depression and apathy are the products of having lost our connection with our Personal Guidance System.

So just what is this Personal Guidance System I’ve been referring to?

Your PGS is the voice of your divinity by whatever name or symbol you choose to identify it with. The point of communication for this guidance is through the heart. The wisdom that lives here, waiting to be called upon, can direct us to an open parking space, to a retreat destination, and show us the way out of the Boston red light district or help us get through NYC without a GPS (or a map). Yes, I know this by my own experience–I never professed that all my trips were straight and narrow.

Our PGS is both practical and profound. It’s the voice that answers us when we surrender and call for help from the depths of life’s chaos and our  times of deepest despair. When we’re at the crossroads of life, lost in new and difficult emotional territory, our PGS lights our way in increments. We receive what we need to know, when we need to know it.

When I was about 5 years old and living next door to my Uncle Johnny’s dairy farm, I got lost in the back fields with my friend, Petey Sewall.  I can still recall  how weak, confused and hopeless I felt.  Alongside the feeling of fear, I could hear a guidance that told me that by looking around, we’d spot something we’d recognize. We did and I suspect this was more of a feeling, rather than an actual recognition. In a short time we were in familiar territory and then home.

The result of this early experience with being lost and being guided to find my way home is that I recognize the condition of being lost as a temporary state. My adult experiences with being lost has taught me that this is  necessary  for our human and spiritual development. When we give our responsibility and authority for our personal direction away to external gadgets, media, governments and other’s opinions to guide us, we narrow the window of opportunity for discovering new territory under the guise of being lost.

The stars that guided Columbus both through dead calm and storms are the reflection of the light within us, our inherent guidance, our Personal Guidance System.

Blessings for all your new discoveries that arise out of feeling lost and remember to let the light of your Personal Guidance System shine and illuminate your way,


The Importance of Practicing Intention and Cultivating Gratitude

The sun came out late on Saturday afternoon here at Light Heart Retreat, revealing a deep blue sky and puffy white clouds. It was just in time to show the retreat off at its best, to the group that had arrived for the evening potluck and showing of Raymon Grace’s DVD on how to energize water. The wind was a bit chill and strong. It didn’t deter any of us from appreciating the fresh air and beauty that surrounded us. We were all so grateful to be moving our bodies outside after a week of  Downeast Maine Gray and showers.

We shared an excellent meal after a period of David’s piano playing and getting to know one another. The creativity and variety expressed through the vehicle of the potluck was quite impressive! We had an oriental ginger stir fry with brown rice, haddock tacos, a platter of pickled organic vegetables, an Indian red lentil dish, black beans, cornbread and homemade salsa. Chicken and dumplings was perfect for taking the chill out of our bones. Tea and peanut butter cookies and butterscotch squares came later, when we’d let the meal settle a little. The food was great and the company was even better. It was difficult for us to put our conversations on hold to watch Raymon Grace Energizes Water and so we got to that intention a little later than scheduled. No problem!

Melissa, Al, Vickie, Sandra & Nicole, Some of Saturday's Guests

We made a list of healing intentions to be assisted by the energy process on the DVD. Water filled mason jars were lined up around the TV to be energized to take home to use for personal healing and/or specific water problems, for instance a high bacteria count in a well. We watched and learned about Raymon’s method for clearing and energizing water and heard many stories of how it had worked via radio shows and the DVD. At the end of the DVD were some personal testimonies, one by a carpenter who had cut his finger through on the vertical plane with a ban saw. He’d immediately treated it with some energized water he’d received at Raymon’s class. It had been two weeks time and the finger was totally healed without medical intervention.

When the DVD ended we talked about the ways we wanted to apply this energy technology in our day-to-day lives. The conversation came around to the subject of intention and gratitude. Our elegant, elder in the group, Sandra, shared that when she’d awakened that morning the guidance she’d heard was to set her intention for the day and cultivate gratitude and that she would receive more of what she’s grateful for. The men in our group expressed how in these difficult times, they are just so grateful for the kinds of things people may be taking for granted, like having good work to do. David shared how grateful we are to be able to hold space for this community. I was secretly grateful because I realized I had my blog topic for today and I knew I had it mostly written already!

It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, how early you get up to go to the gym, how vigilant you are to avoid white flour and sugar if you don’t practice setting your intention and cultivate gratitude each day before and after arising. I don’t need to elaborate here on this, as in 1996 I wrote what’s to follow. It’s a true story, only the name has been changed. My aunt worked for the company referred to and I knew of Lucinda through her.

The Importance of Conscious Intention
By Joanne Pinney

In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch writes that “your life proceeds out of your intentions for it.”  Would you get in your car in the morning and just go, without any intention of where you wanted to end up?  Many of us bound out of bed each day with hardly any conscious intention at all.  Then the day arrives when we cry out in anguish, “How did I get here, why did this happen to me?” We aren’t pleased with our destination, to say the least.  Sometimes we are terrified of the place we’ve arrived; we perceive catastrophe!  Then, we project blame onto family and friends, onto our employers, onto our government.  We perceive that life has dealt us an unfair blow, rather than take responsibility for the life we have created through our unconscious intentions or lack of intentions for it.

Intention is the energy which brings circumstances into manifestation.  Individually and collectively we have created every circumstance of our living situation.  We have accomplished this through our thoughts, words and actions.  For the most part, we have created without conscious intent and without taking responsibility.  If we do not witness our thoughts that proceed our actions, then our motivation is very likely to be fear-based.  On the surface it may look like we are operating out of best intentions, but if fear is the motivator, we will create just the circumstances we were afraid of.

