By Nature Analytical and Skeptical, But…

I have had one clearing with Joanna and will be coming back for more! Joanna is a channel and a dowser – – she tunes into energies across time and space, and gets an unbelievably accurate read on what’s happening in your life – – even while knowing few or no details about you. Now, I am by nature analytical and skeptical but I feel and have experienced a strong shift since my clearing with Joanna. Things are coming unstuck for me – – primarily internally, and secondarily externally and concretely in my life.

The main shift I’m noticing is that I’m much more open, grounded, secure and joyful, and I am less graspy, codependent and stuck. Problematic relationships are either terminating positively or transforming and progressing. It feels like a window opened up and light and love are pouring in. I have more direction, faith and peace, and I am more clear about my own sense of yes and no. Daily life is just smoother.

Joanna gave me a prescription of what to do in my life to continue untangling myself from toxic energies. She also revealed my spirit guides, and while I have not yet figured out how to fully utilize this information, it does give me a sense of protection knowing that I have two godparents.

One specific thing that’s happened since my reading is that I’m feeling a very palpable pull to get out into nature, and particularly into trees/forests. And, coincidentally, my days are opening up to get 2-3 hikes a week in. I feel that I’m repeatedly cleansed and bathed by the energies of the trees, and that Joanna’s clearing continues to unfold in this way. I am also beginning to sense my own ability to feel and move energy (even despite my skepticism about this!)

I highly recommend that you give Joanna I try; I’m very glad I did.

From L.B., Oakland, CA

A Therapist’s Experience with an Akashic Clearing Session

When I first worked with Joanna in 2008, she opened doors to self and healing that I didn’t know existed. She placed issues I was struggling with (anxiety, negative thinking, shame, self-judgment) in a new frame of blockages and misattunement, which gave me the ability to approach them no longer as pathology, but as things I could shift around. I began to see my being as a collection of doors that I could open and close, and our work had very much a what’s behind this door? quality to it.

This work has guided me through high points (my book release, starting a new graduate program, a move across country), and low points (my mother passing, an examination of my relationship, my lifelong issues with insecurity around money and security and independence…). I put trust in Joanna because she helped (as I’ve said before on her website) by teaching me to do the work, not by doing the work for me (which would have perpetuated a lifelong pattern of me leaning on her until I no longer needed her to do the work for me, and then facing my independence as a “fracture” to the relationship, which would have been bound in dependence…which was not the case with Joanna, perhaps my only example of an alternative by that point!)

We stayed in touch all those years after I moved, yet through independence, less contact in the actual world, although I know the connection remained in other ways. Then, after I graduated from my program, and faced getting a job at the same time my marriage was falling apart, I knew it was time to call Joanna. I’d been in psychotherapy with a very encouraging and helpful therapist, but I knew I needed to address the blockages and misattunements again. I knew that whatever was coming up in me, was very, very old material–even older than me. The fear I felt for various reasons seemed both foreign and very familiar.

So, I called Joanna, and in perhaps a show of kismet, she told me she could do an Akashic Clearing. I somewhat understood what that meant in theory, but I didn’t feel I needed to know exactly–it felt right, and I’d learned over the years that Joanna’s instincts were often spot on, especially when they were things I didn’t exactly want to hear (or couldn’t). I also knew, like before, Joanna would do something to help clear, but that the work would be on me. I didn’t hesitate.

After the first clearing, I felt a shift immediately, as if something inside me released, and something else came in to hold me together. I felt my perspective in certain critical situations shift, and this new perspective helped me problem solve issues in my life where I was stuck due to fear and self-doubt. When the old lens I was seeing through changed, I could see differently, and therefore had more tools to do what I needed to do. Yes, this is similar to what I do with clients in therapy, but it can take months or years to get this kind of shift, and usually it’s cognitive. What shifted with Joanna’s work was much deeper, older. And I never went back. I didn’t have to battle my thought patterns to stay in the new view–I was just there somehow. Like I woke up from a bad dream and got on with my day.

It feels a little odd and magical writing this, and I think, if I were someone reading this testimonial, I might think, impossible! or what does this person know? about my own letter. Yet, I want to share with others how profound Joanna’s work has been for me, and others I know. I more recently did a second clearing, and shifted yet again in another profound direction–one that has given me strength to make some changes in my work life, and how I relate to authority and those I become beholden to very differently. This has been a pervasive, lifelong pattern for me, I have never been able to shake after years of therapy, and becoming a therapist myself.

If you asked me in person, and in brief, what I think Joanna does, I would simply say, Joanna gets to the root of it. How she does that, I don’t entirely understand. How I pick up after she’s finished, and how I work with the information and insight she gives me after, is what keeps me going through the layers, changing my life into the life I’ve always wanted to lead. I used to think external circumstances drove one toward the life one wants to lead, now I realize that many of my incomplete projects and unfinished dreams had to do with my internal state not being ready to see the work through. After my years of working with Joanna, I feel an accelerated movement toward completion of lifelong dreams, and things I never thought possible becoming possible.

Is it still a struggle? Yes. I’m human, and so is Joanna. But I am no longer afraid to face things.

Thank you, Joanna!

From Lauren Gonzalez, Bay Area, California 07/20/2017

Help with Clearing a Business and Personal Energy Clearing

In November of 2010, Joanna evaluated the energy of my place of business in light of my not being able to sell it. This was my first exposure to dowsing. Being primarily left-brained, with a background in engineering, I quite honestly didn’t know what to expect. Joanna made me feel comfortable and explained each step as we went along. She investigated my energy in relationship to this situation, as well as the energy of the place and checked the integrity of the employees amongst other things.

