TDD Akashic Clearing Session

The Akashic Records contain the history of our soul’s incarnations and everything in between. This is what psychics are accessing when they do a past life reading.

This service is not a reading. It is not a counseling session. It’s remote energy work for the purpose of transforming and transmuting non-beneficial energy patterns that have played out over lifetimes so that the client is free to make new choices versus being in ones own version of the Ground Hog Day movie (with Bill Murray).

I schedule 2 hours between 3 AM and 7 AM to do the work remotely from my home. I have chosen this time as it is the most still time of the day and that stillness supports the ability to maintain focus for the 2 hour session.

I measure the energy and frequency of the client at the start and the end of the session. I may also be guided check this a few times throughout the session.

Firstly, I do an overall energy clearing of the most commonly experienced non-beneficial patterns and negative entities. When that’s complete, I dowse to see what items are priority to clear, balance and harmonize. I am working off an evolving list garnered from various training and my own personal experience. Each session is unique to the client, though the structure underlying the session is the same for everyone.

I use dowsing to identify what to work on, and in what order, and to check each item to see if it is complete or needs more investigation.

I use invocation to accomplish the energy work for clearing, balancing and harmonization.

Towards the end of the session I address the physical body, not with the same in-depth inquiry, as that is not the intent of this particular work…The intention for working with the body’s energy is to integrate, balance and ground the energy shift physically.

I make notes as I move through the Akashic Clearing process. If I receive impressions or see a story play out, I share this with the client, but that is not the purpose of the session.

That being said, the feedback I’ve been receiving is that the client may see certain personalities and scenarios playing out in their current lifetime that came up in the Akashic Clearing.  The information culled from the session may validate what they already knew at some level, but had not acknowledged. Once acknowledged, the client may have crystal clear clarity and is empowered to make a new choice. This isn’t necessarily ending a relationship, but can be a course correction that actually improves the relationship for both.

My intention is not to clear as many items as possible in the 2 hours time. On behalf of the client I ask that the session is perfectly attuned to what is highest and best for each unique individual according to the intention that they have stated for it. I have put myself through an energy clearing first before I go to work for the client, hence another reason for the early start time.

There are two particular overall benefits of this work that are personal. Firstly we can transform non-beneficial behavioral patterns, both conscious and subconscious. Secondly it allows us to more quickly access the talents and gifts that we have that are stored in our Akashic Records.

I can give you a personal example of the second benefit. I have always been able to play a song with my right hand on a piano, by ear. Last year I was standing up and put both my hands down and played a song (not cords, but the tune) right through using both hands. It was spontaneous. Many times now I’ll play something new I’ve never played before and play it without error and when I’d put my hands down, I didn’t know what was going to be played.

Other shifts are more subtle…there is access to knowledge that you haven’t had in this present lifetime and you’ll step back and ask yourself, Where did that come from? You are channeling from your own Akashic Records!

Like a computer, our access is made faster, and more glitch free with the defragging that occurs with a Akashic Clearing session!

Akashic clearing is happening naturally for all of us to some degree. This particular method of energy clearing speeds up the process. We can also narrow down the focus by making an intent. This gives up help with the challenge that is most immediate in our current situation.

Now I will tell you some really great news about Akashic Clearing. Many of the records being cleared involve group karma such as battles, famine, slavery, disease…you name it.

This kind of group event leaves a heavy non-beneficial imprint upon nature and especially upon water.

These particular group events necessitate the clearing of additional areas of impact, to clear the individual and in that process the group is being cleared, the location is being cleared and nature is being cleared and raised back to it’s proper energy and right frequency. Water is being purified.  It’s an Akashic Clearing session all unto itself accomplished because someone was guided to ask for and to receive a TDD Akashic Clearing Session.

I am so delighted to help those who desire to experience more freedom in their lives to reach for being all that they came here to be. It’s gratifying work and fascinating to witness the clearing process unfold both in the session and beyond through the feedback I receive.

I am down on my knees grateful though for the energy shift when a karmic group clearing occurs and for the clearing of the earth energies through a client’s personal Akashic record.

I love this work!

Can you tell?

Please use the contact form below to send me your questions. I greatly appreciate them and as they let me know where I need to go into more detail and what concerns a potential client may have that I have not yet addressed.


The fee for The Dowsing Deva Akashic Clearing Session is $200.

Here is what you will have received and what you may expect:

I work approximately 2 hours or until the session comes to a natural conclusion. I email a report to the client regarding what was addressed and share any and all information about Akashic events as I interpreted them. I do not make connections regarding the clients intention or current challenges or relationships. There is no counseling done along those lines.

It has been my experience so far, that it will be 7 to 8 weeks until the client feels ready to receive the next session. I can dowse on this for the client if they’d like to schedule ahead.

I have not had any feedback from clients that they experienced any physical, mental or emotional cleansing symptoms. Though there may have been and it has been eclipsed by the positive effects. So far the feedback has been that there is a dramatic improvement in how they feel for the better and that it is long lasting. Most clients report about the clarity they experience. I am personally impressed by the speed at which the client is able to make changes or that they have made a plan for the change with a completion date. I continue to receive positive feedback months after a session about how the receiver sees the session continuing to unfold in his/her life with deepening insights.

To sum it up I see increased empowerment in the individual and an increase in the skills necessary to make significant changes in a time when so much of the population is confused and unable to take action.


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