Intention comes into play in all aspects of our life.  Let’s take a look at some underlying intentions in the work-world.

There is a prevailing intention in our choice of career to choose a job that has “good benefits”.  The group thought is that good benefits means a health insurance plan, paid vacation time and a retirement package.  This translates into a sense of security.   Think about it — does health insurance really insure good health?  Does paid vacation time guarantee a vacation like we see in the travel ads?  Does having a retirement package mean you’ll be problem-free and happy at retirement? Our security and satisfaction, truly do not derive from company benefits.

One could have a career that they love, that honors them and have all the fringe benefits, too. The danger here is for the many people who act according to the fearful intention that has security as its goal.  The soul longs to manifest its unique gifts in the world.  When we don’t honor that longing, when we don’t live our personal truth, we encounter stress, big time!  Our negative thinking will eventually create an opportunity to change our situation and choose a new intention. This opportunity may manifest as being fired, as an illness or as an accident.  Accident?  What follows is based upon a true event.

Lucinda hated her job with a passion!  Yet, she went to work early and stayed late every night to try to keep up with the additional work load that came out of her department having been downsized.  It was expected of her.  Her extra effort went unrecognized as much younger, more attractive workers got promoted over her.  She thought about leaving the company, but how could a middle-aged woman, like herself,  start all over?  She certainly didn’t want to lose her retirement, not after having waited and suffered for this long.

Lucinda felt trapped.  She had no method for coping with her stress; she possessed no self-help tools.  Lucinda managed to keep a lid on her frustrations while she was at work, but from the moment she got in the car for the evening commute, she was raging.  All the angry words would spill forth as she banged her hands against her steering wheel.  Tears blurred her vision.  She exclaimed over and over again, “I can’t live like this any longer!”

I was driving to my office in Dover, NH one evening to facilitate a guided meditation.  It was a glorious twilight with pink and mauve clouds that hung on the horizon over the still river.  I felt grateful for the gifts of the sky and I felt honored to be headed to do the service that nourishes me.  I hadn’t traveled very far, when highway traffic came to a halt.  Police and ambulance soon screamed their way through the line of evening commuters.  I murmured a prayer for whomever it was that needed assistance.   The next day, I discovered that my prayer had been for Lucinda.  It was her final commute home.

This is a dramatic illustration of the results of intention lived from a place of fear, rather than from love. There are much subtler versions playing themselves out daily in our work world and in our home life. When we find ourselves in situations that are making us feel trapped, angry, and depressed, we need to examine our underlying intentions.   We might ask ourselves, what is my intention for staying in this job?  What is my intention for being in this relationship?  What is my intention for the manner in which I parent my children?  Are the answers to these questions about fear or do we hold loving intention?

If we discover that fear is the motivator behind our intention, we have a choice.  We can empower ourselves by creating a new intention from a place of truth and love. It means taking responsibility.   This means taking risks, inviting change into our lives. It does require COURAGE and PRACTICE!  The alternative route is to stay trapped in the role of victim and suffer the consequences of that choice.  I encourage you to cultivate the power of conscious and loving intention in your life.  Feel the the fear and do it anyway!   On my refrigerator hangs a reminder from Kobi Yamada, “Sometimes you just have to jump and build your wings on the way down!”


How could it have been different for Lucinda? Well, it just happens that I have a perfect and timely example. Kate also worked at this company and experienced the same demands as Lucinda did upon her psyche and her time. Kate found her way into a Heart Light Reiki class and learned how to give herself and others Reiki treatments. Reiki is a great stress reliever and immune system builder. She made the time to honor herself as an artist while working full time and raising two young girls. Kate never let the work she did for this company identify who she was or to run her life. Kate had intention to stay at this company to help pay for college, when the time rolled around. Kate’s youngest enters college this coming fall. Friday was Kate’s last day at Lucinda’s company. Today is her first Monday free of the need to report there. I keep imagining how good that freedom must feel to Kate. Mission accomplished with grace, gratitude and intention! Congratulations Kate, and blessings for your new ventures putting Kate the artist and healer, front and center!

Are you having difficulty staying on track with your intentions? Is the life you’ve created so demanding and stressful that you rush out the door each day without having taken time to reflect on your intentions and express gratitude for whatever is working in your life? Do you see the rut you’re in and fall short of the will power to change it? If so, than your will’s energy is tied up where it doesn’t belong and much of this may be subconscious.

I listed the service, Transforming Detrimental Energy Patterns for Freedom first on The Dowsing Deva’s menu because I’ve experienced it to be the key piece in creating a vital, vibrant expression of your life, lived freely. It’s important to take the common sense steps in creating good health, too, but your efforts will fall short when your energy is plugged into detrimental energy patterns. You simply will not have enough impetus to create the change you desire. This creates frustration in the least, diminishes self esteem and even creates depression. Your life force expressing through your life purpose, wants to flow and create. Blocked creative energy leads to physical, mental and emotional symptoms and can create serious health challenges.

This Morning's Guests wore Feathers @ Light Heart Retreat

We always seem to come back around to the issue of self worth, don’t we? I encourage you to consider that your life purpose is worthy of being freed to express itself in the world. To put it bluntly, as Raymon Grace admonishes his students, “If you keep doin’ what you’re doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’re gettin’.” Or to put it elegantly, as Sandra’s guidance spoke to her, “Each morning set your intention, cultivate gratitude and you’ll receive more of what you’re grateful for.”

Blessings for creating the intention for and taking the steps that empower you to

Shine your Light!