One of the items Joanna checked for was negative psychic chords. She found two involving two different people. When I was face-to-face or talking with either one of these people, I always felt drained afterwards.

I was really surprised that I could see these energy cords and visualize myself cutting them. Through out this process I felt layers of heaviness peel away. At the end I felt a tingling sensation, relief and lightness in my whole body.

I had no idea the positive impact that one step would have on my daily life. To this day, whenever I think of either of these people, I feel relief. I see the cord cut and I know I am free. Now I carry what is my stuff to carry– not other peoples’ burdens, as well. The decisions I make around these two people now are healthy and appropriate.

In March of 2011 I was ready to participate in a Personal Energy Clearing and Harmonizing session with Joanna. This level of clearing was very deep and very effective.

Many times when Joanna asked me a question, I said, “I really don’t think that’s an issue for me.” But when she checked it with her pendulum, it was. So this was unconscious stuff, much of it from past lifetimes.

Joanna guided me back in time to the key point at which to release each negative pattern. Often, I got a picture in my mind, a glimpse and feeling of the story which lead to the negative pattern. Then I could understand how that issue had been effecting me in my present life.  I was fascinated by the process and could feel the energy shift in my body when a pattern released.

I could have spent quite a bit of time and money in therapy dealing with this stuff– had I even realized it was there! Looking back now, I see how these unconscious patterns were having a subtle effect on my decision-making that was self-sabotaging. I have since felt a tremendous shift.

My experience of dowsing through these sessions with Joanna, inspired me to learn dowsing myself.  I love being able to investigate and deal with things as they come up.

This has all been such a gift! I am so grateful.  ~ Lynn Higgins, Bangor, Maine  3/10/2012

Help with Clearing Two Homes

I want to comment on your amazing house clearing for my home and another home….Oh my!

After the clearing, my house felt peaceful and Light and it stayed that way despite some energy disruptions and challenges that occurred there in January.  I was able to attain and keep a high degree of balance just by being in my home space–so very special.

Regarding second house I asked you to clear, what a transformation!  Even after a thorough cleaning of every surface, floors, carpets, windows, it still felt dark and somewhat threatening before your space clearing work. A family with little ones had planned to stay there during their 5-6 week

transition period before moving to their new location. However, when they visited the house, they felt the heaviness and said they could only stay for a couple of days, tops.

After the clearing work you did, they revisited the house and they

felt the energy there had truly been transformed.  It felt light, peaceful and welcoming.  They moved in and stayed for 6 weeks and loved being there.  The energy shift that happened there was enormous!

The techniques that you used, Joanna, are amazingly transformative and I thank you for your knowledge and expertise.

Pam Seed, Alton Bay, NH 2/28/12

Getting her Life Back w/Personal Energy Clearing Harmonizing

When I first contacted Joanna Pinney Buell, I did not know what I needed or wanted, nor could I define what was missing in my life. All I knew was that if life IS, then my life WASN’T. I could only see the void, but I couldn’t see what had been removed, or what my life needed. On the surface, my life shouldn’t have needed anything. My book was on the brink of getting published, I have a loving husband with a good job and a great apartment in New York City. And yet, I felt like I was dying inside. I wouldn’t tell people, because I tend to be the one who uplifts others. Perhaps helping others so much had taken its toll. I do not ask for help easily, nor do I like others to take action in my life. I did not want to be fixed; I wanted tools. I did not want someone to build my house; I wanted someone to show me how to build my own. There are many metaphors for how I felt. Joanna accessed two initial needs–a spiritual need that was sorely lacking (and I didn’t know it), and an emotional need that was affecting my health. While weathering panic attacks and emotional anxieties, I would lie helpless at night, wondering what to do next. Joanna taught me how to skip past the stages of analysis (I had spent plenty of time and money in conventional therapy) and the blame game, to move directly into the healing.

I needed help fast. I was depressed, frustrated, and my body was taking on a tremendous load of stress because I wasn’t living the life I wanted to be living.  And yet from the outside my life looked perfect! Friends often told me how lucky I was!

What I earned from working with Joanna was the ability to take responsibility for my life, my love, my family, my health, my career, and my emotions and spirituality again. It has not been easy, and I am still learning and struggling. The beauty of this work is that I sacrificed NOTHING. In fact, my relationships and my work, in addition to my health, have benefited in ways I could not have imagined. My life is full and vibrant. It’s technicolor where it used to be black and white. Again, this was not given to me. Joanna did not “fix” my life. Joanna gave me the ability to see that I could fix my own life, and then she led me through the initial stages and guided my progress. I am confident now that I know what to do to keep my life on track, and the track is good–better than it’s ever been.

Of course, my work is not complete. I don’t think it ever truly is. But I’m not afraid of falling off again. I’m not afraid of losing myself. It’s amazing to me that we started on such a simple path–with herbal preparations and dowsing for a better diet. A change in my diet put me in the right place to see that other areas needed shifting and changing, too. For one, I had a problem with anger, with temper. This is GONE. Of course I get upset and feel challenged on occasion. But I do not get angry, nor do I lose my temper with people. I am in such a better place.

My career has opened up, too. The clarity that came from gratitude  meditation, good diet, dowsing, and energy work has allowed me to see my talents and interests in a new light. So, to sum up, if Joanna owned a framing store, it would not be the type of place where you bring a picture and she frames it and then you take it home and hang it on the wall and forget about it. It would be the type of place where you pick out the frame, and she shows you how to frame your picture so that you can hang every new picture that comes into your life in the future.

~Lauren Gonzalez, New York (now Berkley, CA) 02/02/2009

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